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ALLISON, KAT: "Revenant."
51 kb
Mulder/Frank Black.
Two lonely men turn to each other at the end of a case.

Just then, he opens his eyes, picking up that something's wrong, and looks at me with such stricken remorse that I almost manage to forget my own egocentric preoccupations for a moment. "I'm sorry," he says, "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to--"

"Maybe not, but I did." I'm holding him lightly, and he doesn't make any effort to move away. I study him like this was an interrogation, noticing the acceleration in his breathing, watching the pulse in his throat. He's beautiful, I think, in his own strange way, in a way totally unlike--he's not at all pretty, not smooth, making no effort to charm. I'm so grateful for that. He's looking at me with hungry eyes, confused, full of need and pain. I've never seen him look like this before, and it pushes me past my last hesitation. I can't not respond to that look. Someone in my head, someone who sounds like Scully, is asking me What are you doing, Mulder? but the question is easy to ignore. This isn't much more dangerous than going into an abandoned warehouse after a deranged cannibalistic mutant, is it? Hey, danger is my business. And my hobby, too, whatever.

I move one hand, sliding it slowly up his shoulder to the back of his neck, stroking up through his hair, and I can feel a quick shiver running through him. Oh, yeah. The avalanche has definitely started moving, somewhere up there on the higher slopes.

This is a typical Kat Allison story: extremely well-written, the characterisations are sharp and clear, and not a happy ending in sight, for those of you who prefer the happy to the realistic. I love this Frank and Mulder - I just wish there was more of this story and a happier ending.

ANTRIM, BRENDA: "Full Circle."
Alan Cade/Ray Doyle.
Many years after Bodie's murder, Doyle still chases vengeance.  Seducing Cade as part of a cold-blooded plan to get his quarry, Doyle finds himself caring more than he wants to - but is that enough to stop his plan to kill?

Now or never. Cade was as ripe for the plucking as he was ever going to be, and if he hesitated now, second thoughts and sobriety would take his chance from him.

He stilled, willing the narrowed jade eyes opposite his to look up. It took some concentration, because Cade's attention was focused on the hollow of his throat, seemingly mesmerized by the pulse beating there. Eventually, his stillness penetrated the other man's preoccupation, and he glanced up. Doyle allowed the heat to show in his own eyes, and Cade stared, fascinated. Taking care not to lose that eye contact, Doyle leaned forward slowly, watching the other man's face flush, his eyes widen, pupils dilating. Yeah, he hadn't lost it.

This is a nicely done crossover with great emotional intensity.

BONE: "Bits And Pieces."      No Link
43 kb
Jim/Blair; Duncan/Methos.
Duncan visits cascade where Methos is teaching at Rainier with Blair. He wants Methos to move to Seacouver to be with him but Methos is resisting the idea.

He sighed and tried to reason with Duncan again. "Come on, Mac, you have to admit Cascade is a good compromise."

"I donít want a compromise. I want you," Duncan said, his lower lip set mutinously. He hesitated for a minute, then said quietly, "But even when I have you, somehow I donít. The only time I feel like youíre all there is when weíreÖ" He paused. "I think you only show me bits and pieces of yourself."

Methos glanced over at him again. "I thought you liked my bits and pieces," he said, striving for lightness.

"Itís not a joke, Methos," Duncan insisted.

A strained silence extended between them. No, it wasnít a joke. Methos took his survival very seriously, and Duncan jeopardized that on so many levels. Heíd drawn Methos out, forced a conscience on him, seduced him to feel again, tangled him in Duncanís complicated life. And now he didnít just want the bits and piecesóhe wanted it all. But Methos wasnít sure he still had it to give.

"What if thatís all I have to offer?" Methos asked.

This is an interesting story and I like the characterisations of all four guys. I like the way the conflict between Methos and Duncan is handled and the sex is pretty hot, too. The Highlander storyline is the central one, with Blair and Jim acting more as yentas who help Methos and Duncan solve their dilemma - but that's okay with me.

BONE: "The Look."
37 kb
Jim Ellison/Duncan MacLeod.
Jim meets Duncan at Joeís bar.

Duncan MacLeod," he said.

