I am no longer involved in the Hula project; if you ask for help I may be able to direct you to the relevant documentation,but I cannot give any more help than that. My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this.

Hi everyone, this is my site about running Hula on Gentoo Linux. I will also be hosting some ebuilds from here, possibly with a live cvs ebuild.

If anyone needs to talk to me, I usually hang around in #hula on irc.freenode.net (lachyg), so if you have something to ask, don't hesitate.Alternatively, I can be reached via email at lachlan76@gmail.com.


These are the ebuilds which I have made for Hula. They are based on sources from Subversion, which means they may not be completely up to date because there are so many commits, but I will do my best. If you want to get a newer revision, just copy an ebuild over to whatever version you need, and it should get the right version. Thanks to John Kelley for building and hosting the tarballs.

I am sorry to announce that the live ebuild must be taken down. I have had too many people having problems with it, and until I have it cleared up I will not link to it anymore.

Latest RevisionLink
170 Download
162 Download
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MWCOMP (ModWeb Compiler one would assume) is the theme compiler used for Modweb (Hula's web server). It is normally included in the setup, but I thought it might be a good idea to also distribute it seperately. Bear in mind that this is a quick 10-minute strip-everything-except-mwcomp-from-tarball exercise, so it may not work perfectly...if it doesn't send me an email.

170 Download

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