Site Updates

  • 17th December, 2007
    And again a year and a bit of no updates pass, but now I return! With even more roles to add to all sections and whatnot. Apart from the roles, the other major update to this site is the shiny new Paypal button I've included on the bottom righthand side of this site. If you feel like tossing a couple of monies my way, feel free to use that. I like monies. Anyway, got a whole bunch of roles to add and yanno what? There's just too many to list (plus I'm lazy) so look through the respective roles pages to see what's new! Anything in which I was cast after 29th September, 2006 sounds about right, yes.

  • 29th September, 2006
    Ooooh, I updated three months after. Fancy! Now the greatest change is that I've switched servers to Internode since I switched ISPs to dive into the wonderful world that is broadband. The internet.... is so full of.... colours.... And porn. Mainly porn. Anyway, on top of that I have much more storage space online now (50 MBs vs. 10MBs on the IHUG servers) so I'm probably going to start making a proper website devoted to the audio dramas I've mixed over the years. Should be fun!

    But anyway. Unto talking about me new roles! Under anime/manga roles we have Ojamajo Parody Fandub Clip where I play Momo and Dore, Martian Successor Nadesico - The Prince of Darkness Fandub where I play Pr. Yamasaki, Magic Knights Rayearth Manga Vol. 4-6 RP where I play Lantis/Zagato and Ouran High School Host Club Episode 13 Fandub Clip where I play Kyouya. For game roles we have Icewind Dale 2 - NPC Project where I play Jaemal, Halo 2 - City of the Dead where I play Corporal Phillips and the captain, and SNK vs. Capcom Chaos Radioplay where I play Choi Bounge, Demitri Maximov, Terry Bogard and understudy for Vega. Under the other/original roles we have Vermillion Fall where I play Gabriel Munroe and Firefly RP where I play Jayne Cobbs.

    Under the flash animation roles we have The Story of Tantalus where I play Zeus, Cupid, Tantalus and Tantalus' Son, KFMB - Heaven's Gate where I reprise my role of Muga, Pursuit where I play Dan McNeely, Naruto - Forest Skirmish where I play Sasuke, Gordon in Distress where I play Jesus Christ, the Narrator, a druid, a valet, Dean Cain and William Shatner, KFMB - 10 Days to Run where I play Aimoto and the opening credits narrator, Final Fantasy Jail Break where I play the opening narrator and a distorted, screaming voice for the '1-800-NO-ANGST' commercial and Go, Go, Parody Rangers! where I play Blue Ranger.

    Another update.... Completed!

  • 28th June, 2006
    Hooooooooly jumping jehosophat it's been a while since my last update! Certainly not as long as my 1 year and 3 months hiatus back in 2002, but still! An entire year without updates is nothing to scoff at.

    In any case, I haven't been resting on my laurels all this time, I've been busy acquiring more roles! Like a massive hoard for my personal gratification! On the otherhand, I've also been busy going through my list of roles and pruning away the ones which, in most likelihood, will never come to fruition. So I get roles, I lose roles, and in the end: a sort of balance has been established. It is how you say.... A beautiful delicateness, non? Though I have to admit, even amongst my list of new roles since the last update, I've had to trim away a lot that are (most likely) no longer in production. Dang, that's cold when that happens.

    Now let's talk about new roles added! Under anime/manga roles we have Anime Clue where I play Colonel Mustang, King of Fighters - Another Day where I play Maxima in episode 3 and a reporter in episode 4, AmeCon 2006 Animation where I play various extras, Ouran High School Host Club Fandub where I play Kyoya, Martian Successor Nadesico Episode 4 Fandub where I play the highlights announcer for the next episode, Damekko Doubutsu (Useless Animals) Fandub where I play Peganosuke, The Naruto Dub Discussion Thread (or Attack of the Flamerz) where I play Otaku flamer, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle episode 1 Fandub where I play Fye.

    For game roles we have Metal Gear Solid 4 - E3 2006 15 Minute Trailer Fandub where I play Otacon, WoW - Shadows of Azeroth where I play Adjuh and Blazer, Of Light and Darkness where I play Saebin of Kaith and Myles Strange, Sword of Mana RP where I play Dark Lord, Neverwinter Nights - The Moonlight Path where I play various characters, The Silver Lining where I play Village Man #1, and 7th Serpent where I play the Narrator and Terrance Hryfter.