"Jim Ellison," the stranger replied, putting a big warm hand inside Duncan's and giving it a firm shake. Not a ball-breaker, Duncan decided. Or at least he didn't feel a need to establish his masculinity with a bone-crushing handshake. Another sign of self-assurance, Duncan thought. Or disregard.

He looked down at their entwined hands. No, not disregard. He could practically feel currents leaping between them from their joined hands. He brought his eyes up to meet Jim's. Heat, where cold had been. Fire replacing ice. Whatever Duncan felt, the  not-a-stranger-anymore felt it, too.

Told from Duncan's first person POV, this fairly short story by the talented Bone shows the so-called PWP format at its best Ė the sex forwards the story and the characterisations with every line. It may be short but this story packs a powerfull punch and captures the essence of both men brilliantly. I will read anything by Bone, who is another of my favourite authors.

BONE: "Look Again."
43 kb
Jim Ellison/Duncan MacLeod.
When Jimís business in Seacouver is finished, he looks up Duncan again and takes him back to his hotel room.

When he brings it over, I ask him if he's Joe, and he looks a little surprised, but nods. I put out my hand and say, "I'm Jim Ellison. I'm a friend of Duncan's. I was hoping he'd be here tonight."

Yeah, I know; that's not too subtle, but frankly, subtle's not how I'm feeling right now.

Joe looks me over and I can't begin to guess what kind of first impression I'm making. At the very least I'm clean, shaved, and in a decent shirt and khakis. Then he does something weird. He looks over at a red-headed kid down the bar and raises one eyebrow. The kid looks at me, then gives a tiny shake of his head. What's up with that?

This sequel is just as good - if not better - than the original. This one is told from Jim Ellison's first person POV.

DARGELOS:"Blue Eyes."
24 kb
Billy comes looking for a lawyer and recognises Toby as a fellow "lifer": someone still obsessed with a dead lover.

"I knew the minute I saw you," Billy told him. "Youíre still doing hard time just like me. Iím good at picking out the lifers; I can spot one across a crowded room now," he said, stubbing the cigarette out in the big marble ash tray on Tobyís desk. "When Joe died I thought that was it, that was the end of the sentence. I was wrong. He just moved me into solitary. What about you? Who was it?"

Toby looked up into those strange blue eyes and wondered why he would even consider saying what he was going to say. "I met him in prison."

"He was your lover?"

"Not right away. First he broke my arms and legs."

Extremely well done, as all Dargelos' fiction is, although a tad depressing as well.  Definitely not for those who only want happy ever after.

DERRY:"Strange And Beautiful."
Peter Wimsey seduces Lawrence at college, when they are both beautiful blond men.

"Oh, yes," Peter breathed and Lawrence lost himself in the feel of Peter's hands on his chest and stomach, the tension in Peter's stomach as he reached up to touch Lawrence's shoulders. He had expected Peter's hands to be soft but there were callouses that caught against him, frissons of texture that brought more pleasure than smooth skin could have. "You're still tanned. You didn't wear a shirt in Syria, did you?"

Memories of the sun beating down, beating him down, and he shook his head.

"Did you sweat?" Peter's hands traced down from his neck, following the path the perspiration had taken as it trickled down. "You shone in the sun, I know. And your hair was bleached white. White hair against brown skin." Peter strained upwards to touch Lawrence's face, stomach muscles quivering between Lawrence's legs. "I wish I'd seen you."

This is an interesting story and the sex is very well done.  The characterisation is particularly accurate to canon - at least in my opinion.

DEVERO, RUTH: "Crossed Paths."
85 kb
Ray Vecchio/Doug Ross;  Carol Hathaway/Benton Fraser.
Ray suffers from an unlucky series of inujuries that result in visits to the hospital emergency room.

So, he loitered, trying not to hear what was going on behind the curtain, eyeing the people who passed in front of him.  Good detective watched everything, watched everybody, out of habit, not because he was looking for any one person--

Ray turned and found himself half a foot from Doug Ross.

They stared at each other; and for a minute there didn't seem to be anything else in the world but Doug Ross, those brown eyes looking a little wary, that strong face just a little flushed, that gorgeous mouth quirking a little in half a smile; and some sort of electricity that just seemed to tingle right through Ray, turning his knees to jello.

"Detective Vecchio," said Ross.

