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We are David Cowans (1958 - 1963) now on Kangaroo Island, South Australia and Ian Dale (1957 - 1964) now in Southern Ontario.

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How this page got started.

For a start, I'd probably get in trouble for using "get" and "got". I have distinct memories of being given an exercise by Ron Cherry, then my English teacher, to substitute other words for "get" and "got". Of course, this was way before "gotten" ever turned up! So, if you're out there Mr Cherry, Sir, abject apologies for mangling England's greatest gift to the world.

Although not even thought of at the time, this page really had its origin when David put "Geordies" into Altavista and was amazed at the number of responses. (Try it.) He listed his name with two of the Geordie contact sites, including mention of attendance at HGS. In early 1997, Ian put "Heaton Grammar" into a search engine and got David's listing as the only response. An exchange of emails started and this page grew from wondering "whatever happened to..." Incidentally, Ian and David were only 1 year apart but never, as far as they can remember, met.

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