    Under the other/original roles we have KFMB - A Judge's Duty where I play the introductory narrator and did the scripting and mixing, Romance of the Three Kingdoms RP where I play Lu Zhi in episode one, Casablanca Parody Animation where I play Rick, KFMB - And Now a Word From Our Sponsors where I reprise my role of Muga and also mixed the first 2-minute section of the radioplay, The 10K Commotion RP where I play Scott "Picture Me" Danes, Trigger Happy where I play Manticore AKA Manny and have also been brought into the project as a writer for the series, Exo-Squad - Magnon Dawn where I play Kyros starting from Act 2, KFMB - Sol's Introduction where I reprise my role of Muga and helped with the scripting and mixed this with the original author's approval, Silly Kingdom Episode 2 where I play Grum Kirka Knight A, Hikari where I play Voice and Akira Hasagashi, Tough Questions where I play Frank, Good Omens RP where I play Famine, The Time Warp where I play the criminologist, It's the Big F'ing Pumpkin, Tamtu Bui! where I play myself as Pigpen, The Art of Love where I play the Voice, and Vampire: The Masquerade where I play The Prince.

    Under the flash animation roles we have (take a deep breath now!) Vice Faction where I play Cain Foxx, Legacy of Pliskin II where I play Pliskin, Aurora - Prototype Game where I play Julian and Zen, Metal Gear Ultima - Part 3 where I play Raiden from the third part onwards, Dead Rain Remake ep01 where I play the Oculus Cult Leader and The Watcher, Psychic Zero Episode 1 where I play a voice and Crow Marines, Trapped where I play Benjamin, Jack French Episode 2 - The Good Dr. Ferrer where I play Dr. German, MMO - Sinequanon where I play Ivellious, Manic Solaye - Episode 1 where I play the Flutist, Pico - The After Years where I play the director and the nerd, Sanon Legends - Chapter Two: The Dragon Power where I play various extras, Manon's Father, Lord Necro, reprise my role B.O.B. and provide script edits,Paladin 5 where I reprise my role as Melahn, a talking raven, and provide some narration, Eat World where I play Chewie the Chihuahua and provide some walla, Sonic: Nazo Unleashed where I play Nazo, Pixelated - Episode 2 where I reprise my role of Alex as well as play McDougal, Billy's Big Day where I play everyone except for Billy, VG Cats Flash Animation where I play Leo, Pantsman and the Mage, Sanon Legends - Chapter One: L'Hiver Blanc where I play B.O.B., KFMB - The Formula where I play Xing Liu, acted as the audio supervisor and provided some script edits, Megaman Zero - The Last Cataclysm 3 where I reprise my role as Harpuia and also helped out with script edits and additions, Xunmato Alpha where I reprise my role as Amano Yaku, Lystriah where I play Ende and provide some script edits, Project Orius where I play Sho, Saint where I play Jacques De Molay, Minister Johnson and Valdes, KFMB - Kazahana Grim Reaper where I play the Reaper and reprise my role of Muga, The Collective #1 where I play all the Minions, Pixelated - Episode 1 where I play Alex, CNN: The Special Report where I play Jeff Jefferson and Rob Robertson, Skittles N' Bitz 6 where I play Old Guy and Rich Man, Paladin 4 where I play Melahn, KFMB - Face to Face where I play the Narrator for the preface, Skittles N' Bitz 4 where I play Gamer, Gnome and Cave Master, God Warriors where I play Damien, No One to Trust where I play Admiral Sanavilino, Nicholas Anderson, BioBear and PyroBear, Jerry's Quest for Gold Trailer where I play Thomas, Fallen Angel Part 1 where I play Sera's Father, and Autumn Tree where I play a police officer.

    Phew, this is why I hate leaving updates for so long. Way too much to try and fit into a single update at once! And the amount of relinking I had to do.... Bleagh. There must be a simpler way!

  • 30th June, 2005
    Another rather late update! I have given this place a complete overhaul and a clean sweep to give it a more professional look. Plus, thanks to my tenure as a voiceover for flash productions, I have also construct a background image that is more closely related to this particular hobby. I've also added several new clips to the voiceover clips section: Seishirou's Monologue, AX2005 - The Trailer, The Adventures of Happy Lad and Emo Boy episode 1 and The Adventures of Happy Lad and Emo Boy episode 2. As well as that, I've added a new "about me" section and a new "Personal Favourite Roles" section, for those of you with more voyeurestic tendencies. They probably give away about as much information as a regular LJ profile, however.

    I also have a new addition to the site: a roster page for all the members of the Newgrounds Voice Acting Club (of which I am also a member). Take a look, I spent quite a bit of time on its layout. Two layouts, actually, as it has indeed been THAT long between this update and the last one for this page. It will also be in the links section from now on.

    As for new roles.... Under anime/manga roles we have Evangelion-R RP where I play Gendou Ikari and Kaji.

