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Shelley DAY (now Day Sclater) (1964-1969)

My best friends were Julia Stevenson, Lizzie Thompson, Margot Riddell and later Lindsay Morgan who is still my best friend! I remember loads more!!

I remember Miss Carr (French - we called her L'Auto), Wendy Michelson (German, I had a real crush on her!), Mrs Blofeld (English), Mr Cope and Miss Beavis (maths), Mr Percy (History), Miss Crabtree (biology), Mr Beatty (Chemistry: he lent me Jack Kerouac's On the Road and that may have been the beginning of me becoming a writer), Miss Lax (Chemistry: we spilt some mercury on the floor and she spent the whole lesson trying to scoop it up as it slithered between the dusty old floorboards), Miss Harbottle (needlework: she threw pins and sent naughty girls to the cupboard where they stored the sewing machines. She was always cross with me, esp when i sewed the sleeve of my blouse in inside out. By the time i had made it properly I had grown out of it). Who else? Doc H (awe inspiring and scarey), Miss Raby and Miss Grey (games: god, remember those 'shorts' they/we had to wear ......). Miss Ingram (history in 1st year: led her a merry dance and have felt guilty ever since). Mrs Mayall (chemistry). My fave - Miss Clough, the latin teacher, to whom i would like now to apologise unreservedly .... she said I was the 'naughtiest girl in the school' .....

I hated school and I must have been a complete pain as a pupil. I was 'asked to leave' in the lower V1 because I was skiving off so much .... But now i look back on my schooldays with very fond memories and think, with the benefit of hindsight, they were happy and formative times, and at the grand old age of 57 I now am so grateful that I had such a good education. And I so wish they hadn't pulled the old place down and built all over the playing fields .....

I have been a lawyer and an academic psychologist and a freelance researcher and now I have started writing fiction.

I'm planning on coming to the reunion .........

Warmest wishes to everyone!

Pat (Patsy) DONALD (now Graham) (1955-1959)

Started in 1B with Miss Hall (who took an instant dislike to me) and never thought I would be any good at Maths. I have spent my working life in accounting so must have learned something.

Names I can remember from that time are Norma Brack, Viv Goodbarn, Joan Dodds, Christine Steele, Carol Livermore (who became head girl). Jennifer Page. Apart from Miss Hall it wasn’t a bad time to be at school. I have fond memories of Miss More trying to compete with Rock n Roll and Elvis to instil some music sense into us. I still enjoy classical music and am a keen supporter of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra which performs here in Perth where I have been for the past 30 years.

Other notable teachers were Miss Powell (English) Miss Hardy (Dom.Sc.) and Miss Harbottle who terrorised the sewing room. Can anyone remember the endless hours spent marching in the quadrangle to Colonel Bogey march in preparation for parent’s day? and walking in Jesmond Dene when the hockey pitch was covered in snow and unusable. "Eyes right girls as you pass the boys school" and no fraternising.!! Actually a lot of time was spent trying to get to the occupants on the other side of the wall. The trick being not to get caught of course. I look forward to reading other entries. Any old girls who want to get in touch I would love to hear from you.

Norma FLECK (now Smith) (1952-1957)

I was the fourth of four sisters who attended Heaton High School on the following dates after passing the 11+ at Walkergate Junior School.

  • Kathleen Fleck (now Fox)
Started in August 1941 and left in July 1946
  • Enid Fleck (now Hall)
Started in 1944 and left in 1950
  • Muriel Fleck (Hart) Deceased.
Started 1946 and left in 1951
  • Norma Fleck (now Smith)
Started in 1952 and left in 1957

E. mail for all sisters as above.

It was a hard act to follow three sisters into the school, especially as I started in 1d, but transferred to the "C" form in 4th year. I remember the year of the Coronation when a large white crown was painted in the quadrangle and a ballet performed there, the dancers being the jewels in the crown. Miss Harbottle, of course, arranged it and Miss More did the music. I remember we sang "This Royal Throne of Kings, this Sceptred Island" at the end of the proceedings. Two of my class teachers were Mrs. Haigh and Miss Lax. I remember in my first year in 1d, one of our classmates sadly died. Her name was Enid Barbour.

I remember Miss Norma Soppitt, a gym teacher that we all had a crush on. She rode a BSA Bantam Major motorcycle. My school "house" was Ven. Bede and people I can remember are: Dorothy Fielder, Andrea Brown, Margaret Ancrum, Margaret Haigh, Sally Campbell, Jennifer Collins, Joan Webster, Elizabeth Atkinson, Edith Littlewood, Pamela Byers and Maureen Vallely. I can remember lots of faces and I have a couple of group photos taken on our leaving day but I cannot bring names to mind - but then I am 60!!

