belinda allen

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Southern Exposure V - Sutherland Shire: Then and Now
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea, March 2006
also selected works at Time Dome Akashi (Historical Museum and Planetarium), Tokyo, Dec 2006 - Jan 2007

IDYLL – Royal National Park - 2006

Bundeena Idyll
Wattamolla Idyll
Hacking River Idyll

It is a long-held tradition that visitors to places of natural beauty seek the ‘idyllic’ – an ideal location of perfect repose and contemplation, where one communes with the environment in a situation of isolation and detachment from busy, mundane life. It is a tradition that has been transplanted from our European heritage to an antipodean setting, and, in our area, is evident in a multitude of archival images of the Royal National Park from Wattamolla, the Hacking River, and locations around the villages of Bundeena and Maianbar.

I propose that seeking the idyllic equates to the search for a spiritual relationship to land, and that in the absence of a long-rooted cultural relationship with place, and in the presence of a culture whose edifices and lifestyles serve generally to alienate its residents from the ‘natural’ in their environment, we experience an intrinsic and chronic hunger for the kind of archetypal and meaningful experience of nature and place that we see expressed by indigenous cultures.

This work was inspired by archival images of Bundeena, Wattamolla and the Hacking River, and presented a contemporary response to these in the form of still and moving mandala-like images.

Idyll - Royal National Park