Here are some of my favourite American Idol stories.
The main pairings are Adam/Kris, David Archeleta/David Cook and Simon Cowell/Ryan Seacrest.
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ADELATE: "We'd Be Good, We'd Be Great."  

Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Kris starts to realise that everybody thinks that Kradam is real.

The first time it happens, they're in Vancouver, in some little shop that sells tourist-y things like tiny snow globes and ashtrays with Vancouver written on them. They're wearing hats and sunglasses, and even though Adam still gets noticed – though not necessarily recognized – Kris usually only gets a cursory glance and then written off (sometimes someone will say to him, anyone ever tell you you look like that guy? and Kris will nod and say he gets it all the time, isn't that weird?).

Nice short fic set during the post-Idol tour. Audio can be found here.

AMPROOF: "Building Jerusalem."  [No Link]
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert; Kris/Katy; Kris/Adam/Katy; Adam/Drake; Kris/Other; Adam/Other.
CROSSOVER with NCIS. While on tour Kris and Adam are involved in a homophobic altercation with three guys which ends with Adam in a coma and Kris accused of murder.

He forced himself to focus. The sooner this was done with, the sooner he could get to the hospital. Maybe the guy who brought him the scrubs would give him a ride, or the one who brought the coffee. He sure wasn't asking Gibbs. "The police came, I guess. I don't know how long it was, though. I don't remember anything between falling down beside Adam and when a policeman lifted me up."

"You didn't notice the man who shot your friend walking away, or the other two, even though you were right there."


"Do you remember picking up the gun? Shooting him?"

"What are you talking about?" The question pierced through Kris's distracted thoughts about getting to Adam and dragged him back to the table with Special Agent Gibbs scowling and saying words that he could not possibly mean to direct at Kris.

"He was shot as he walked away," Gibbs said.

It was another second before Kris fully registered what Gibbs was implying, that he thought Kris could shoot someone in the back—that he thought Kris would shoot someone in the back. "I didn't. I wouldn't."

"Are you sure about that? He shot your friend."

Kris couldn't do anything but stare at Agent Gibbs as his mouth worked uselessly.

This is a long, plotty story which doesn't pull any punches and deals with the consequences of one night's actions. There is no link to the text of this story - the author has a link up to a place you can purchase it as an original story with the names changed - but you can hear the audio version of Book One on podcast here.

AMPROOF: "Stephen."
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Kris went missing 3 years ago and his family has given up hope of finding him - but Adam hasn't. When he is finally found, Adam finds that Kris has been very damaged psychologically by the man who kidnapped him and that he is ill-prepared to help him overcome the damage.

Adam had been lying to him. Adam knew all along. He could have told.

"Kris?" Adam said, sounding hopeful as Stephen fought down the urge to gag.

"Stephen. It's Stephen." He thrust a finger at the picture that Adam was cradling. "I don't know who that is." He had his own memories. They were his, not Kris's. O.K. so they were false memories that had created who he was. His life. The last three years were borne from nothing to do with him, from someone else's imagination or life. But the point was, he believed them.

Adam set the picture back on the dresser. Stephen didn't know if he put it face down on purpose or not, but he was glad he didn't have to look at it anymore. "But you remember?" Adam said.

Very interesting story to read but as it contains references to an abusive master/slave relationship it won't be everybody's cup of tea.

ASTOLAT: "Above Water."
David Archeleta/David Cook.
Sequel to "Fortunate Son."
The Davids go on a camping trip.

The first moment it occurred to David that maybe he hadn't thought this through was when they pushed off from the bank and got around the first curve of the canyon. The base camp disappeared, and all of a sudden it was just him, and Archie, and not another damn person in the world.

Nice clueless Cook with Archeleta making all the moves and a fitting sequel for Fortunate Son.

ASTOLAT: "City Of A Thousand Wonders."  
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."
 — Hunter S. Thompson.

Adam was ready to get back to L.A. by the time the tour was over: he could have gone out and sung every night, but after—the mobs of fans, the hands reaching for him and the desperate, almost painful cries, everyone just so intense, and he loved it, he loved it, he kept trying to soak up every minute, but by the end he thought he was overflowing and there just wasn't room for any more.

Astolat again writes an AI story that has elements of supernatural horror and makes it believable. Love the quote that serves as the official summary and love this story.

