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On July 29th 2001, on the 150 th anniversary, over 60 direct descendants of the passengers,
with family and friends travelled to Edithburgh.
There they attended a ceremony which included the unveiling of a reproduction of the passenger list .

Descendants by number chart below

6 - Beth Marfleet (g-grdaug Edwin Gale)
9 - Kaye Kinsella (g-grdaug Edwin Gale)
22 - Noel Matthews (James, Sarah & George MATTHEWS desc)
27 - Chris(tine) Jefferys
39 - Lori Goss (James, Sarah & Elizabeth MATTHEWS desc)
45 - Emma Voullaire (LAMPRELL desc)
48 - Roz Voullaire (LAMPRELL desc)
52 - Caitlyn Voullaire (LAMPRELL desc)
55 - Marlene Kleemeyer (LAMPRELL desc)
60 - Sylvia Kuhn (LAMPRELL desc)
44 - Graeme Preston (LAMPRELL/PRESTON desc)
50 - Maurice Preston (LAMPRELL/PRESTON desc)
16 - Edward Mann (LAMPRELL/PRESTON desc)
58 - Malcolm Tyrer

[ If you can name the descendants in the photo, by number (below), please let us know.] Most of this information is published in Adobe Acrobat Ver. 4.
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The information in this site will be expanded over time, to provide additional details.