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The Passengers were from all over the United Kingdom.
Some 137 from Wiltshire, 92 from the rest of England, 45 from Scotland and 72 from Ireland
The following is contains a summary of number of people from each County.

There were some 142 Family Names - listed here by County. 

Articles and Reports relative to the Country, County or Family name have be linked as appropriate.

Names are listed as transcribed - some errors may have been made as some of the old handwritten records were very difficult to decipher. Notification of any corrections would be appreciated.

There were several ship-board romances resulting in marriages after their arrival in Adelaide, including:

Samuel ABBOTT & Euphemia WILSON,
Samuel BURFITT & Mary Ann MATTHEWS, married in 1852 and had 10 children.
Benjamin PRESTON & Mary Ann LAMPRELL. see Lamprell history.

Passenger Lists

Reproduction of Nominal Passenger List [417 kb]
Reproduction of Departure Passenger List [551 kb]
Passenger List [45 kb] - Transcribed by Meridith Clifford of the Edithburgh Museum July 2001

England - 229 people

Buckinghamshire4 Leicestershire3
Cornwall25 Lincolnshire5
Devon4 Middlesex4
Dorset8 Nottinghamshire5
Essex6 Somerset1
Hampshire2 Suffolk11
Hertfordshire9 Wiltshire137
Kent2 Yorkshire3
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Scotland - 45 people

Aberdeen2 Midlothian1
Ayr6 Orkney18
Caithness1 Perth1
Edinburgh2 Renfrew7

Ireland - 72 people

Antrim2 Dublin3
Cavan1 Queens5
Clare26 Tipperary25
Cork6 Westmeath4
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Family Names by County


County Family Name County Family Name
Buckinghamshire Beck Kent Chapman
Rich Rowland
Wallis Leicestershire Goodman
Cornwall Bettess Welbourne
Harris Lincolnshire Cowling
Harvey Harrison
Jennings Poole
Preston Middlesex Colbourn
Thomas Scrivener
Trevena Skinner
Nottinghamshire Johnson
Devon Bowden
Somerset Loller
Dorset Lock
Suffolk Lamprell
Essex Button Preston
Hasler*/Hester Robinson
Wiltshire 52 Family Names
listed separately
Hampshire Beavis
Hertfordshire Felstead Yorkshire McKenzie
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County Family Name County Family Name
Amey Cox Holly Rogers
Baker Davis Hudd Smith
Blake Dew Liddiard Stagg
Blizzard Fanstone Maddrick Strickland
Brown Feltham Marshall Stroud
Burfitt Fisher Matthews Trimmell
Caines Fishlock Middleton Turner
Cann Frewen Mitchell Tyler
Cassidy Gale Nash Watts
Chamberlaine Gay Newman Webb
Chandler Hailstone Pearce Weston
Chowls Harris Phillips White
Collins Hiscock Poulton Williams
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The Wiltshire emigrants passage was arranged through the Wiltshire Emigration Association. Mark Baker's report "From Wiltshire to Australia 1851" is available here in PDF format. [45kb]


County Family Name County Family Name
Antrim Stewart Queens County Abbott
Cavan Larkey Dunne
Clare Burke
Carrig Tipperary Cormack
Comyns/Cummins Guest
Davoren Hodgkins
Hynes/Haynes Madden
Jordan Mulcaly
Noonan Ryan
Cork O'Connor
Westmeath Leonard
Dublin Burton Price
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County Family Name County Family Name
Aberdeen McKenzie Midlothian Wilson
Orkney Dennison
Ayr Macready Heddle
McDonald Irvine
Caithness Sinclair Robertson
Edinburgh Danson/Dawson Work
Perth Cook
Lanark Algie
CullenRenfrew Bennie


UnIdentified Location - 6 names

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