Au Ch Dizzyki TF Tasinasapewin CCD


Sinka is owned by Rosemary Hoare , who trials her for obedience, and she is shown by Helen
To date Sinka has had two litters of puppies for us.
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DOB:  21st May 2004
Hips: 1/1 gr 0
Eyes: Clear

S: Au Ch Blazeaway Lighning Bolt (B)
S: Au Ch Dizzyki The Wizard (B)
D: Au Ch Dizzyki The Illusionist (B)
Sire:   A Ch Dizzyki Little Big Man (L)
S: Au Ch Keysteel Piastra (B)
D: A Ch Curltiever Bowies Bride (L)
D: Au Ch Kytercurl CC Shuffle (L)

S: A Ch Blazeaway Ben Lomond (B)
S: A Ch Keesteel Kopper Koin (L)
D: A Ch Falconet Kestral (B)
Dam:  A Ch Dizzyki Hima Drifter (B)
S: A Ch Blazeaway Lightning Bolt (B)
D: A Ch Dizzyki Zubenelgenubi (B)
D: A Ch Dizzyki Bo Derrick (B)