ANY project operated from the power mains is potentially lethal.

ONE MISTAKE CAN KILL YOU. DO NOT WORK ON MAINS POWERED EQUIPMENT UNLESS YOU ARE ENTIRELY COMPETENT TO DO SO. IF YOU DON'T FEEL CONFIDENT, GET SOMEBODY QUALIFIED TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU. Make sure that all mains wiring complies to your local regulations and that any exposed area is covered (with heat shrink tubing or whatever is necessary) so that accidental contact with the power mains is impossible.In short, adopt safe working practices and you will still be around to enjoy using the results of your efforts.

In this particular power supply design, you can (if you wish) keep costs down by replacing a commercially wound transformer with a recycled microwave transformer which you rewind youself. If you do this, you MUST ensure that your rewinding is in accordance with your local electrical safety requirements. Failure to do this will leave you open to legal action, and will also probably void your insurance if a fault occurs. The transformer rewinding and power supply wiring details published are a guide only, and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your construction efforts comply in all necessary ways with your local laws and ordinances.

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