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Passenger Lists

Reproduction of Nominal Passenger List [417 kb]
Reproduction of Departure Passenger List [551 kb]
Passenger List [45 kb] - Transcribed by Meridith Clifford of the Edithburgh Museum July 2001

The Passengers were from all over the United Kingdom.
Some 137 from Wiltshire, 92 from the rest of England, 45 from Scotland and 72 from Ireland.
The Wiltshire emigrants passage was arranged through the Wiltshire Emigration Association. Mark Baker's report "From Wiltshire to Australia - 1851 " is available here in PDF format. [45kb]


South Australia was founded by Act of English Parliament and the Regulations for Selection of Emigrant Laborers and Treatment of Emigrants on Arrival were set out in the South Australian Almanac.
The selection criteria changed a little in 1851, but those which were in force at the time of the Marion departure are reproduced HERE [112kb] [as transcribed by Beverley Matthews]

Newspaper Reports

Newspaper Reports - 1851 [61 kb] Transcribed by Meridith Clifford of the Edithburgh Museum

Family Reports etc.

Lamprell & Preston

Abbott family


John Keynes is producing a Periodical monthly, with extracts from a passenger's diary, stories and articles about the Marion survivors.

Issue 1 - November 2001 [374 kb]
Issue 2 - December 2001 [445kb]
Issue 3 - January 2002 [232kb]
Issue 4 - February 2002 [371kb]
Issue 5 - March 2002 [360kb]
Issue 6 - April 2002 [92kb]
Issue 7 - May 2002 [88kb]
Issue 8 - Jun 2002 [478kb]
Issue 9 - Jul 2002 [183kb]
Issue 10 - Aug 2002 [64kb]
Issue 11 - Sep 2002 [470kb]
Issue 12 - Oct 2002 [300kb]
Issue 13 - Nov 2002 [250kb]
Issue 14 - Dec 2002 [167kb]
Issue 15 - Jan 2003 [74kb]
Issue 16 - Feb 2003 [46kb] Most of this information is published in Adobe Acrobat Ver. 4.
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