Here are some of my favourite Batman stories from any genre: comic or film.
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HIGGINS, ANNE: "Stress Relief."
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Warning! This is a bdsm story.
Batman and Robin are stressed and to help relieve it they have rough sex. It isn’t enough so Robin gets Batman to spank him.

The silence in the Batmobile pressed down on Robin with such weight he kept wondering if it were some sort of hallucination and the ceiling had indeed collapsed on him. His body felt as if it were on fire, the adrenaline burning through his blood long after it had given him the strength and speed to survive.

He risked a sideways glance at the grim figure beside him. How much the worse for the Batman who had seen the explosion but had been too far away to do anything but watch and wait to find out if his partner had survived. Yes, the Bat's blood would be boiling even hotter than his own.

This hits my spanking kink squarely on the head.  Hot.

HIGGINS, ANNE: "Shattered Illusions."
47 kb
Robin is injured at the university and, when Batman hugs him at the hospital, a photo is taken that shows all of Dick’s feelings of love for Bruce.

And pounding villains was how Bruce dealt with fear. Dick tried, but was only partially successful, not to feel too pleased that he'd inspired the ultimate emotional reaction from the man. Then he sighed. Sometimes he worried about their relationship. It seemed the only time either was ever comfortable with showing the other how much he cared was when blood was involved.

This is a very nice first time story.

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