    For game roles we have Final Fantasy 9 - Burmecia Short RP where I play Zorn and Thorn, Final Fantasy Dating Game episode 2 where I play Mystery Man, Metal Gear Solid - Dawn of Tomorrow RP where I play Conquest and Shadow Hearts 2 - Clips Fandub where I play Gepetto.

    Under the other/original roles we have Doctor Who - The Final Problem where I play The Doctor, Dreamspace Trailer where I play the Narrator, 471's Introduction where I play Muga (and mixed the actual radioplay as well as help with the scripting), Total Chaos Radio where I did several radio promos/ads and Syuuhei's Phone Call where I play Muga (and scripted and mixed the actual radioplay).

    Under the flash animation roles we have Psionic the Series where I play Akuma and the narrator, Slightly Out of Order One Year Anniversary where I play Dragonsbane and Sever, Unnamed Star Wars Tribute where I play X3-P90, Paladin 3 where I play the opening narrator and Fendhar, Suburbia where I play Tim and Officer, Kendrick and Fabrizio where I play Jay Pugilist and William Casings, Captain Prego - The Chocolate Traffic where I play an old man, Ray Pt. 3 where I play various roles, Spaced Out Episode 02 where I play Officer Nigel, Metal Gear Solid for Retards where I play Raiden, Stygia Satori where I play Takomo Akamatzu, Tweekit where I play the Narrator and DocMonster, Aurora where I play Johnny and Jiyasa (starting from episode 6), Anubis' Return 2 where I play X, Turtle and Friends where I play Stickly, Servant where I play Toshiro, Side Quest ep1 where I play a hobo, TTA where I play Giga (starting from episode 46), Scythe where I play Scythe, Drowtales' Fourth Birthday Animation where I play Shan'naal, Halo for Retards where I play Captain Keyes, The Matrix RPS where I play Smith, The 9th where I reprise my role as Diego Muerte, Akai Yume 2 where I play Seiji, Star Wars Episode 3 - Revenge of the Vince where I play Vince and Sabrina Online where I play Bunnyman.

    And I just realised just how much TEXT I typed up to facilitate the creation of this particular update, yikes!

  • 9th February, 2005
    Another update and with more roles to boot! Under anime/manga roles we have Samurai Champloo Parody Fandub Clip where I play Jin, Alichino RP where I play Yui, Comedy Fandub where I play The Black Swordsman, and Otogizoushi Fandub Clip where I play Mansairaku.

    For game roles we have Final Fantasy 8 - Frozen RP where I play Headmaster Cid, Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children Trailer 3 Fandub where I play the Wheelchair Person in White, Heidomus Kaladonmus where I play Evictor, Havoc Feral, Ascendant Deadnaught, Enslaver and Cyclops, and Fall of the Gods where I play Bran.

    Under the other/original roles we have Condomness where I play myself, Blacktron Chronicles where I play Temple, and Rest In Peace, Edwyn where I play myself.

    Under the flash animation roles we have Final Fantasy Day Care Episode 2 where I play the Weapons Shopkeeper, The Reviewer where I play Chris, Evil Land where I play all four Quorum, GiD where I play Cain, Faust where I play Dr. Faust, Kommando 5 where I play all the characters, Future Complex where I play the cop, Sonic Matrixa Final where I play Protoman and Shadow, The Mega Project where I play Official (old and male), Blues and Harpuia, Cold Blooded Killer 2 where I play various characters, Legend where I play Zarin, Faded Illusions where I play Hiroken, Lucy and Hae where I play Bren, and Unnamed Warhammer 40,000 Flash where I play Sarge.

    At this rate, I might have to back off from auditioning to catch up with my lines....

  • 19th December, 2004
    Again, another late update, another host of changes and roles, but still the same webpage design. I need to change the look of this page sometime. Anyway, I've rearranged the order of my roles on their assigned pages so that the latest roles are near the top. This is to give the latest (and usually best) example of my work at the most prominent position on the page, while my older stuff sinks to the bottom for the morbidly curious. I've also added a new Flash Animation Roles page for all my work in that particular field. More downloads are available in the clips section (also rearranged to have newer clips at the top): Metal Gear WTF? and Mr Waldo's Song from Under Milk Wood.