It's unusual to find fanfiction set in the E.R. universe and a crossover is just that much rarer.  I enjoyed this story very much - I love both Doug Ross and Ray Vecchio as characters and it was interesting to see a story that slashed the two of them together.

ELEANOR B: "Voids."
24 kb
Frank Burnside/Ray Doyle.
Burnside's past comes back to haunt him.

It was a week when the past crept into the present like a cat burglar, silent and unwelcome. Not unexpected, if Frank Burnside thought about it, but still leaving him wishing he'd been able to take out a little emotional insurance in the intervening years.

This is a melancholy story that deals with Burnside's past in CI5 and his relationship with Ray Doyle. Nicely done.

FIREROSE: "Angels And Demons."
136 kb
Lex hires Angel Inviestigations to look into the disappearance of 3 women in Smallville - and Clark.

At the kitchen table, Clark and Cordelia were engaged in a quick-fire game of anecdote trumps, in between mouthfuls of apple pie.

'We had this guy who froze his dates into human popsicles---'

I dated a senior who tried to sacrifice me to a giant snake---'

'I kissed a girl who could change shape---'

'My boyfriend made the swim team, he nearly turned fish---'

'Our coach immolated himself in the locker-room---'

'Our principal got eaten by wild dogs. Rumour had it they were ex-students---'

Their chatter tailed off as soon as they saw him -- Wesley felt like a headmaster checking up on library period.

This is mostly gen, although there are overtones of slashy goodness with Lex and Clark. This story mostly concentrates on Wes and Cordelia (Angel and Lorne stay in LA and  Gunn is unjured fairly early) and their interaction with Clark - and the investigation.  There's lots of funny dialogue between Clark and Cordelia and overall I found this story very entertaining.

FISHER, KITTY: "Mercury."
24 kb
Giles comes home to his English flat to find a strange boy on his doorstep.

I'm not up to fucking you, if that's what you want."

Bald statement, not aggressive, merely factual. It left a deep, bitterly cold pit in Giles' stomach. "Fancy that."

Pause. Reassessment. Sudden embarrassment that at least brought a tinge of colour to his cheeks. "Sorry... I..."

"Stop. You're very fuckable I'm sure, but I don't really get turned on by boys who look like they need a hospital bed, thanks all the same."

"I said I'm sorry." Lex stood, looking at the floor. "My judgement is way off tonight."

"I'm sure normally you insult with much more skill." Giles took a deep breath, stared at his stray ruefully. "Look, go and shower. If you fall over call me, I'll try and pick you up without molesting you."

Tiny quirk of a smile. "If you're sure?"

"I am sitting here resonating with lust, but it is all under the strongest control." Wry, dry ó at the last moment he wondered if the boy would understand irony. But he seemed to. The brittleness eased.

The boy turned, one hand holding the chair back. "Upstairs, first left?"

"You'll find it."

A nod. Walking very slowly, Lex went.

I like Kitty Fisher's fiction very much - although sometimes it's a little dark for me.  This story wasn't, though.  It's quite an interesting and evocative slice of life story and I felt that the characterisations of both Giles and a young Lex were excellent.  And I loved the dry very Giles-like dialogue within this story.

GLASGOW, M FAE: "Nor The Leopard His Spots."
196 kb
Ray Doyle is exhausted from the demands of too many operations and now he's required to go undercover in London.   Unfortunately for his undercover role, almost immediately he meets someone he once knew very well - an old lover.

The sky was crawling over the roof-top when he awoke, all the light leached from the streets in that strange time between full dark when the streetlamps shone brightly and the greyness that swallowed all light up into a uniformity of dullness.  So he just lay on the bed for a little while, watching the way nothing in the room actually cast shadows in the feeble light, watching the blackness creep up the walls as the light from outside faded into night-time and the glow of lamps stayed up in the street away from his new bedsit.  He should be up and bathing, he knew, but it seemed pointless.  One more possible terrorist supplier, or just another entrepeneur in London's fastest expanding business.  Didn't seem to matter too much, not now. Once, when first he'd started, he was going to be SuperCopper, Chief Constable Raymond Aloysius Doyle, the best and most incorruptible policeman on the face of this God's green earth, scourge of criminals and bent coppers alike.  But that was half a lifetime ago, and he was feeling every single one of those years in every joint in his body.