ASTOLAT: "Claused."
David Archeleta/ David Cook.
Their record contracts have a clause that they have to date another artist if asked, so the David’s are asked to date each other.  They have sex and Archie finds out that Cook doesn’t do casual.

Carly laughed at him for about ten minutes straight when he called her. "Oh my gosh, this is not funny," David said.

Apparently Cook didn't do one-night stands.

"I can't believe you didn't know," Carly said. "Also, by the way, he doesn't break up with people. He has to be dumped."

"I don't break up with people, either!" David said desperately. "I've never even gotten past first base before."

"Then I expect to be in the wedding party," Carly said, which was so unhelpful.

I love Astolat's fanfiction and would recommend absolutely any story she writes. I love her characterisations of Cook and Archeleta and the humour. Nicely done. Audio recording of this story can be found here.

ASTOLAT: "Concession."  
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Adam is fed-up with Kris' constant self-deprecation.

So Adam jabbed Kris in the side with an elbow to interrupt him and said, "Okay, so I am giving you fair warning here, the next time you say one word about how I deserved it, or how sorry you are, or for that matter just spend your interview time going off on how awesome I am, I am going to be so totally overcome with love for you that I am going to have to kiss you."

Kris stopped talking with his mouth open. The reporter paused.

"And you know I am not bluffing about that shit," Adam added brightly.

The reporter looked down at her little tape recorder on the table between them, like she was making sure it was still going. Then she looked up at Kris and said, "Kris, would you like to say anything more about how awesome Adam is?"

Words cannot express how much I still adore Astolat's fic.

ASTOLAT: "Far, Far Away."  
Adam Lambert/John Shepherd.
CROSSOVER with Stargate Atlantis.
In the Pegasis galaxy an alien culture refuses to trade with Atlantis unless they sing first.

"Well, this makes a refreshing change from most of the first-contact hoops we've had to jump through," Elizabeth said. "What's the problem? Let's sing for them."

"There's a catch," John said.

"Of course there is," Elizabeth said, sighing.

John ticked off on his fingers. "It has to be a guy, no mike, no electronics, and if they don't like it, they'll never talk to us again."

Wonderfully funny story in which Rodney is jealous when Adam flirts with John, and john flirts with Adam. There were so many parts of this story that I wanted to quote!

ASTOLAT: "Fortunate Son."
David Archeleta/ David Cook pre-slash.
The two Davids are involved in a plane crash, trapped in the middle of winter on a mountainside and caught in an avalanche. How will they survive?

It was weirdly quiet. The snow muffled everything, covered everything, and only the bitter wind cut through the weird floating feeling David still couldn't shake. He kept getting hit with flashes of the stewardess's ruined face, the blood in a thick line down her chin and purple on her blue uniform. He put a hand over his eyes and pressed down on the lids, like maybe he could squeeze it out of his head. Six hours ago he'd been eating eggs and bacon in a hotel room in New York with a Rolling Stone reporter, feeling like he was pretty hot shit, and he'd never seen anyone killed. Now he was crash-landed in the middle of nowhere with David Archuleta, of all people, and there was a dead woman's blood on his shirt.

This is one of my favourite AI stories - I love the marooned together, fighting for survival motif. Astolat's writing and characterisations are, as usual, superb.

ASTOLAT: "House Of The Living."
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
The Top 10 are performing in Atlanta when they are caught in a zombie plague.

She stepped out of a building and stood on the sidewalk and frowned at them for a while, like there was enough left of her to try and make some sense of them. "Hey," Adam said, softly, and the kid broke into a sudden clawing run at them, making this weird low squealing noise out of her open mouth. Adam didn't move for almost half the distance before he finally shot her.

After that, Adam stopped saying much of anything. He just kept walking, his face a little blank, and when Allison tried to talk to him, he didn't answer, just said, "You should stay behind me, baby," way too calm, and lengthened his step.

Only Astolat could write an American Idol zombie fic that I love so much. Sweet and funny and full of zombie horror. What more could you want? Audio recording of this story can be found here.

ASTOLAT: "Mastermind."

David Archeleta/ David Cook.
Archeleta plots the downfall of all the other idol wannabes so that he will ultimately win the crown.

He put his head down on his arms on the desk and tried not to cry. He'd fought for like, years, to get here. His parents were no help with the stupid, naïve just practice lots! And it'll all work out! crap, and he was about ten minutes away from not being a cute young kid anymore, and the odds got about a million times worse as soon as he slipped out of that zone.

