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Kareen NAYSMITH (now Bagshaw) (1952-1958)

Great to see a HHS website. I entered Heaton High in 1B and progressed through no fault of my own to 2A, Miss Newbiggin's form. I remember my years at Heaton fondly [some of it anyway], especially our form days out every summer to Rothbury and tea at Miss Newbiggin's mother's home. I think she must have been very brave to take on all those girls rampaging around her garden every year! I also remember school trips to France and to Switzerland.

When I left school I attended the College of Commerce on a 2 year secretarial course, worked for George Angus for three years and then joined the Department of Medicine at Newcastle University as the Professor of Medicine's junior secretary! The job was based at the RVI. After a year or so I progressed to having two consultants to work for. I married David in 1966 and moved to Preston [and Preston Royal Infirmary working for Senior Consultant Physician] and thence to Norwich [Senior Ophthalmic Consultant,Norfolk and Norwich Hospital], Oxford [Paediatric Social Worker at Radcliffe Hospital], Stoke Poges, Solihull and Crowthorne, Berks. [Wellington College, Medical Officer]. In between times we had two boys, Andrew in 1971 and Jeremy in 1977 so I had about 12 years off work!]

We moved in 1986 to Barrowden in the lovely small county of Rutland and I worked for 14 years for a local medical practice on the edge of Rutland Water. I retired last year and am enjoying the leisure. Both our sons are now married and we have two granddaughters, Chloe aged two and a half and Amber aged 4 months, neither of whom live near us but we see them as often as possible. David took early retirement 3 years ago as a Director of the Fyffes Group but still works part time as Chairman of a training company in Spalding so that keeps him out of mischief. We have an apartment in Estepona on the south coast of Spain as both his brother and his sister live out there and we try to visit there whenever we can.

If anyone does remember me I would love to hear from them.

Margaret NEARNEY (now Hopkins) (1934 -1940)

I’m a retired Intermediate School teacher with a husband (retired Primary School principal), 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.   Since I left Heaton Sec., I have done all kinds of office work, including being “Monkey Nuts” on an Army switch board.   I have taught every age from new entrants to apprentices at Tech. and completed a B.A. degree in English literature and language (Auckland Uni.).

 Before we emigrated to New Zealand in 1951, my husband taught at Cambridge St. Junior School,  Newcastle, and I taught at Whickam View Secondary Modern.

Memories of Heaton Sec. are…..parquet floors, compulsory soft house shoes, draughty corridors, rattling outer screens, Miss Cooper’s new Phys.Ed. uniform: blue petal creponne with Waterdale finish, playing lacrosse and tennis (Miss Jacques), swimming at Chilly Road baths – walking all the way there in a crocodile from Newton Rd., school excursions: walking over to Holy Island, Whitby and Scarborough, Edinburgh castle, Junior League of Nations, German Christmas parties, with German layer cake and almond biscuits and a giant revolving tree, playing Stille Nacht and O Du Frohliche (Miss Brown).

 My current interests are Citizens Advice Bureau, Probus and U.3.A.   I have recently given up Scottish Dancing and choir work.   I believe that our school gave us a good launching platform in caring for body, mind and spirit.   Maybe there are some survivors from our form.   We were together from 1A to 5A with Miss Hall.   We played tennis, went to the Hoppings (Town Moor) and watched Gilbert and Sullivan with a bunch of boys from over the wall.   O happy pre-war days!

 Valerie NICHOL (now Dando) (1964 -1970)

I found the Old Boys site while looking for jobs in education in the North East, and have been looking in on a monthly basis ever since.  It was fun seeing the pictures of old 'heartthrobs' and seeing who they'd married.

Anyway enough of the chat and down to details.  I'm Valerie Nichol and attended Heaton High from September 1964 - July 1970.  I was in the 'A' stream throughout and went into sixth form studying English, History and Geography.  

My best friends at school were Judith Brown, Pauline Ingram and Pamela Cummins - I'd love to get in touch if they are reading this.

My worst memory of school is Games - remember Miss Raby and cold showers? Also Miss Crabtree and Miss Graham making us do Lacrosse even when there was snow on the ground in shorts and they were all wrapped up in jogging trousers and sweatshirts.  My legs were always blue then.

I remember Mr Lunt the history teacher, who could hardly see, and there was Mr Calrow who was reputed to have slapped a student teacher for not wearing suitable clothing for school (mistaking him for a pupil). He had an awful habit of throwing chalk at you if you were nodding off, and picking his nose with his handkerchief and then looking at the result of his efforts - very offputting!

I was taught Maths by Miss Beavis and Doc Henstock, and French by Miss Carr - a lovely lady. (I always remember a bit of graffitti in the loos -'some wear bras, some use string but old Miss Carr just lets them swing'!  I remember sewing with Miss Harbottle (I think). I've still got a lovely! gingham pinny that she forced me to make.  Science with Miss Lax and Geography with Miss Gilbert.

Music was Mrs Davies, I tried the violin for a while but gave up because it took up too much room on the 'bus.  Do you remember the fight it was to get on a bus at tea-time?

One of my best memories was a Geography field trip to Thropton in the Sixth Form. We stayed in a Scout's hut and had a great time for a whole week.  I can remember Santana Abraxas being played every night and other loud music until Mr Fullerton forced us to switch off, and trips to the local pub even though we weren't 18 yet where we frequently met Mr Fullerton!  What would today's youth make of that? Nothing to them.

Does any one remember the Sixth Form Common room. I think I spent more time in their than classes?

I went to Nottingham Teacher Training college after leaving Heaton but didn't stick it out and returned to Newcastle to enter the 'ministry' - not the religious one but the DHSS Longbenton- as an Executive Officer/computer programmer.  I got married to an Old Rutherfordian and became a 'Dando', left work to look after my family - Gillian is now 22 and doing a PhD in Manchester, Rob is 20 and at Uni in Sheffield.  I am living in Burton on Trent and am a Teacher's Assistant in a local Primary School, should have stayed on at College! 

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