Wollangambe Canyon and It's Exits

Looking down to Wollangambe 1 near entry one Wollangambe creek is a wonderful canyon to lilo down on a hot summer day.  You glide along looking up to the sky, in long narrow deep pools, lined by, magnificent high, sheer sandstone cliffs, getting glimpses of the bush and forest above.  The stone sculptured into wonderful flowing forms by eons of wind and water.  The adventurous canyoners, will climb up and jump into deep water from high rock shelves, or edge out on the tree trunks, wedged horizontally between the cliff faces, high above the normal water level, to dive into the clear deep water.  An excursion up the side canyons lead into a magic subterranean world, such as the Green Room, or the Waterfall of Moss.  We pass many small rapids which are fun to lilo over.  In higher water there are many more rapids and small drops to lilo over for the more adventurous.    There are numerous short portages over boulder block-ups, where you must jump on the other side or find a way to scramble down.  The red or blue or green yabbies are magic to see, the water dragons capture flies for your amusement around the lunch spots.

For the convenience of parties with less experienced bushwalkers, it has been split into 'Wollangambe 1', 'Wollangambe 2', 'Wollangambe 3'.  Any competent party can do any two sections easily in a day and I have been on trips where all three were done in the one longish day.  I have been the whole lower length from the two exit to Bob Turner track on Party ready to go, Wollangambe 1 entry. the Colo, in 8 days, but then that is another matter.  The upper Wollangambe above, 'Wollangambe 1' entry, is a great overnight bushwalk through Wollangambe Crater, I haven't done this yet.  Some parties choose to extend 'Wollangambe 1' by entering through Joes Canyon and then come down the lower section of Du Faus canyon to the Wollangambe.  Du Faus and Bell Canyons are other canyons that join this system.

Exits from any canyon tend to be few and far between due to the cliff walls each side, these can be difficult to spot, so if you "get lost" it can be hard to find the way out.   Wollangambe is no exception.  I have noticed a couple of possible exits before the first standard exit.  Below here I am only aware of the standard exits.

The normal exits for section 1 can be missed, if you are distracted at that time, and there are footpad tracks either side Lilos on Wollangambe 1, near start. going up through the cliffs.  The exit back to Mt Wilson is on "bank right" (looking downstream).  On "bank left" the tracks split and divide to lead to a number of other canyons that flow into the Wollangambe from the north.  These canyons require abseil gear.  The exit from section 2 similarly has foot tracks either side, the one on the left has a rope handline to help one up a small waterfall.  This rope is very easy to see from the canyon.  A few hundred meters past the number 1 exit is another exit originally used by canyoners doing Serendipity Canyon (the mouth is 100/150m further down-stream) but some parties now extend 'Wollangambe 1' and exit by this exit too.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  Firstly some people find exit 1 scary, as there is an airy scramble, up a narrow ledge, then up a crack with tree roots in position, just where you put your hand to scramble.  Secondly there are some "interesting jumps" in the Wollangambe to add to your enjoyment.  It is a much easier exit.

There are four possible exits from 'Wollangambe 3' which all come out in Mt Irvine.  In this section of canyon you pass a point where it would be difficult/impossible to backtrack.  If you miss these exits then any exit rout out of the canyon would require a long bush-bash using good navigation to get back to civilisation.  İDug, January 2010.

  A Wollangambe jump, Neare Serendipity Exit.   Wollangambe 1  on the way

Wollangambe 1 near exit

Wollangambe 1  near exit one

Start Wollangambe 3 trip

Wollangambe 3  Start

Wollangambe 2 Jump

Wollangambe 2 Jump

Map of Wollangambe Published Exits. - (Click to see full size map)

Wollangambe Published Exits.  Map by LPI NSW