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PCL exhibitionists, Redfern, July 1999

To live is to be entwined about: by family, culture, collective and individual memories, the intellectual and psychological hooks of education. These shape and define us, yet we feel entrapment, and yearn for freedom from the binding threads that are the fabric of our being. To re-establish a sense of connection denied by the cultivation of competitive individualism is to reconnect to a network of support and nourishment, an acknowledgement that this intricate web is a universal function of being, not solitary confinement.

My works attempt to retrieve the scattered fragments of our (white, anglo-celtic immigrant) culture, to revive and reconnect symbols, archetypes and text of our squandered cultural and spiritual inheritance, and to restablish a connection between our spiritual and actual landscape. Sources include European, English and Celtic legend and myth, the Bible and Eastern religious texts, English, Australian and European literature, and the landscape and textures of the Royal National Park where l live.

Entanglements refers to the web of cultural, spiritual, physical and psychological inheritances binding each individual and connecting them to the universal. These are networks of connectivity and support, as well as labyrinths of entrapment and responsibility. Visual patterns and their psychological counterparts are endlessly repeated: web, shatter, fold, earth, tree, root, vein, river, ocean.

Belinda Allen, June 1999

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