Making a professional decal (labels) for my uBitx


By Adrian VK5ZBR

Updated 11Sept 2018


Making of the input output decal for the uBitx.


Using  a vernier calliper to measure  and fusion 360 to draw the layout.  I then save the fusion drawing  in PDF format.  I used iStudio on the mac to then open that PDF and used it as a template to get my art work.   I use the drawing software I know well, I may go back to AutoCar 14 when I get use to the new user interface.   Been using Fusion 360 lots for 3D printing so I’m comfortable using it.



I used my colour laser printer that gives good result.  A Inkjet on matt photo paper works well too.  Make sure the printer driver is set to original size not scaled.  Roughly cut around the art work ready for laminating.  To confirm the fit is 1:1 line up the holes and look through at a bright light, the holes should line up.



Lamination time

Using  3M Scotch 467MP performance adhesive or similar.  Its basically wide double sided tape, can be purchased on eBay.  Stick the tape sheet to the art work in a smooth sliding action.  I find using a ruler like a squiggly works well.    

Lexan (polycarbonate film) 

Peal off the other side of the sheet  467MP sheet that you just stuck to your art work and and carefully as before slide the lexan sheet on top of the art work.  Use a ruler like a squiggly again.  Now use a blunt object like a texta or pen  lid to smooth out the adhesive with a bit of pressure till all looks clear.   


On the back of the artwork place another adhesive sheet.  this will be your decal’s stick down side.



Cutting the holes

All the round holes I cut with round wad punches.  they are quite cheap and worth it.  They make neat round holes .  The square hole I use a X-Acto knife to do the cutting.


Label to its new home.

This is were you can go wrong.  Align the decal to the holes, and edges.  Once you stick it down it will not come off with out destroying your hard work!


Thats it, looking good!



Where do you get this stuff?  Good question.

I got my stock over 20 years ago and it’s still good.  My stock was from a local company that no longer exist.  Now we have the internet  so have fun on google.

Try eBay, Alilexpress or your local companies.  


Some links as an example



    Lexan Velvet film

      M 467MP Clear Double Sided Adhesive Transfer Tape


If you find a good supplier leave me a message on my blog or facebook.

Have fun making those decals.


73’s Adrian VK5ZBR