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Septfonds. 28 February

Considering the present political situation, on the basis of various newspapers and publications, I'm expressing my point of view. At present the great powers and military strengths which face each other seem to be on the increase, but they are not prepared to take any active steps. Both sides seem to be avoiding any direct conflict, they're simply afraid of its results. Both sides seem to consider the possibility of a peaceful solution. However, this is a very serious problem. Each side would like to find a solution suitable for itself so that their prestige would not suffer, that is essential. Hitler was carried by ambition and he won't allow his ambition to suffer. He would also like to have peace at any price, but retain the results of his successes. The Allies also want a peaceful solution, but won't allow Hitler to retain the benefits achieved so far. It is possible, that in Germany, the other hand may come to power, some more mature man may be at the head of government, but is it a possibility? Most probably, so far, it looks like Hitler will continue being head of state. It's very difficult for the older people to take control over the younger energetic and excitable people who support Hitler and his achievements. So in spite of appearances it's a very critical situation and looks rather like a long war. And its consequences wiII be very sad indeed.

Evening 21.30. We've just come back from the town. We just let ourselves enjoy wine and champagne. Champagne is a very healthy drink, and here, it's quite cheap. 15 francs a bottle which is cheap compared to other prices. It's a wonderful drink, no wonder that ladies lose their virtue with this drink. It's healthy, refreshing, excellent when you drink it, but its reactions are very treacherous. Meat products are rather expensive, it's impossible to get a hearty supper like our home*. And it's very strange you cannot get many things in a restaurant. If we want to have anything to eat we have to go to the butcher and buy their

* maszei



sausages, go to the baker to buy bread, eventually going to a restaurant and ask them to prepare and cook it. It's not as good as it was in Poland. There's no reason to talk about the culture of a leading nation as at home you could go and get whatever you wanted. Here, they serve you sausages on a shabby plate, offer you leaden forks without knives, and don't offer any other help - I was very surprised by that.

Since we were paid I've observed quite a number of people being drunk at night. It's a very unpleasant sight. In a way they are partially excused by circumstances in which they find themselves now. However, this is one of the sad characteristics of Poles.

Thursday. 29 February

God help me not to go through the same day and same date again in exile. Today and tomorrow our hut will have recollections, confessions and Holy Communion. The service will be inside the barrack. I would like to go to confession as a duty of a Christian person, but there are certain difficulties. Tears are welling in my eyes, I feel so moved. Soldiers! Children of your mother's, they are waiting for us. Waiting for us to bring them freedom, said the priest. Children, Oh my God, it's the innocent creatures who are awaiting there and who do suffer. They wait and wait for us.

These beautiful words came out of the mouth of the priest. Our hearts, our souls, were moved and lifted. We were inspired in faith in God and his holy will. The heart, believing in justice, and fairness, will encourage her to defend the holy ideals. It'll be an effort worthy of God.

It's 1400. Our hut has been converted into a Church. The priest confesses the soldiers, I am not one of them. As an orthodox in the past I'm not conversant with the procedure of confession. It would have been necessary to attain to certain formalities in connection with accepting the Roman Catholic

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