Here are some of my favourite Babylon 5 stories.
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Warning: Description of the stories may contain spoilers.
Stories marked with a        are highly recommended.
I'm happy to supply a copy of any story that has no link supplied - by email on request.

These recs are sorted alphabetically by author name, then story title.

BRUNSON, EMILY: "Benedictus."         [No Link]*
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Years after Babylon 5 has ended in disaster for the human race, a monk goes about his regular daily routine.

The only light in the echoing hallway was the single watch candle, flickering uneasily in the draft. He took a lamp with him, and lit it carefully. Taking a moment to enjoy the pale lemon pool of light that spread in a tiny circle around him. The silence was a balm. No one yet stirring, no movement or commotion of any kind. Commotion was rare in any case. That was good. He preferred the quiet.

It's not hard to guess which Babylon 5 character this story is about, even though his identity isn't revealed until the final sentence.  This is an odd duck of a story but I like it very much.

*Emily Brunson has temporarily taken down her stories from her Emland website.

BRUNSON, EMILY: "House Of Flesh."        [No Link]*
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After Sinclair's
departure to Minbar, Garibaldi remembers how their relationship began.

Garibaldi made a face. "There are two phases of the political reception, you ever noticed? Phase one, where everyone's butt's puckered up so tight you could use ‘em for bottle openers. And phase two, when the girls come out, the booze flows freely and ambassadors start puking in the heads. Guaranteed. Every time."

He was pleased to hear the commander's sudden booming laugh. "Oh, Mike," Sinclair managed, still holding onto the back of his chair, but for support this time. "Only you could reduce a phenomenal event like the beginning of our political negotiations with the Vorlon down to throwing up."

Garibaldi rose from his seat, and brushed at the creases in his dress tunic. Then, with considerable dignity, he replied, "It's a gift."

This story has a melancholy edge and doesn't end happily but what there is of the relationship is very sweet.  The language does tend towards hyperbole and is a tad purple when it gets to the sex itself  but there's humour there and it's basically well done.

*Emily Brunson has temporarily taken down her stories from her Emland website.

SABINE: "All Love Is Unrequited."
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Delenn is beginning a relationship with Sheridan and Lennier is devastated, though trying to hide it but Marcus won't let him hide anymore. 

"I've heard you say that the world Delenn walks in is not the same as yours and mine. That in her world, we are better than we are." I nod, but he's still talking. "You claim that you're protecting her, trying to reinforce her belief in humanity. I don't think that's true."

"You may think what you please," I say. "Delenn is the chosen one. You and I are simply here to serve her."

"I think," Marcus says, chewing the end of a straw. "I think she's protecting you. You're so innocent, Lennier. You're the one who believes we're better than we are."

"I'd like to," I say.

"You have no idea!" Marcus says. "Delenn is so careful with you, everyone is so careful with you, so afraid you'll break when you find out what the universe is really about."

I feel sick. I want to leave, but he is a Ranger and I'm alone. So instead I say, "Perhaps."

The title should indicate the sort of story this is - and especially that there'll be no easy happy ending.  But, despite the inevitable melancholy, this is a very sweet story and nicely done.


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