    Now, for a listing of new roles added. Under anime/manga roles we have Slayers - Episode 19 Fandub where I play Gourry Gabriev. For game roles we have Heidomus Kaladonmus where I play Evictor, Havoc Feral, Ascendant Deadnaught, Enslaver and Cyclops, Fall of the Gods where I play Bran, 12 Days of Warcraft where I play Human and Dwarf, Star Ocean 3 Fandub where I play Vox, A Terrible Secret where I play various roles, Haruna: Birth of Evil where I play Nekal, Skies of Arcadia RP where I play Dyne, Alfonso and understudy the Narrator, Project Black Dragon where I play various roles, and Final Fantasy 8 - Fate of Children where I play Headmaster Cid. Under the other/original roles we have VAA Conspiracy Theory where I play myself, Lotus where I play Another Random Amenta, Merry Christmas, Tamtu Bui where I play myself (again), Airport Losers where I play myself (once more!), This is Halloween Songdub where I play Werewolf, Sandman - Brief Lives RP where I play Andros, a bouncer, Gryphon and Wyvern.

    Under the flash animation roles we have A Staff-Chucks Christmas where I play Black Mage, TSO where I play Colonel, pilot and unnamed Brit, Xunmato where I play Konrei, Techno Fighter where I play Reed, Soxx The Killer Bunny #2 - The Good 'Ol Boyscout where I play Timmy, Eternal Conquest 2 where I play various roles, Detective Hearst: Case 1 where I play Greg Liton, 8-Bit Theater Trailers where I play Black Mage, NG Horror Show where I play various roles, Final Fantasy: Mixed in Balamb 2 where I play Alucard, Gilgamesh and Black Mage, Angel B. Dean where I play Chuck le Beau, The Amazing Adam Android where I play Firestarter and Adam Android, Hang 'em High where I play Ray, Fortuna Saga where I play Ghost and Cole, Soxx The Killer Bunny where I play Mr. Vaultrain, Cardboardtube Samurai where I play an unspecified role, Fake Metal Feelings where I play the male roles, Life 101 TV Spot where I play the Fridge and the Announcer, Drowtales' Animated Short where I play Shan'naal, Black Mage VS Everybody where I play Black Mage, Priest where I play Diego Muerte.

    Phew, that took a while to update. Especially the flash animation roles. I should do updates on a more regular basis. This dump of role updates is gonna kill me.

  • 14th July, 2004
    Added additional info the roles page, indicating where episodes of that given show have been completed. Added some more clips for people to take a lookie and download in the clips section, Seymour from FFX advertises Chocolate Covered Easter Sin and Edwyns Random Sampler Thingie.

    More roles to add (and there are a lot of them due to my long time not updating): Zodiac Pi Manga RP where I play Hiromi Oikawa, The Unreal World where I play Riker, 8-Bit Theater Flash Animation where I play Black Mage, Inu Yasha Doujinshi RP where I play Miroku, Terminal Redemption where I play Oran

  • , Exit Reality where I understudy for Velenin, 12 Candles where I understudy for Kaires, Sure as Fate where I play Draven Conway and Lance Lamais, Black Belt VS Black Mage where I play Black Mage, Rurouni Kenshin - Jinchuu Arc RP where I play Yukishiro Enishi, Vampire Hunter INA Flash Animation where I play various roles, Flash Variety Hour where I play Michael Jackson, The Seven Wonders of the Amateur Voice Acting World where I'm acting as the producer, Guardian Saga PC RPG where I play a random extra-like role, Heart of Jahan where I play Preggo, Final Fantasy 7 Trailer where I play Rufus and President Shinra, Last Words where I play the Doctor, D.C.~Da Capo~ Fandub where I play Suginami, Smell of Blood where I play The Boss, Scavenger Hunt where I play Jay Rhyhasa, High Times where I play a salesman, X OAV Fandub where I play an Agent, Xin where I play Legend and Dom, JAGUAR - Jag Fighter the Series where I play Matt, Final Fantasy 7 - Black Hour where I play Professor Caleb and Palmer, Samurai Deeper Kyo RP where I play Saizo, Babengira where I play the title character, Killer Kazuki where I play Akiharu, Mezzo-Heaven where I play Ferst, Ray Pt. 2 where I play various roles, Gilgamesh Fandub where I play a loan shark, SyeniKa where I play (more) various roles, Dead Rain Arcade where I play (even more!) various roles and finally, Dead Awakening where I play Ryan. Also, I forgot to add Valhallah before, where I play Loke and various other parts. Phew. Remind me to update more often so I don't have to go through this whole damned procedure of updating 6+ months worth of roles all over again. Argh.
  • 28th December, 2003
    A couple of roles to add, as well as one that was met to be added in a previous update but slipped my mind due to incompetently wired higher memory registers. I hate it when that happens. But anyway, here are the productions I've fallen in with lately: 'Twas The Night Before Meteor where I play Sephiroth and Cid, Weiss Kreuz Parody Fandub (which I forgot to add before, hence it's earlier date) where I play Farferello, Fullmoon wa Sagashite Clip where I play Wakaouji-sensei and Princess Tutu Fandub where I play Mr. Cat. I like playing cats. Nya. Onwards: Blade of the Immortal RP - On Silent Wings where I various extras and finally The Legend of Momotarou where I play a couple of extras. Also added the commercial sampler I made recently over here, read all the reasons for why it's not really very good in the clips section.
  • 30th November, 2003
    Well, this is a first in a while. I actually updated just three days after my last update. You're never going to see that again any time soon, let me assure you. I'm just doing this update to add a "Producer" tag to the list of details for my roles, so I know exactly who's to blame if things go horribly wrong. I mean, in the event that the fault isn't mine, of course. But even if it isn't, I'll still blame the producer. Because I'm mean and evil.

