Frequently Asked Questions



Do Curlies shed a lot?


Not as a rule. Curlies have a single coat unlike some of the other retrievers which have an undercoat which is very fine and tends to shed all year round. Curlies will shed small amounts regularly but will only change their coats seasonally i.e. Winter to Summer.


Do Curlies need much exercise?


All dogs need exercise and Curlies are no exception. As adults they need a good walk /run  or lots of play time twice a day. As puppies they need lots of play with lots of time to sleep and grow.


Do Curlies need much grooming?


They do not need to be brushed. An occasional combing with a wide tooth comb to remove any dead hair (once every couple of months) and a wetting down afterwards will keep the coat looking and feeling good. A little trimming with scissors to the ears and the tail will keep them looking smart.



When should I shampoo my Curly?


A good shampoo every few months especially in summer and a hose down or swim keeps the coat in good condition. A spray bottle with water works wonders with a dusty coat combined with a hand massage.


Should I be cleaning my dogs ears?


Ears need checking on a regular basis (weekly at least) for wax build up. Clean excess wax from the ear with a tissue or cotton bud. If ears smell, consult your vet, he will most probably prescribe an ear cleaning lotion.


My dogs toe nails seem very long. Should I be clipping them?


Some Curlies nails need clipping fortnightly others do not seem to grow too much. You will need to observe your dog. If you think your dog’s nails are too long and do not feel you can clip them yourself then consult your vet.  In most vets practices the vets nurses will clip nails at a reasonable cost.

It is advisable to get your dog used to having its feet handled right from the day you get the puppy home.