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Holdsworth Galleries, Woollahra, July 1994

I emerge from the cocoon of family commitments with a growing awareness of my own experience as a microcosm of the universal, of my emotional and spiritual hunger as the sickness of my culture. The 'self' as a cultural being is under perpetual threat of hijacking by vested economic and political interests, impelling me in a search of my cultural roots for the sustenance I lack. I know that I am not alone in yearning for the home of my soul.

Our spiritual heritage has been squandered, materialism and rationalism have thrown the baby of spirit out with the bathwater of superstition. All we can do is to gather together the fragments of our scattered inheritance, and discover anew the ancient messages of passion and compassion, fatality and redemption in the archetypes of our dreaming.

Belinda Allen, June 1994

'The sense of desolation is experienced on two levels: first the social, in a loss of identification with any spiritually compelling, structuring group; and, beyond that, the metaphysical, in a loss of any sense either of identity or of relationship with a dimension of experience, being and rapture any more awesome than that provided by an empirically classifiable conglomerate of self-enclosed, separate, mutually irritating organisms held together only by lust (crude or sublimated) and fear (of pain and death or of boredom).'

Joseph Campbell - The Masks of God Vol.4

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