This brilliantly funny Machiavellian Archeleta should not be missed!

ASTOLAT: "Proximity."

David Archeleta/ David Cook.
Cook likes to be touched but Archeleta is not so sure - until Cook touches him.

And sometimes people put their hands on his ass, and it was so not an accident, even if some of them pretended it was, like, oh, wow! I didn't realize I had my hand on your butt. When it happened to him, Archie always wanted to jump a foot away and also be like, hello, what did you think it was! But Cook just grinned and didn't say a thing, and when they had walked away from the fans and were inside the stadium or whatever, he would still be grinning, and sometimes he would actually sort of jump up and down in the hallway and yell, "Whoo!" and say, totally serious, "This is amazing." And if people had been really grabby, he'd just roll his head back and forth and grin at Archie and grip him by the shoulder and shake him a little and say, "Man, is this ridiculous or what?"

What, totally what, Archie always wanted to say. He liked the bodyguards, because they pushed people away before they could do that kind of stuff to him, as much. Cook usually made his bodyguards stay back—probably, Archie thought a little meanly, because they cramped his style of letting everyone grope him.

This is a sexier story than a lot of Astolat's AI work but still has her trademark humour.

ASTOLAT: "Real Forever If."

David Archeleta/ David Cook.
AU. David becomes chemically/sexually “fixated” on Cook at the end of Idol and Cook agrees to mentor him through it, as is the custom.  However, soon he becomes fixated on David as well.

"You don't have to," David said, barely managing to get it out as Cook got close to him. All he wanted to do was grab onto him and beg—he didn't know what he wanted to beg for, but whatever it was, he wanted it so badly he almost wanted to cry.

"I know," Cook said. "I'm going to, though," and he reached up and took the necklace off, the tight one he wore all the time, and David felt like his chest was going to explode. It was just a simple chain, with the star in the handcuffs, he'd always thought it was kind of a little funny-looking, and now he couldn't stop looking at it. "I thought this could work," Cook said. "That okay?"

"Yes," David said, though he'd meant to say no, because they were making Cook, and he didn't want—except he did, he did want, and instead he said, "Please," and Cook was saying, "Hey, shh, it's okay, I've got you," and putting the necklace around his neck and fastening it shut.

An interesting AU alternative to the "aliens made them do it" scenario. Astolat produces an intricatley interesting universe that absorbed me completely. Audio recording of this story can be found here.

ASTOLAT: "Something Wicked."

David Cook/ Faith.
Cook is at a loose end staying with his parents when he gets a text message from an unforgettable one night stand.

He was playing videogames after dinner when the text message came. hey rockstar im in town c u at the bar at 10 & dont keep me waitng

It'd been three years and the text message was from an unknown number, but he knew who it was from. He looked at the screen and tried to figure out if she really didn't know. Then he decided he didn't care, and texted her back. im in kc b there by 11. He grabbed his keys and his jacket and kissed his mom. "I'm going to see some people in Tulsa," he said. "I'll be back tomorrow."

"No, mate, really?" Michael said on the phone; David had called him from the car. "Some girl you were with once texts you out of nowhere and you're driving four hours to meet her? She was that good?"

David laughed and floored the accelerator. "And then some."

I can't believe I'm recommending actual Het - only for Astolat! Audio recording of this story can be found here.

ASTOLAT: "Synaesthesia."   
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Tentacle sex!

The tentacles looked almost like jewelry, sort of iridescent-shiny blue and purple, speckled with pale silvery spots, and they wound around Adam's wrists and up into his palms and coiled there, like small glittery snakes.

Only Astolat could make me like it.

ASTOLAT: "Time Of Your Life."

David Archeleta/ David Cook.
David finds out he is gay and attracted to Cook, and has to work through it all as he struggles through the aftermath of Idol.

"You can't fix it," David said. "It's not you—I mean, it's you, but it's not really you, it's me, I'm just, I don't—"

"Whoa, there," Cook said. "Breathe, Archuleta. It's—"

"I'm gay," David blurted. He didn't mean to, it just came out. It took him a second to even realize he had said it.

Cook's eyebrows had some trouble deciding what direction they wanted to go, up or down, and then he said, "Uh. Okay?" He sounded confused. "And you thought I'd have a problem with that?"

"No!" David said.

