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Oh yes, I like computers and all that geeky stuff too...

If you do, and you value your work, you'll want to virus check regularly. I use the shareware F-Prot from Datafellows, who also have information on the many hoax viruses, such as Good Times, Irina and other email hoaxes. New releases of F-Prot come out each quarter.

Software, software, software can be found at the AARNet mirror archives. They have Windows (in it's various guises), Macintosh, Unix and OS/2 software, patches, utilities, shareware, freeware and GAMES!!! AARNet now have a Tucows mirror - Tucows is one of the world's biggest shareware and demo sites. UWS users should use this site, as downloads only cost about a fifth of what they would from overseas sites. The AARNet site will also be much faster and reliable for UWS users!

Need a good email program? Check out the freeware Eudora Light (now up to version 3.06) or the commercial version, Eudora Pro (with extra features - free 30 day trial available) from Qualcomm. Get these from the AARNet site above to save UWS money!

Need hardware information? Tom's Hardware Place is chock full of information, tests and fearless reviews of all sorts of computer hardware. Visit before making your purchase.

Want to find out some info on the history of personal computers?  Try here. Maybe Mac history is more your style?

What does that word mean? What does that acronym stand for? If the jargon of the information age has left you behind, fret no more. is the site to help you on your way to geekdom. Lots of useful links to other interesting sites also.

I've just finished the Level IV Certificate in Information Technology (Network Support) at Mt Druitt College of TAFE, having already completed the PC Support version through Penrith College of TAFE, and my Level III Certificate in 1996. Just one more year at three nights per week and I'll have suffered enough to be awarded a Diploma....

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