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My preferred pairing in this universe is Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
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ANITA58STRAYCAT: "I Will Call You By name."    
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Steve and Bucky are introduced to Star Trek.

Looking back at it now, this certainly was not one of his brightest ideas.

Short but amusing story, so I haven't quoted much of it.

ANNAFUGAZZI: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell 01: Don't Ask."<
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Captain America and Bucky Barnes were like brothers. Everyone knew that.

"This ain't the orphanage, Bucky," said Cap seriously, his footsteps getting closer to them, and it was funny how much more Brooklyn he always sounded around Barnes. "We get caught and we're not going to get sent to Mother Superior's office."

"Sure. We could be court-martialled and sent to hard labor, life as we know it could be over." Barnes said scornfully, and Gabe exchanged a glance with Morita. Barnes was probably planning some prank. Probably on a higher-up. Phillips?

"It's not funny, Bucky," said Cap. "It could happen."

Barnes laughed. "Not to you. Court-martial Captain America? They'd protect you, bury it all."

"And you?"

"We're in a war, Steve. We could die tomorrow, and we'd miss this because you're too chicken shit to--"

"Because I don't want to risk you," said Cap, his voice thick, and there was an odd noise. Gabe's grin started to fade.

"The men are all far away, Steve, come on, we haven't been--"

"I can live with that," said Cap.

"Well I can't," said Barnes, his voice sharp. "It's not enough to just be pals. Yeah, it's great that we serve together and sleep across the campfire with all the other fellas all around, but it drives me crazy, having you so fucking near..."

What the hell--

"Bucky," Cap's voice was low, anguished, and suddenly there was another noise.

What the hell was... that sounded like they were...


They were kissing.

The first in a great series of stories. In this one the boys are still at war and get discovered having sex by Morita and Gabe. Dreadful repercussions follow. I love the reality of this story and the characterisations.

ANNAFUGAZZI: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell 02: 'Cause I Can't Chase You."
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"We were fifteen when it all started," said Cap quietly.

"Why'd you do it, Buck?" asked Steve, his gut churning. Forget getting in trouble for sneaking out of the orphanage; Bucky was gonna get himself killed one of these days, and there was nothing Steve would be able to do about it. Bad enough that he went out, all the time, that he came home looking smug and sheepish at the same time, that he was out doing all the things with girls that Steve ached to do with him and worked so damn hard not to ever think about. He was gonna get himself beaten up by the wrong protective older brother or jealous boyfriend and Steve wasn't gonna be there to help him and then he'd be gone and the idea made Steve's stomach clench so hard it was like he was gonna be sick.

Steve's explanation to the Howling Commandos re: how he and Bucky came together. This is the post-Captain America 2. This is my favourite story in this series.

ANNAFUGAZZI: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell 05: Even When I Had Nothing.
Natasha warned Steve he might not want to pull on that thread, but it wasn't like he had much of a choice.

"You know, on the plus side, this'll make the fangirls wet themselves, if they ever find out,” Tony said with a smirk.

Clint snorted. Bruce rolled his eyes.

"The what?” Steve asked.

"The fangirls," said Tony. "There's a slightly disturbed sector of society that's pretty obsessed with you—with all of us, really."

Steve rolled his eyes. "Celebrity culture. Right."

"Well, a bunch of your personal fangirls are pretty obsessed with your past. You and Bucky, your best friend. All sorts of theories that your friendship was... closer than anybody knew.”

Steve blinked, confused. “Closer?”

"You know, more than brotherly? The love that dared not speak its name?" Steve's face went blank and Tony snickered. "You should really patent that look of ‘Your Century Baffles Me’.” He leaned forward. "They think you were having sex," he said clearly and slowly. "As in, with each other."

Steve stared at him.

"Oh, relax, Cap, it's just for fun—“ Tony began, and Pepper put a hand on his, cutting him off.

“Tony, now isn’t the time,” she said impatiently. “Steve, they don't mean anything by it.”

“Yeah, no,” said Tony. “It’s just... subversion of traditional masculine archetypes or something. Hell, there are a lot of fangirls who think we're doing the deed."

Pepper elbowed him and Steve's mouth dropped open. Natasha suppressed a snicker.

Tony rolled his eyes. "Wow, I think he just got paler. I'm gonna take the opportunity to feel insulted. It might be a good idea not to tell anyone how shocked and appalled you are at their modern lack of morals; most of them just think you're hot, and wanna think about you with another hot guy. It's not a big deal.”

Steve sat back down unsteadily.

"Are you all right?" asked Clint, hiding a bit of a smirk.

"They talk about this for fun? They think it's... sexy?"

"It's just a joke, Cap."

"A joke?"

"Come on, it's not an insult—" Tony began, rolling his eyes.

"It's not an insult," Steve interrupted, his voice tight. "But it's not a joke, either."

"Are you all right?" Natasha said, feeling a slight pang of alarm at Steve's ashen face.

Steve met her gaze and she sat up slightly, uneasy. His eyes were wide and haunted, and she exchanged a puzzled glance with Sam.

"Do you know what happened to soldiers in my time when they were... together, like that?" Steve asked, his voice hushed.

"They were kicked out?" said Clint. "Steve, nobody really thinks—“

"It was called a blue discharge," said Steve. "It went on your permanent record; everyone knew what it meant. You could never hold your head up again; you were a pervert, couldn't say you'd been in the army, couldn't say..." he trailed off. Natasha's brows drew together. No, hang on, he couldn't mean... "We were together. Me and Bucky," Steve said, and the room went absolutely still.

This is the post-Captain America 2. This is my favourite story in this series.

ANONYMOUS: "Stipulations.    
Tony Stark/Peter Parker.
Warning: This may squick some people due to age difference.
High school aged Peter saves Tony's life.

He knows, objectively, that none of what he’s feeling is technically illegal. He told himself this last night when he couldn’t sleep, stomach churning with heat and shame, revisiting every interaction he had with the kid and seeing it in a new light. He also knows from a lifetime of terrible choices’ worth of experience that when a concept hinges on not being ‘technically illegal’ that does not bode well for its moral integrity once it’s poked with a stick.

Wanting this is still wrong. Without even getting into the ridiculous, cliched abyss that is their age-difference, Tony’s libido needs to cut it the fuck out for a goddamn list-icle of other reasons: the fact that Peter is now financially dependent on his scholarship, the fact that Peter looks up to him both academically and professionally since before they met, the fact that he’s now in charge of Peter’s physical wellbeing by housing and protecting him, the fact that he wants to help with Peter’s mental wellbeing, too—

This story surprised me. I'm not a big fan of slashing Tony Stark and I'm not a big fan of this sort of age dynamic, but I loved this story. It's funny and realistic and Peter holds his own from the first.