"So, then—" Cook said, and then he said, "Oh—oh." He sat back and rubbed a hand over his jaw. "Um. Wow." He paused. "Wow," he repeated, and then he shook his head and said, "Okay, sorry, this is just so completely not the conversation I was expecting to have." He looked at David. "Seriously?"

What I love about this story is the long slow development, Astolat's humour and the inclusion of other Idol characters to round out this sweet slashy tale. This is the first American idol slash story I read and it's still my favourite. Audio recording of this story can be found here.

AUDRAROSE: "All Just Noise."
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
The author's summary is: Kris and Adam get into a bar fight. Then there is schmoop, and I couldn't improve on that.

But then the douche-bag guy shoves his shoulder into Adam's back, awkward enough to look like an accident, but hard enough to make Adam stumble. He says something under his breath that Kris is glad he doesn't hear, and the whole bar fades away for second.

It comes back with a roar when his fist lands on the guy's jaw, with Cale's shout in his ear and Adam's, "Oh, come on" from behind him. After that, everything's kind of a blur. Punches connect with his body that really should hurt but somehow don't, and it's like being drunk but better, all his tension and grief just burning away every time his fist connects with flesh.

Lovely short story.

AUDRAROSE: "The Monroe."
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Kris accepts a pill from a stranger at a club and Adam gets to deal with the fallout.

"Wait, who are you calling?" Megan asks, because obviously she's wondering, too. She puts one hand over the keypad.

"Who do you think?" Adam says, angry, and pulls the phone away. "Look at him!"

She does. Kris smiles at her.

"He looks okay to me," she says. "Maybe a little happier than usual... if that's possible..."

Adam's fingers on the keypad are clumsy. "He can't even focus, and his heart feels like it's gonna burst - "

"Wait a minute." She fights Adam for the phone again. "Just wait, okay?" She holds the phone out behind her. "Look, I know how you are about him," Megan says, urgent and low, "but think for a second. Do you really want to call 911 because Kris Allen OD'd in a club?"

An uninhibited Kris is cute as he gloms onto Adam in this story and I love it.

AUDRAROSE: "You Break me Down."
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Sequel to "The Monroe." The morning after Kris took drugs from a stranger at a club and kissed Adam. Kris faces the music from everyone of the tour but can't face Adam.

"Stop moving," Adam murmurs, like it's almost too much trouble.

"I can't." Kris shifts his body again. "It's not my fault you're all pointy... maybe you're losing too much weight."

Adam smiles without opening his eyes. "Oh, flattery, now? Well played. Are you trying to make me love you forever?"

"That would be nice," Kris says, into Adam's skin.

Adam holds his breath for a second. He tangles his fingers in Kris's hair and holds on tight. "Well, okay, then."

This story had such a sweet ending I couldn't help quoting it!

BUTTERFLY: "And Burnt The Topless Towers Of Ilium."  
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Kris' marriage is in trouble and then he finds a sex-tape of Adam.

His jeans were in a heap on the floor and he dug through them to get his phone, answering it with a wordless grunt.

"Oh, were you asleep?" Adam asked and Kris blinked, feeling about ten times more awake than he'd felt a minute ago.

"Not yet," Kris said. He looked over at the clock on the night stand. Not quite eleven. "Are you even out of your outfit?"

"I didn't want to miss you," Adam said and that- oh. Kris grinned as Adam continued. "Happy birthday, honey. Sorry I couldn't call sooner. I haven't had a second to myself all day."

"And you're probably getting one of those 'wrap it up' glares right now, talking to me while you've still got stuff to do," Kris said. "I- thanks, Adam."

"I just wish I could be there," Adam said. "How'd the birthday dinner go? That old spark of romance come back yet?"

"It... went," Kris said, not wanting to get into the burning wreckage that was the current state of his marriage. That was a conversation to have in person.

This story unwinds gradually as the reader discovers the cause of the rift between Kris and Katie.

BUTTERFLY: "Melt Into Time."
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Kris is in love with Adam but Adam is about to marry someone else. Can Kris change the present by changing the past?

Kris laughed, low and harsh, and he didn't care enough not to talk, even if Lenny planned on walking out to announce to the press that Kris was in love with Adam. "I don't know - turn back time, maybe? Go back before... before any of it. Before I knew Adam. Before I married Katy, because the whole world knows how badly I screwed that one up. Start over."

