About Me

Want to know a little more about me? Well, here you go:

My only good photo of me. Rather sad, now that I think about it. Name: Edwyn Yung Ron Tiong
Gender: Male
DOB: 21st December 1979
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Occupation: 2nd Year Media Student at University of Adelaide
email: [edwyn.tiong] [@] [internode.on.net]
AIM: Omahdon
ICQ: 20235158
YIM: edwyn_the_almost_brave
MSN: omahdon@hotmail.com

Started Amateur VAing: November 1999, I believe. Wow. That's yonks ago.
VA Alias(es): Edwyn, Omahdon and in one particular instance: "Edwyn Omahdon"
Vocal Range: Medium to Low, as well as an exaggerated Extreme High
Specialities: Decadently evil villians, crazy old folk, over-the-top superheroes, narrational tones and unrestrained maniacal laughter. Try me.
Accents: American (South + Generic)
Singing Ability: I can belt quite convincingly in tune. Anything subtler than that is probably beyond me

And that's it! If you want to know more about me, you're just going to have to talk to me.