I adore M. Fae Glasgow's fiction. She writes extremely well: her characterisations are always a joy and there is a realism about her stories that I like very much. I'm not a big fan of Eastenders but this story is a self-contained universe and tells you really everything you need to know.

HTH: "The Next Hero."
20 kb
After Buffy's death, Giles come back to England and Hogwarts.

Giles groaned. "Good Lord. Can one man *be* a Death Eater, an amateur Auror, *and* an American?"

"They hate you," Dumbledore pronounced, almost gleefully. "They hate you more than they hated the last two Defense teachers put together."

I like this story of Hth's very much, not least because it slashes my favourite Buffy character, Giles.  I'm not a big fan of Dumbledore slash but this story made me like it.

JOYFULGIRL42: "Things We Cannot Change."; "It Ties."; and      "Best Intentions."
42 kb; 102kb;
Clark/Lex; Methos/Duncan MacLeod.
In the first story of this trilogy, "Things We Cannot Change", Lex finds out something about himself that changes everything. Clark finds out that Lex is gay - and that changes things, too.   In the sequels, the Kents find out about Lex and Clark, and Duncan and Methos finally get their act together.

"You know, you don't have to bring home every stray you find on the street, MacLeod." Adam chuckled, walking over to the refrigerator to deposit his beer.

Duncan looked annoyed. "What would you have me do? Just leave him out there to get killed?"

Lex had become fed up with the conversation almost immediately. "No, what you should do is bring him home, let him shower, feed him and then talk about him like he isn't in the room without explaining what the fuck is going on."

This is an interesting premise and I enjoyed watching my favourite Smallville couple get together in this first time story. There are some really nice moments in these stories: sometimes a phrase or section that will make me laugh, sometimes a schmoopy bit that will hit home, and sometimes a hot sex scene.  Unfortunately, you have to dig a bit to get to these nuggets as the writing generally is not spectacular.  There are some really basic writing flaws--telling not showing, clunky exposition in places, getting two hot characters to have sex just cos they look cute together and really having to twist the situation to make it happen, IMO, etc etc-- which any halfway decent beta could iron out in a second if given the chance.  However, despite this caveat, this is an enjoyable romp through both universes if you can leave your critical filter at the door, relax and go with the flow.

KILLASHANDRA: "Ghost In The Machine."
107 kb
Tom Paris/ 'Jim Kirk';  Paris/Kim.
Paris is in love with Harry Kim but afraid to tell him.  While searching through his things he finds an old simulation he made long ago for Spock.  Curiously, he tries it in the holodeck.

Sometimes the things we do come back to haunt us.

If there's one thing prison teaches you, it's this: in the end there's always a payback, and nothing we do comes free. The shadows of the choices we've made never entirely disappear, even on the brightest day. Call it kismet if you want. Whatever you call it, it's something we've all had to learn, out here seventy thousand light years from home. Your ghosts will follow you no matter how far you run.

And sometimes it's the ghost you least expect.

I must admit that looking at the pairing of this story almost turned me off reading it when I first discovered it, but Killashandra makes this pairing work in original and wonderful ways. This story is extremely well written and full of pathos, as one would expect from this brilliant writer. I'll read anything by Klllashandra, who is one of my favourite writers.

46 kb
Mulder/Ben Stone.
Ben and Logan have split up and a devastated Ben is consoled by Mulder.

Not Mike. Ben closed his eyes, his hands faltering, then stopping. He stayed a moment, his hands circling Mulder's waist, then he stepped back, shaking his head. "Mulder," he said, and bit it off, hearing the break in his voice. "I'm sorry, Mulder. I--"

Mulder's arms were around him in a heartbeat, pulling him close, drawing Ben's head to his shoulder. It was an embrace meant for comfort, not passion, and Ben took it for what it was, gratefully.

"It's okay," Mulder was saying softly, his hands slowly rubbing his back. "It's all right."

No, it's not, Ben wanted to say. It's very far from being all right. But he said nothing, simply closed his eyes and let Mulder hold him.

This is one of those crossovers that obviously originate from a desire to put two much loved characters together but there's nothing wrong with that, since the characterisation is well-done and the author has bothered to provide a realistic motivation.

