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The "Marion", a three masted 900 ton ship carrying 360 emigrants and cargo, grounded on the Troubridge Shoal just a few miles from the shore of Yorke Peninsula on the night of 29th July, 1851.

This web site is provided as one of the means of compiling and distributing information about this last journey of the "Marion" and the details of the survivors.

On July 29th 2001, on the 150 th anniversary, over 60 direct descendants of the passengers, with family and friends travelled to Edithburgh.

Since that time a network of contacts of people interested in the stories relating to the Marion and it's passengers is building.
In addition to the Periodicals to be produced by John Keynes and this Web Site there is also a pseudo mailing list set up. Anyone who has information for inclusion in this web site, or for circulation to others, can email to the ES Marion address. That information can be then passed on to everyone else.

Contact address associated with this Web Site

There are currently contacts with people from 30+ family names. Some 28 people have been in touch by email.
The Passenger Names by County listing has been coded with italics for those Names whose families have been in Contact.

Also, this page will contain links to web addresses, both of "Marion family" members and other useful links. If you have any you would like added, then please let the web administrator Beverley Matthews know at the Marion address above.

Web Link addresses:

A site well worth a visit is [although access may be slow !]

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