"And if I told you that you could?" Lenny asked and the way he said it grabbed Kris's attention. When he turned his head to look at Lenny, he was struck by the man's eyes, gray and watery - colorless. Had they been like that before?

"There would be a cost, of course, but these things are possible."

"What's the going rate for a second chance these days?" Kris asked flippantly, but there was a strange knot in the pit of his stomach.

"You won't be able to tell anyone," Lenny said. Kris tilted his head, glanced around - the bartender wasn't moving, her hand caught in the act of polishing a glass clean. Kris licked his lips nervously and twisted around to look at the couple in the corner - they, too, seemed frozen in a moment. Lenny was still talking. "That sounds easy, but it isn't. A lie like that is hard to keep."

"Not- not that I'm believing you, but what would happen if I did?" Kris asked, not able to take his eyes away from the couple - twisted up into each other, mouths open, but not moving at all. "If I told someone."

"The magic ends; you lose the guy," Lenny said. "Standard procedure."

A nice, long, plotty, time-travel American Idol story with hot sex - what's not to love?

CAMDEN: "Just One Sheep." 
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
While on tour with the top ten, Adam agrees to be Kris' "tour wife" in place of Katy in order to keep him company and supply support. Unfortunately, both of them don't seem able to remember exactly where the boundaries are in this new relationship.

It's hard to be on tour alone. Of course, he's not alone alone, but he's used to having someone around who's more than just a friend. It's not about the sex, either. Their schedule is so hectic that Kris doubts he'd be having any sex at all even if Katy were on the bus with him, sleeping in his bunk.

No, it's not the sex. It's the knowledge that there's a person there that he has tacit permission to touch, to kiss, to say "I love you" to whenever he wants. He tries to explain this to Adam one night, and he comes off sounding like a possessive caveman.

This is one of my favourite American Idol stories and I love the podcast that klb has recorded for this story here.

CATHALIN: "Heart Line."  
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Adam bets that he can prove that a kiss on the palm is better than a kiss on the lips. Naturally he chooses to demonstrate on Kris.

"Hey, Kris, give me your hand."

"What?" Kris looks up from his drink, blurry.

"Your hand!" Adam is laughing, with the light in his eyes that means he's got something to prove.

Kris moves his drink to his left hand and moves his right over into Adam's space, only half paying attention. It's New Year's again, and he's alone again. He's not getting younger, and this really isn't the way he pictured his life would go.

"Watch and learn, my friends," Adam says, holding Kris's hand and turning it so his palm faces down.

Lovely, sweet story.

CELLI: "Con Affetto."
David Archeleta/David Cook.
CROSSOVER with Castle. A dead body is found in a hotel room with a $10,000 guitar - and David Archileta stashed in an old dumbwaiter.

“That’s why the bullet holes are right by where Archie was stashed,” Beckett said. “He knew what direction to shoot in, more or less.”

“And by that point,” Ryan tapped the hotel security log, “Security would have been seconds away. So he has to leave without finishing the job. Whichever job.”

“Has to be the guitar,” Esposito said. “Otherwise, why would he follow the delivery in?”

“Besides, Archie is made entirely of unicorns and Skittles, as some reviewer said back in the day,” Castle said. “Who would want to kill him?”

“Adam Lambert fans?” Esposito asked.

They all turned to stare at him.

“I knew there was a reason you wouldn’t let me see your iPod,” Ryan said.

Nice little sequel to "Wake Up Married" with a little murder, a little mystery and a little romance to spice the whole thing up. Audio recording of this story can be found here.

CELLI: "Woke Up Married."

David Archeleta/ David Cook.
Archeleta and Cook wake up in Vegas married after a drunken binge and are caught by the paparazzi in bed together. They try to save the situation by pretending that the marriage is real and that they are in love.

"Oh God." Archie crawled to his feet, batting Cook's hand aside, and looked around frantically. His boxers and jeans were crumpled together next to the desk; he picked them up and tried desperately to untangle them. "Oh God, oh God, oh God."

"Archie," he heard Cook say from behind him, but he wasn't looking, he wasn't looking, he was just going to put on his clothes, he was, oh God. "Archie, whoa, calm down. It's all right."

"It's the exact opposite of all right," Archie said, yanking harder. Something ripped. "My parents are going to kill me."

There was a bit of a pause. "Would it even help to remind you that you're twenty-one and they can't actually--"

"No," Archie said, then caught his own angry tone and frowned. He turned back to the bed--keeping his jeans carefully bunched up in front of him--and made himself smile at Cook. "It's awesome that you're trying, though."

