Here are some of my favourite Batman stories from The Bill.
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ELEANOR B: "Voids."
25 kb
Frank Burnside/Ray Doyle.
CROSSOVER with The Professionals.
Burnside's past comes back to haunt him.

It was a week when the past crept into the present like a cat burglar, silent and unwelcome. Not unexpected, if Frank Burnside thought about it, but still leaving him wishing he'd been able to take out a little emotional insurance in the intervening years.

This is a melancholy story that deals with Burnside's past in CI5 and his relationship with Ray Doyle.  Nicely done.

SUE: "Blue Movie."
166 kb
Andrew Monroe/Jack Meadowes.
A very senior officer is making life hell for gay constable so Bob Cryer approaches Jack Meadows with the problem.  Meadows arranges a sting operation and Andrew Monroe agrees to be the bait.

Taking a hell of a risk, Meadows dropped one hand onto Monroe's wrist and stroked gently. "Get used to me touching you," he said, breathlessly. "I'm going to be doing a lot of that over the next few days."

Monroe covered the hand with his own and squeezed. "I'll do whatever it takes," he replied, and his brown eyes locked with Meadows' blue in an affirmation of commitment that Jack Meadows found no less than awesome.

This is a classic "We're pretending to be gay and discover we like it" scenario.  It's well done and I enjoyed it very much, though it's not the best example of this genre by any means.  There is a sequel by  Tarlan called "Dark Blue Reflections."

TARLAN:"Dark Blue Reflections."
93 kb
Andrew Monroe/Jack Meadows.
After their undercover operatioin, Meadows finds he can't control his feelings when Monroe is taken hostage at the station.

Monroe shook himself out of the thoughts that crowded in on him, afraid to look too deeply at his life yet knowing the cracks had already appeared and were widening with every unchecked thought. A knock on his door brought welcome relief for, no matter what his subconscious said, this was not the time for reflecting on the consequences of those few hours of unadulterated pleasure with Jack Meadows - but as Sergeant Cryer stuck his head around the door a small, determined part of his mind asked the question: when would there be a right time?

This story is an easy read and winds up the original story nicely.



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