Here are some of my favourite Battlestar Galactica stories.
I used to enjoy the original Battlestar Galactica as a kid but I'm lukewarm about the remake
- so all stories here are about the original characters only.

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Warning: Description of the stories may contain spoilers.
Stories marked with a         are highly recommended.

I'm happy to supply a copy of any story that has no link supplied - by email on request.
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AUDRA ROSE: "Don't Move."
22 kb
When Apollo, Sheba and Starbuck are caught in the snow, they all get naked to warm up a Starbuck suffering from hypothermia.  Smut inevitably follows <g>.

It took her a few seconds to realize they weren't moving anymore, and then Apollo was shoving her through the circular entrance to the survival pod they had left in what seemed like a different lifetime. She and Apollo dropped Starbuck to the floor and collapsed next to him, breathing hard. The warmth and dim light of the heating element in the small enclosure were like a glimpse of heaven.

"The next time we're stranded planet-side in a blizzard and Starbuck decides to check the perimeter, we're leaving him out there," she panted.

Intensely described love - sweetly done for your basic PWP.

DARCY, JOSEPHINE: "Sacrifice."
529 kb
The Fleet's in trouble and Starbuck and Apollo have to save them by negotiating trade for essential supplies of food and fuel - but they have to pretend to be lovers.

In a thousand yahrens he never would have guessed that he'd find himself one day on an alien world kissing his best friend in a room full of strangers. Nor would he have ever guessed the speed with which his heart would be pounding -- had it pounded so fiercely for Cassiopeia? At the moment, he couldn't remember. Fear, he suspected -- fear of the unknown, of being found out in their lie, of failing the fleet, of failing Apollo when he'd promised to get him through this night. Or perhaps just fear of the disgust he dreaded seeing in Apollo's eyes.

He ended the kiss and forced himself to look -- forced himself to look into those green eyes. They were no longer glazed over, nor did he see the disgust he'd so feared -- rather Apollo looked stunned, his eyes flashing emotions Starbuck couldn't hope to read.

This is VERY beautifully done, with actual plot and lots of wonderful schmoop to enjoy.  I just melted at the way Starbuck looked after Apollo on this mission <happy sigh>.

LUTHIEN: "If You Leave."
13 kb
Apollo says to Starbuck: "If you leaveÖ" with the unspoken threat that he shouldn't bother coming back.  Starbuck leaves and goes to gamble, shocked into uncaring.  Then Apollo is reported missing. 

If you leave.

Thatís what you said. I can still hear it now, as though youíve only just spoken. I still feel as disbelieving now as when I heard you say it. I guess I should have seen it coming. Itís not as if I havenít been through this sort of thing before. Itís just that I never thought Iíd hear those words from you.

Starbuck's POV and poignant-- but, truthfully, not as well done as I've come to expect from this author.


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