Cook grinned back. He was sitting cross-legged on the bed, sheet barely covering his lap, and the sun glinted off the chains tangled on his neck and the ring he was playing with on his hand. Archie felt something twist hard in his chest. No. Bad. Okay. Okay. He shook the jeans, and they knocked a bunch of papers off the desk. He leaned over to pick them up. Cook made a weird noise behind him.

He started to set everything back down and then stopped and grabbed the one on top back up again. "Cook. Cook!"


Archie turned around and clambered onto the bed, abandoning his jeans. "It's okay!"

"I told you it was--"

"No, it's really okay!" He kissed Cook full on the mouth before shoving the paper in front of his confused face. "See?"

Cook looked down at it, shook his head hard, and then read it again. "We're--" His voice went up a couple of octaves. "We're married?"

"Thank God," Archie said, and collapsed on the bed next to Cook. "I was so worried."

"You were worried? Archie, we got married at--at Elvis's Chapel O' Love and Rainbows. And you're fine with that?"

"What?" Archie asked. "Do you think it's too tacky?"

More slashy comfort food - funny and full of goofy Archelleta/Cook goodness. I love this story very much and highly recommend it. Audio  recording of this story can be found here.

CINCO: "I Can't Turn This Around."  
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Adam wakes up after an accident with no memory for the last 4 years - including Kris.

They were off to one side and it hurt Adam to turn his head so he wasn't following it very well, but it seemed to result in the nurse leaving Adam's hospital room at top speed. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Um, sweetheart, the doctor is going to come talk to us. We thought you might have some memory loss..."

"But I'm fine, except for the headache. I know who you are, I know where I am--"

"What year is it, sweetheart?" Leila asked.

Adam had to concentrate to think about it. "It's 2008. And George W. Bush is the president," he added, because they always asked that next in the movies.

Leila bit her lip. She looked pretty worried, and Adam didn't really need to hear what she had to say next. "No, honey. It isn't."

I especially love Adam's reactions to his "sudden" fame.

JERAKEEN: "All The More For That."   [No Link] 
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
AU. It's been 10 years since American Idol, and Kris and Adam haven't met for 9 years when they both attend Alison's wedding.

"I love you more than music," Adam says triumphantly, finally having found a comparison. His eyes are bright. He looks breathtakingly beautiful.

"But..." Kris says softly.

"Don't make me beg," Adam says smiling. "Because I will."

Lovely long  story with much angst and a happy ending.

JERAKEEN: "Far Along This Road."   [No Link] 
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
AU. Kris has a one night stand with Adam which gradually leads to more.

One-night stands are not for everyone. Kris always thought that although in theory the idea of anonymity has its advantages, in practice a one-night stand would be more trouble than it's worth. There are psychos, STDs, awkwardness, regrets, not to mention the hygiene issues to consider. He never really thought it'd be worth the hassle.

So how he finds himself in a dark, smelly bathroom stall with his jeans around his knees he couldn't say.

This is another long plotty story by Jerakeen. Adam is a bit of a dick for quite a while in this one as his and Kris' inauspicious beginning gradually leads to a real relationship. Angst, smut, eventual happy ending. Jerakeen's fic is restricted on Archive Of Our Own, but audio versions of this story can be found here and here.

JERAKEEN: "More Myself With You."   [No Link] 
Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.
Their friendship is hard to explain.

Not a lot of people get why they are friends.

Kris' parents love Adam, because Adam is the most unexpectedly respectful person when he is around them, and also because Adam's parents have been so awesome in welcoming the ever so slightly dazed Allen bunch into the fold, they couldn't help but fall in love with the whole Lambert clan. That, combined with the fact that they truly trust Kris to make good choices, is the reason Kris' parents have been supportive of their friendship from day one. They even told him once that they are okay with Adam being who he is. Kris has to admit, that took even him by surprise.

Katy doesn't understand at all. When she sees them together she smiles that overindulgent smile of hers, like he and Adam are two kids playing in a sandbox, and she doesn't think there's any substance there, like once the sandbox is gone, the friendship will be done and forgotten.

Lovely long, slow development of their relationship from friends to lovers. Nothing is rushed and it is a delight to read. Audio can be found here. There is a sequel to this story that is worth reading called Ever After. [No Link]



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