113 kb
Sam Beckett jumps into the body of Sam Carter.  His mission is to help Jack O'Neill, but the solution to Jack's troubles is a little more complicated that he bargained for.

Sam had kept a careful eye on the surrounding terrain, trying to pick out landmarks, seeing if he could identify any of the local plants and trees. But as they walked on, he failed to see anything at all that was familiar. About then, he realized that there was something else subtly wrong. It took him another ten minutes or so to pin it down, but when he did it made him stop in his tracks, his blood suddenly freezing in his veins.

This is an interesting story as Sam Beckett tries his very best to get Jack interested in Sam Carter romantically - until he realises that Jack's interest lies elsewhere.

MARTHA: "Lovely."
It's Christmas Eve and Blair rescues a guy who's being attacked in Ranier carpark - but exactly who are these attackers and why is Daniel Jackson on the run, even from his friends?

"A little after one, I think," he answered automatically, his attention still focused on Sandburg's stray. He smelled like Sandburg's soap and Sandburg's organic Guatemalan coffee, too. Jim even thought he could smell the painkillers on the sleeper's breath. Drugged insensible, in all probability, and Jim wasn't sure if that made matters more or less complicated.

"Really? Wow, merry Christmas. I guess you already know Daniel's here."

"Let me guess. He just didn't have anywhere else to go."

"Actually he's renting a room downtown, but he was afraid those thugs who tracked him to campus might know where he was living, too. It wasn't safe for him to go back tonight. He asked me to drop him off at a hotel, but --"

Jim sighed. "But obviously that was out of the question."

Blair looked at him like he was an idiot. "Well, yeah. His right hand is messed up pretty bad, and he doesn't know anybody else in town."

"No, and I'm sure he's been making a special effort not to get to know anyone, either." Jim unfolded the print-out he'd brought with him from the station and dropped it in Blair's lap. "Sandburg, the feds are looking for him. Daniel Jackson is a fugitive."

This story is wonderful: a fascinating, plot-heavy story in which the characterisations are realistic and the action kept me on the edge of my seat.  The relationships between Jack and Daniel, and Jim and Blair are very close but never quite fall over the line into slash.  I thoroughly recommend this as an intelligent, well-written, absorbing read.

MATTHEWS, KELLIE: "Northern Comfort."
229 kb
Billy Talent/Benton Fraser.
Fraser is alone at the Consulate at night when Billy Talent comes to the Consulate for help after he's been mugged.

So. You wanta talk about it?" Billy asked.

Fraser sighed. "There's little to tell."

"You ever touch him?" Billy asked suddenly, his voice strangely fierce, his body as tense as a drawn bow.

"Well, of course. All the time. It would be difficult to work together without touching..."

"Not that way, idiot. I mean touch him. Fuck him."

Ben was shocked speechless for a moment, then he finally managed to find his voice. "Good Lord, no! Of... of course not! That's just... just... no!"

The tension seemed to flow out of Billy like water. "Okay. Okay, that's good. I mean, if he's not like you said."

This story can be read in conjunction with its direct sequel, "No Secrets", or "Shadow's Fade", which is sort of a sequel to both, but it does stand alone.  I love this story and this is a Fraser I can believe in implicitly. I think the sex is pretty hot, too.  This is one of my very favourite crossover stories and comes highly recommended.

709 kb
Billy Talent/Brian Hudson.
Brian Hawkins (played by Paul Gross from Due South fame), a 50 year old laywer, meets Billy Talent (played by Callum Keith Rennie, ditto), a 35 year olf guitar player.  The pair are immediately attracted to each other but their relationship is complicated by the fact that Billy is Brian's client, he has emotional problems, and by his current attempt to gain access to his newly discovered 5 year old daughter.

And oh Christ. . . Brian tastes like scotch, and more, so much more, and he's so damned gentle, and the kiss is so damned deep. Billy hears himself fucking whimper into Brian's mouth, hands clutching convulsively at Brian's shoulders for stability, and Brian provides the anchor he needs as his arms go around Billy, strong and sure. The kiss goes on for a long time; slow, thorough, until there's no hint of alcohol in Brian's mouth, just the taste of his desire, far more intoxicating. He's achingly aware of the press of hard cock against his thigh, of the rapid movement of the chest against his own. He wants. He wants . . . more. But just as he admits that to himself, Brian finally lets him go and steps back. They stare at each other, shaken, shaking, aching.