    Just the one new role to add to my roles list: Fallen where I play a priest named Sam. I also ressurected my resume links to Silent Realm (because it's apparently not dead), Paradigmattica (because it's dead, but completed. And funny to boot. One of my proudest moments) and Sabrina Online (which is really not dead at all, because I keep getting lines from the producer. Though my character doesn't really ay or do very much anyway). I hope that's all I have to ressurect because I can't, for the life of me, remember when and for whom I auditioned some of the stuff I have in my FULL (and extremely fragmented from deleting, readding and deleting roles. Over and over again.) resume.

    And now, back to hibernation for the next major update. Yosha.

  • 27th November, 2003
    Eight months and a change in location later and I'm back in business! At first, I thought I'd whip up a new look to represent the change from New Zealand to Australia. But then I decided upon the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" adage. So here is the same page design as it was before.... Only now on Australian servers! Wowee! Isn't this exciting?! I might simply explode with unrestrained JOY! Or not, mind you. Or not. I've fixed up certain things in general, however. My email address has changed for one thing. I've cut out some content from the clips (though added one new one) and contact sections, I've added more roles to the current roles page with the added detail of exactly when I auditioned, when I got the role and the status of said role. I'm hoping this new feature will remind me of which RPs are still going and which seem mired in the depths of perpetual development hell, and I don't have to keep deleting roles anymore to know which is which! I've also split up the roles unto distinct pages, since this new feature basically blows up the size of the current roles page now and makes my resume look bigger than it really is. Hee.

    On to the productions I've been casted in, then (for more details, visit the current roles page as before): Fist of Discomfort, Unnamed Neverwinter Night Module, Koyrith Online, Heart of Storms, Hack Promise Radioplay, X Graphic Novel RP, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, X TV Fandub, Wish Radioplay, Getbackers Fandub, Chobits Radioplay, Chip and Walter Animatic, Star Child, The Toilet Duck Adventures, Ambassador Service 2, Chigau Ai - Different Love, Strings of Fate Radioplay, Invader Zim - Nubs of Doom, Beowulf, Eternal Project and Megatokyo RP.

    And that's it for this month! See you later! (and hopefully this time not TOO much later).

  • 9th March, 2003
    More than a year since I last updated. Now THAT is a long time. And that's a whole lot of roles that disappeared from my current roles page. Considering the time between when I got the roles and the time that I've finally gotten around to updating this page, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Still, it kinda pains me to see the page so crippled.

    Anyway. I've taken a step down from my once wildly "audition for anything and everything" phase, mainly because I'm so friggin' SICK of auditioning for productions that go nowhere once the auditions have upped and gone (my own mini productions included). I mean, if you're going to arse around with what is essentially a LOT of hard work scripting, mixing and so forth: Just. Don't. DO IT. Really, the number of Final Fantasy or Sailor Moon-related projects I've seen start up and fizzle out almost immediately afterwards has automatically caused my noggin to raise a teensy, tiny red flag whenever I see people holding auditions for said productions. There's only so many times you can play Sephiroth or Seifer before you catch on to the fact that most of these people don't have a clue.

    That said, however, there are plenty of other productions (which may occasionally be related to Final Fantasy or Sailor Moon) which manage to stay alive for just that LITTLE bit longer so that some results can peek through. And I hope to god these are some of them right here, 'cause I got roles in the following (I won't bother listing who I was casted as. go to the current roles page for details and note the despondent lack of roles): Elegia Eternum, Children of the Ark, Persona: Eternal Punishment, Pita Ten Fandub, Rurouni Kenshin - To My Angel Misao, Memory, The Adventures of Captain Proton, 8-Bit Theatre Radioplay, Spiderman Spoof, Hollowland and Sihde Animation Project.

