leanne, belinda, deborah

Triangulum Australe (Leanne Thompson, Belinda Allen and Deborah Barrett) heralds the initial coming together of three woman artists who share a concern for metaphysical aspects of representation, but have a diverse approach to content and material - working in sculpture, assemblage, drawing, photography and video.

Through this project these three artists will continue to map their individual journeys, but also aim to explore the coincidence and interrelationship that emerge from this shared process.

An exhibition at Hazelhurst Community Gallery, May 18-31 2006

For any queries, please contact Belinda Allen.

CHIASMA proposes to discover and respond to the pattern of connectivity, intersection and diversity of our individual practice. Chiasma, from the Greek crosspiece, or cross-shaped mark, has archetypal implications in the areas of topography or Christianity, but is also symbolic of interweaving, exchange, duality and hybridisation.

While this thematic concern is central to each artist's approach to the exhibition, our aim is also to reveal what binds us together, and for the cross-fertilisation of idea and process to culminate in a literal weaving together of a work in symbiosis.

This central, collaborative work will be a multi-dimensional, mixed media work, in the form of an installation. Developing over the period of the exhibition in the centre of the floor of the studio gallery, we will also invite the audience to participate in this growing, interactive artwork. We envisage that each artist, on consecutive days, will add to and/or rearrange the pieces of the work. The public will be invited to participate in rearranging elements of the installation, providing an interactive experience for both creators and audience.

For each of the artists, this exhibition will provide an opportunity and a challenge to extend their work into shared practice. For the audience, it will provide a rare experience of the process of creative collaboration.

Proposal prepared by Belinda Allen, Deborah Barrett and Leanne Thompson, August 2005.