When I left Heaton High at the end of my fifth year, I went to the College of Commerce opposite the City Hall and qualified as a shorthand typist. I then worked for Martins Bank for three years, starting in the Northumberland Street branch and then progressing to the Head Office at the bottom of Grey Street.

I then went to Kenton Lodge Training College for three years and qualified as a teacher, working at West Walker Junior School for three years. Two other sisters became teachers.

After marrying Iain Smith of Walkerville, where I lived, in February 1966, we moved to Hull and I returned to secretarial work. Then I had my two children, Iain (now 31) and Rachel (now 30) and I stayed at home until Rachel was 10 although I "temped" in term time. I obtained a permanent secretarial post with Reckitt & Colman (the Mustard, Gaviscon, Fybogel and Dettol company) and worked there for 20 years until my retirement last May at the age of 60. I recently discovered that my father was a direct descendant of Margaret Cook, sister of Captain James Cook!

Iain Smith, my husband, is a retired engineer, who has travelled the world working on ships, in power stations and latterly on large diesel train engines. My son, an engineering graduate, is doing IT work in a Barnet college and is in a group in London called "Descendants of Cain" (see website My daughter is in Norwich and is a website developer. Neither is married yet so I am not a grandma!

We have lived in a small village called Ottringham in East Yorkshire, on the road to Spurn Point, for over 25 years and I play the Chapel organ in another village three miles away where we lived for 10 years (Thorngumbald).

I enjoyed my time at Heaton but was sad when they filled in the arches around the quadrangle, although admittedly it stopped the snow coming in and made the place warmer. I would love to go back there and have a walk around. I wish I had kept a diary of life there.

If anyone wants to contact either myself or any of my sisters, please see E.mail address above.

Jacqueline FRANCE (now Osley) (1957-1964)

Have just had my memories of Heaton High revived by reading all the wonderful posts! Interestingly enough, it is the teachers I remember more than the pupils, though what that says about me, I don't know! I remember particularly Miss Lax, who was my kind and gentle form teacher, Miss Raby, whose order to 'catch and snatch' a cricket ball still didn't stop it hurting, Miss Carr, who taught us French phonetically at first, Miss Clough, who really tried to get us interested in Caesar's wars, FEAN (as she signed when writing a comment in your English book) whose preoccupation with Moral Rearmament would be considered indoctrination today and the best of all Frau Irene Gloth, who inspired in me a lifelong passion for German.

Frau Gloth was single-handedly responsible for the way my life turned out, because she wanted me to do A Levels (and so did I) but my Dad wanted me to leave school at 16 and go to work in the 'Ministry'. Frau Gloth went to my house and charmed my Dad with the result that he agreed to let me stay on. She also encouraged me to spend a term in Germany while I was in the 6th form and this undoubtedly was the reason behind my 'A' in German. This meant I could go to university in London where I studied German with French and later trained to be a Modern Languages teacher. I spent over 30 years happily teaching before my retirement a few years ago and hope that I inspired as many pupils as Frau Gloth. I rarely go back to Newcastle now but I can still conjure up the smell of the school, especially the coffee in Doc H's room, where I went not only for honour marks, but also the occasional 'black' ones. Again, these would not be allowed today!

I am now happily settled in North London with a husband of 41 years and two adult children living nearby, one of whom was responsible for giving us a wonderful granddaughter last year. I only hope that little Tess has the same great educational opportunities we had, but I doubt it.

Elvi FROSIG (now Bech-Jensen) (1961-1962)

I found your website related to the former Heaton Highschool for girls. I am Danish and write you from Copenhagen. My family moved to Newcastle in February of 1961 and I attended Heaton High after my parents had bought me the uniform. Unusual for me to have a uniform. I only went to HHS for a year as my parents had plans to move. It was from the middle of a school year to next year about the same time.

I only remember one other pupil, that is Pamela Dixon who lived in Beatty Avenue like I did. She was good at tennis. Teachers, I remember Dr Henstock the head master, must be the Dr H in some of the ex pupil accounts! We had Miss Dawson for History. She had us handwrite page after page about the British kings and all. Our Latin teacher was Italian, I forget the name. Our German teacher was Scottish. Very amusing!!!

Going to school in Britain was very different from Denmark but I learnt a lot that I have taken with me through life. I am 70 years old (2017). My husband and I will visit my long time friend in Britain this August. She lives with her family in Blyth, Northumberland. That will be our location in Britain while we are there. I would appreciate so much to be able to see the school, not only from the outside. I wonder if that is possible ...

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