    I also got rid of the webring links at the bottom of this page, since the likelihood of them actually working after all these years is highly unlikely. Plus a little cleanup of links in the contact page. So that's it. See you next time when I finally update the look of this page! Or maybe not. I dunno.

  • 19th November, 2001
    Okay, MASSIVE cleanup of dead links, both to productions and defunct voice samples due to the move and also to said dead productions. If the link to the page doesn't work, if it hasn't been updated in a year or I don't have a link to a production page AT ALL: it's coming off my resume. That includes all the AVA Resume sites I had once linked to on the left hand side of this page. This will likely thin out my resume my quite a bit, too. Man, that REALLY hoits! >.< This page will also hopefully be undergoing a change in look, cause as cool as Saitoh Hajime is, the black on white look is getting a bit old. I'm gonna have to reacquiant myself with my mad HTML skillz, yah? Oh, and several new roles: Anime Vertex - Dynasty where I play Genma Saotome and Tatewaki Kuno, Pink Rose Productions - La Fillette Révolutionnaire where I play Saionji Kyouichi, Essential Nonsense Productions - A Spell for Chameleon where I play Trent and Humfrey, End of Evangelion Radioplay Production where I play Touji and Gendo Ikari, Inu Yasha Radioplay Production where I play one of the "Evil Warrior Chubby Guys" and Sessho-Maru and finally X CLAMP Character File Drama Translations where I play Seishirou Sakurazuka (Yay! Sometimes being typecast as a villain really helps. ^_^).

  • 28th October, 2001
    Just the one new role, and that's in Creative Mind Productions - Xenogears where I play Dr. Citan. Hmmmm. I think it's about time I started auditioning for more roles again before the VA community thinks I'm dead or something (which is touching when I receive emails asking me about my status on the mortal coil.... But also slightly disturbing) @_@ Anyway, if you really want to know what's been up with my life recently, just read my journal! Which should provide some hours of fun sadistic amusement. You sick puppies. @_@

  • 7th September, 2001
    Urk. This last update was even worse in amount of time taken as the last one. ^^;;; And I won't bother mentioning how many productions I owe lines to.... In any case, even with my tardiness, I've managed to land more roles: Shiva Productions - Love Line: Guest Seifer Almasy where I play Seifer (again), Creative Mind Productions - Final Fantasy 7 where I play Sephiroth (again, as well), Aphreal Productions - Tokyo Babylon RP where I get to play Seishirou Sakurazuka (aga-- wait. that's a new one), Ovation Productions - The Guardians where I get to play Rache al Ghoul (again, since this production died and came again). Did a bit of clean up on my roles list.... One of these days I'm going to have to clear out all the dead productions. Just not now. bwee. ^_^ Had to move my page back to ihug because NBCi decided to be a silly little mushroom and refused to let me update. Silly people. For that, they shall die now. teehee! ^_^

  • 19th June, 2001
    Not quite the month update I was hoping for, but still.... Considering how slow things have been, perhaps that isn't so bad. O.o More roles to speak of, however: Skies of Arcadia Audio Drama where I play Galcian, Final Fantasy 7: Sink To the Bottom with You Audio Drama where I play Titus.

  • 26th April, 2001
    It seems that I'll be doing monthly updates from now on... Or something like that anyway. That's the amount of time it seems to take me to send in my lines. ^_^;;; More roles!: Square "Visual Fanfic Comedy" where I play Setzer and Kefka, Mort where I play Death and Cutwell, FAITH where I play Nayami, One Day Downtown where I play Keyitay and Tifa and Aeris' FFVII Radio Drama where I play Sephiroth. Also did a major cleanup of the roles section, removing dead RP page links. Booyaka!

  • 26th March, 2001
    Well, once again lack of updates. I have an excuse this time though! I started University again! About... 5 weeks ago. -_- But it still counts! Anyway, couple of roles to add: Pigcast Radioplay Productions: Final Fantasy 6 where I play Emperor Gestahl, Kare Kano RP where I play Yukinos dad, Paradigmaticca where I play King Kane, The Saphire: Another World RP where I play Michael Bui. Also a new link on my contacts and links page to my newly created online diary: The Diary With No Name (sounds familiar don't it? eheh) and updated the link to my personal homepage which has since become a dead homepage. See ya next month, or even more perhaps!

    Oh! And I guess, happy birthday to this page since it's about a year old 'n all. O.o Gosh, I've been AVAing for a year then.... Wow. I guess I'm not as new as I thought I was. Weird.

