Voiceover Clips

Here are various clips of my voice which showcase some of my versatility and range as an actor, as well as several which are available for the purpose of amusement. The latest clips (and best in terms of voicework and sound quality) are available near the top of this page.
    Many years ago, after reading a fan-translation of the final volume of the Tokyo Babylon manga series, I was inspired to try my hand at the villain's monologue as he systematically breaks down the hero. The result.... wasn't that good. Many years later, I bought an officially translated copy of the same volume by Tokyopop and was inspired to try my hand at that particular monologue again. The result.... was a bit better.

    I had originally written, mixed and voiced this trailer in an effort to encourage people to go to the Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles in 2005, an event which a number of members from the VAA had planned to attend. In a somewhat ironic twist, it turned out that I couldn't attend this particular gathering, after all. Nevertheless, the trailer still remains as an enthusiastic beacon to all who would have attended such an event.

    One day, I was feeling in a slightly strange humour. I decided to do a short, less-than-a-minute long clip for the VAA's Shorts and Samplers section just for the fun of it. The clip was called "The Adventures of Happy Lad and Emo Boy". The strange humour seemed to go over well, so I did another clip. And thus, a phenomenally sucessful series was born! Two whole episodes! Who woulda thunk its popularity would last so long and yet so very, very short? In any case, have a listen to these clips of me gone slightly odd.

    This is a mix of an original script that I wrote and voiced as a little experiment. Influenced from watching many a Metal Gear Solid 3 trailer, I decided to try my hand at mixing something that sounded vaguely like a trailer to that venerable game series. Full of narrative strands that point to a deeper storyline but leaving only the feeling of tantalised hints to the audience. This is the result.

    This was a mix of a whole number of lines (audition or otherwise) I'd done with some SFX and background music. I mixed this almost immediately after acquiring Cooledit Pro 2.0. I really can't tell you how much easier it makes mixing.... So just have a listen of this and admire my newly found l337 mixing skillz.

    This is a mix of the lines with music that I did at a proper professional recording studio into a commercial demo reel. I felt really, really horrible on the day I did that recording, resulting in awful delivery, inability to maintain a voice as well as that awful, awful, AWFUL "asian-ness" that creeps in on certain vowels when I'm not concentrating. I tried my best to salvage what lines I could from that 100 dollar disaster and this is the result. I think it actually turned out okay, but can it pass itself off as a professional commercial demo reel? I sure hope so. I really don't want to spend another 100 dollars to rerecord.

I've taken down most of the clips here because most of them are more than two years old now and don't fully represent just what I'm capable of with my voice right now. I'll put up some new clips later. Probably much later, considering the glacial pace with which I update this page.