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Alan Stephenson  reports regarding Ian Matthew: (see also below)
Matty was a member of a Scottish Youth Organisation, the Scottish Schoolboys Club, or SSC for short. The SSC is still an active organisation and sends out a periodic newsletter. This snippet of information was in the last letter. "Ian Matthew has retired from teaching English at The Royal Grammar School, Worcester, and from his bungalow overlooking the sports field can still watch cricket and rugby. He is near enough to the school to attend plays and concerts but has never once marked a book or entered a classroom since retiring. He now enjoys world wide travel." The main delight of the SSC was camping in Scotland - summer camps in Perthshire. A bunch of us lads from Matty's forms joined the SSC and the Heaton Grammar contingent was strong presence for several years at the Falls of Bruar campsite near Blair Athol. Many ex-Heatonians will have fond memories of the SSC.

Do you remember Lewis Gordon who taught at Heaton and played cricket for Northumberland...? He has, no doubt following some persuasion by his niece and nephew, come in from the cold.   As a former teacher AND pupil, his entry can be found in the pupils section.  

Many readers will remember the music teacher John "Sneb" Healy. A report in "The Journal" indicates that he died at his daughter's home in London in January 1999, aged 85.

Paul Hughes  reports: I've encountered Keith Pennington (Maths & Physics teacher in the sixties) a number of times over the last 15 years through mutual friends. At a recent wedding we both attended, I took the attached photo of him and his wife Madeline. They now live in "Wilds of Wanny" somewhere up the North Tyne valley. Keith is a consultant (something to do with computers I believe), while Madeline is an Optician in Hexham. Keith is not on the Internet, because living in such a remote area they have no telephone!   Madeline is the daughter of Aidan Nicholson (Old Nick) who taught French to many of us at Heaton. I have vivid memories of him relating his tales of The First World War in France! He lived with them for several years in Stocksfield, just round the corner from me (and I hadn't realised it) before he died at a ripe old age a few years ago. Keith Pennington's son, Aidan, reports that his father died 9 April 2012 in the RVI.

Freda Crabtree contacted me today (19 March 2008) with the sad news that Matty (Ian Mathew)- sometimes called Dan, I think in the memories on this site died on 27 February. A memorial service was held on 11 March in Newcastle and was at the same time as the funeral in Worcester, where he died. Howard Taylor, Stan Fullarton, Hal Gibson,Tony Westwell were there as well as some former pupils.

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