  • 5th February, 2001
    Hmmm, 2+ months without a single update to my webpage. Am I slack or what? ^_^ Got tired of the old webpage scheme and turned it totally Saitoh Hajime inspired (note the link takes you to the website from which I took most of the images on this page from). I've been feeling a little creative lately, so hopefully I should finish off the Tenchi Muyo RP script I was supposed to very soon. I hope. Those of you part of my cast and still waiting, please give me the occasional pinch now and then to keep me going. ^_^;;;

    Couple of roles to add: Escaflowne: The Dub, yet ANOTHER Vision of Escaflowne RP/fandub where I play Balgus, a much shorter role than the previous two Esca ones I got, thankfully; Eternal Dragon, where I play Aoshima Ikegami and Koji Najiyama; Legend of the Snowy North, where I play Tafietin; and SCSSS (I wish I could remember what that acronym stood for), where I play Kentaro. Whew, quite a bit to add when you've been away for two months, innit?

  • 21st November, 2000
    Two new roles to add: Jesse Cox and Silverdragons Escaflowne Production where I'll play Folken Lacour de Fanel, kinda an opposite to my previous Esca role. ^_^ And Butterfly Maiden where I play Alberto Santos. Auditions for my Tenchi Muyo Radioplay will be closing in three days! So hurry and audition if you haven't already!
  • 9th November, 2000
    One new role to add: Love?! Are You Nuts?! where I have an understudy role as Xelloss II.... Which is almost the same as having one of my dream roles fulfilled but not quite. ^_^ A link to my new Tenchi Muyo Radioplay (which is taking auditions right now!) is also added to the links section. I've also become a member of the VA Resume Button Exchange. Check it out and join if you have a resume of your own. ^_^
  • 27th October, 2000
    Three more roles to add, yet again: Oh My Goddess RP where I'll be playing Senbei and Aoshima, and Aphreal Productions: Escaflowne Fandub where I'll be playing Allen Schezar. I've added another character to my wishlist section: Saitoh Hajime from Rurouni Kenshin.
  • 12th October, 2000
    Three more roles to add: Painted Wings where I'll be playing Daven Lawrence, and The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride Radio Play where I'll be playing Zazu and Mufasa. I've also added two samplers to my clips section. Samplers where I'll be playing the role of both Good and Evil. Fun! ^_^ Also changed the font size for the pages since someone complained it was too small.
  • 3rd October, 2000
    One more role to add: Highlander: The Legend Continues Audio Drama where I'll be playing Kelsius. Updated my wishlist page with the role of Xelloss. He's kinda neat, if spiteful. Had to do a whole buncha stuff to update my homepage links to NBCi, too. Hopefully that's all taken care of, now.
  • 26th September, 2000
    Some more roles to update this page for, including a couple I got a few months back, but never put up here since they didn't have a homepage to link to. They STILL don't have a homepage to link to, but I've decided to put them up anyway, before I forget I was ever in them. First off, the role with a homepage: Flame of Recca Audio Drama where I'll be playing Kurei. And now, the roles without one: The Blessed as Rubicante and Sword and Fire as Eric. Hopefully webpages will be set up for them soon, but.... We'll see.
  • 19th September, 2000
    Hot on the heels of the last update comes another one right at ya! Deleting a couple of roles as the producers have confirmed them as dead, including the Director from Sailor Moon Miscast and Rache Al Ghul from The Guardians. They will be missed. But on the plus side, I picked up another two roles at the Please Save My Earth Fandub where I'll be playing the role of Mr. Matsudaira and an understudy role for Hajime. Also including a new link in the contact section to Final Fantasy Tribute: A Fan-Based Production, my first Amateur Radioplay production! Should it ever get started, that is. ^^;;

  • 18th September, 2000
    And once again, it's time for another update. Late, I know, but nothing's been happening in a while and I haven't really been auditioning for new roles either. Maybe it's just me, but a lot of the available male roles seem to be... flowery. That, and I'm too lazy to audition. O.o But in any case, I've got one new role to add to the list: Cyborg Ninja in Metal Gear Solid. KANPAI! To celebrate, I've decided to make my webpage Metal Gear Solid themed. ^_^

  • 15th August, 2000
    Whew, first update in a long time. Two new roles in one production: Vincent and Tseng in Totally Sux0r Productions: Final Fantasy 7. I've also updated the Current Roles page by splitting my roles into appropriate subsections so that they look a LITTLE bit neater.

  • 28th July, 2000
    Okay, two new roles: One as the narrator in The Light Within The Darkness and another as Sydney Losstarot in the Vagrant Story Radioplay. I've also included a link to a new VISUAL clip (which was not mixed by me) in the downloads section.

