Passionate Nomads is a graphic story collection containing tales of four women who travelled, lived and loved in the Middle East of the 19th century: Jane Digby, Isabel Burton, Aimée Dubicq de Rivery & Isabelle Eberhardt.
Written by Philip Bentley (Inkspots, Fox Comics, Word Balloons), with art by Jason Badower, Stephen Campbell, Andrew Finlayson, Greg Gates, Chris Johnston, Jared Lane, Angelo Madrid, Darrel Merritt, Bruce Mutard, Michael Nason, Maria Peña and Martin Trengove. Foreword by Dylan Horrocks (Hicksville, Hunter: Age of Magic).
Winner of four Ledger Awards in 2007 (Australian Title of the Year, Writer of the Year, Story of the Year: “The Amorous Adventures of Jane Digby” and Production Design of the Year). 
Available through Alternate Worlds, Minotaur Books, or direct from the publisher                    ($16.00 including postage within Australia – others enquire): 
Second Shore, PO Box 286, Sandringham, Victoria 3191, Australia.

44pp ~ $15.00 Aust.
Second Shore
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Cover Art / Website: © 2006–2009 Darrel Merritt
Passionate Nomads: A Preview
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