Here are a couple of links related to either amateur voice acting or myself. If you want the links to productions I'm involved in as a voiceover, go to the current roles page.

  • Voice Acting Alliance A nice messageboard where fellow amateur voice actors can come together to audition for roles, listen to finished productions or just plain chat the day away. I use this particular board as my base.
  • Voice Community Forums Another nice community, once known as FLAVA/VAMB before changing to its current name. It's a little quieter than the aforementioned VAA.
  • Newgrounds Voice Acting Club It's little more than a thread to which all the members of said club post to, but it gets the job done, and gets the jobs in, as well! A nice place to go to in order to try one's hand at voicing in flash animation.
  • Voice Acting Club The new messageboard and haunting grounds of the Newgrounds Voice Acting Club, now just "The Voice Acting Club".
  • Wikipedia - Amateur Voice Acting A succinct historical overview of the online AVA community. Read on and discover the seedy, tumultuous past of the AVA world!
  • Goldwave Studio For those of you who have had your interest tweaked in doing voiceover work online, this is a fairly powerful recording program with a variety of tools to help you clean up, add effects and save in a variety of file formats. And it's free (well, shareware, but that's practically free)! The FAQ provided by the development team can help you get started.
  • The Livejournal With No Name A livejournal I keep that details my life, my heartache, and my pain that is this wretched existence neverending.... If written psychic self-flagellation is your "thing", drop on by!