  • 20th July, 2000
    Well, I've been back for over a week now, and still no update, so I think having one is severely overdue. ^^;;; Anyway, couple of new roles (and after I promised myself I wouldn't audition for any roles for a while! Tsk!): Ruhk in Lunar Spirit and Kaji in Summon Love Flower. And there are probably more to come, too. I gotta stop audieing... -_-;;;

  • 24th June, 2000
    Got three roles, all in the same place, Captain, Rico and Ramsus in the Xenogears RP. Another one of my dream roles, Ramsus, has been fulfilled. Yay! Well, this will be my last update in a while, as I will be off to Adelaide, Australia sometime in the next 48 hours. See you all later!

  • 12th June, 2000
    And yet another site makeover! This time I went for a Half-Life look. I'm rather proud of it, myself. Ripped a lot of code from here and there, but hopefully it all mashes well together. Anyways, only got one new role thus far: Commander Pak for New World. I've also put up a new clip of my voice, but this time it's a fully fledged (kinda) play! Go check it out in the clips section.

  • 3rd June, 2000
    If this keeps up, I may have to call a moratorium on new roles. O.o Roles I got recently were Jasper Roman and Chadwick Butterscotch in The Journals of Shawntell Ivy as well as Hayashi and Tou in Soreirai za BideoKeemu!. Urk. Overload! ^^;;;

  • 27th May, 2000
    Well, I've hit and run over the 20 roles mark now, thanks to Sephiroth in the Heirloom Trailer and Alucard in Castlevania: A Final Confrontation. Mwahahaha. ^_^ I think I'd better put a stopper on new roles until I get a handle on the ones I currently have. O.o Added a new clip in the downloads section, this time of Professor Oak as he was in Bakamon! Are you as excited as I am? ^_^

  • 21st May, 2000
    And another two roles to The List(tm)! Kefka in Final Fantasy VI and President Shinra in Final Fantasy VII: The Audio Drama. Two Final Fantasy games in a go. ^_^ Not only does this mean I've fulfilled getting one of my "dream roles" (ie Kefka. I guess that means I'll have to take him off the wishlist now....) but it also means that I'm now participating in bringing to audio life all the American released Final Fantasys. Well, except for 1 and 5. And all of them in villainous capacities! heheh.

  • 16th May, 2000
    Site cosmetic surgery time! Threw away the DOOM 2 theme from last month and went for a Star Wars themed site this time around. Maybe I should hold a poll to see what the next theme for my page should be? Hmmm. Worth a thought.

    Anyway, apart from this page's change in look, I also added a news page to store all the previous updates I had on this main page, as well as adding another clip to the downloads page. Go have a looksee!

  • 12th May, 2000
    Whew. First bad guy roles in quite a while: Rache Al Ghul in The Guardians and Golbez in Final Fantasy IV: The Radioplay. Updated my wanted roles list AGAIN this time adding a nicely dramatic line for Shocking Alberto.

  • 2nd May, 2000
    Just added a couple more buttons to the cast of the FF8 radioplay and updated my wanted roles list with Ramsus.

  • 22nd April, 2000
    And yet more roles! This time as the "director" (as in, the actor who plays the director, not the director him/herself) in Sailor Moon Miscast and Harvey in another song production from Elaine's Musical Extravaganza. Also added a couple of clips featuring my voice in the clips section. They'll be the ones near the bottom. Also put in the alternate buttons (the ones with coloured potraits) to the sites of the various AVAs in the Final Fantasy VIII Voice Project. They were also made by Rinoa. Doesn't this girl get any rest? ^_^;;; Also joined the AVARR ring and made that Seifer logo all by myself. Whee! Big update this month, huh? ^^;;;

  • 15th April, 2000
    Added another two notches to my belt, this time Kaji in an Unnamed Evangelion Radioplay and Tsuzuki Masanori in The Cherry Project. Getting WAY too many good guy roles, recently. Redesigned the entire webpage, so that it looks DOOMed (eheh), and got nice little buttons from Rinoa to link to the sites of the various AVAs in the Final Fantasy VIII Voice Project. They're on the main page. Click on em!

  • 13th April, 2000
    And another two parts! Reeve/Cait Sith in Quest For Holy and Professor Oak in Bakamon: Gotta Buy em All!

  • 6th April, 2000
    I got two more parts! This time as Robert Stuart in Chrono Lapse and Townsman #1 in a production of "Belle" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast run by Elaine's Musical Extravaganza! And I sing in the latter one. Run! RUUUUUUNNNNN!!!

  • 31st March, 2000
    Just updated my page to give it a more Sam and Max: Freelance Police feel. Also added samples linked to the character names.