Brian swallows hard, clears his throat. "Jesus."

"Yeah," Billy agrees, runs a trembling hand through his hair.

This is probably my favourite slash story in any fandom so far and I can't recommend it highly enough.  It has emotional intensity, psychological insight, great characterisation and some realistic original characters. It's written in the present tense - the first person POV alternates between Billy and Brian - which may bother some people, but I've never had a problem with any tense as long as the writing is good, and this is very good. Very highly recommended.

MERIDIAN: "Comfort."
79 kb
Bodie/Tim Bayliss.
Bodie is alone in a bar in Baltimore at Christmas and he can't stop thinking about his old partner, Ray Doyle.

For a second, he leaned into the touch. Then stepping back to take Bodie's hand again, he led the other man down the hall to his bedroom, his nerves simmering with anticipation and a little fear.

Taking a stranger to bed was always a chancy proposition, but it wasn't going to stop him. With loneliness pressing him hard the last few weeks, he had to have a least a few moments of respite, or the tension would drive him quietly insane. He'd chosen to work at the bar tonight because he'd hoped it would keep him busy and his mind away from other things.

Now, he was leading a stranger to his bed in hopes of finding some comfort in the dark. Not really expecting much, he would be grateful for half of that.

You could describe this as PWP because its basically a one-night stand between the two guys -  but it's a sweet one. It has its faults - there's the usual emphasis on the "beauty" of the two men, supposedly from the viewpoint of one man or the other, which often jars me - but I'm a sucker for this sort of melancholy 'unrequited love' story.

62 kb
Bodie returns from Baltimore determined to get Doyle back in his life - even if he's now Alan Cade.

Alan stepped out of his arms completely. "You just waltz in here and expect me to fall into your arms? After eight years? Even you aren't that stupid."

This is the sequel to "Comfort". Despite the story's faults - I really hate it when one of the guys is refered to as "slender", and there is rather to much authorial explication for my taste - I like this story and keep coming back to it. I think I must have a kink for stories where one of the guys doesn't think he wants the other one but just can't help himself.

SHRIFT: "Networking."
Lex visits the control room one night during the show and Dan is interested in more than Lex's possible investment in Sports Night.

This was the moment that Dan had been hoping for -- the hint, the flash, the recognition, that indefinable tell that indicated the guy he was chatting up was interested in more. Dan didn't hook up with guys much anymore. It was more difficult and risky these days. If he hit on the wrong guy, his career would probably be over, and Dan was reasonably sure that his Dad would stop talking to him for good.

Not that Dan let any of that stop him; it just made him more cautious. But if turned out that Lex Luthor was completely straight, Dan was gonna have to turn in his queer card and retire his gaydar from active field duty.

I love this story.  Perhaps some might see it as a typically fannish way of getting two hot characters from different shows together but this is so well done that it transcends the stereotype, IMO.  There's hot sex - naturally! - but lots of lovely characterisation to go with it. I love this Dan and Lex - and it's all done without interfering with the OTP for each fandom, for those who don't like their beloved guys with anyone else.

TORCH: "China."
305 kb
Methos and Mulder meet while Mulder is investigating some strange happenings in a small town called China.

"Your friend," Mulder said, hesitantly, "she died?"

"She died." For the first time in too long, Methos let himself think fully of Alexa, let her walk in his thoughts again as easily as she'd walked into his heart. She had shed fear like an ill-fitting skin in their brief time together. She'd died, but they had been happy. He wondered if Mulder and his partner were happy.

"It doesn't seem like enough," Mulder said, breaking into his thoughts.

"What doesn't?" he asked, preoccupied with happiness.

"'Six feet and seventy years,'" a twisted smile, "'to see the light.'"

This is a long, plotty X-File story that has the Mulder/Methos relationship as a counterpoint to the investigation - and it's extremely well done.

TORCH: "Something Wicked."
28 kb
Methos and Krycek meet and have a one-night stand in Italy.

The room they finally ended up in was large and square, with a high ceiling and tall windows half hidden by dusty velvet draperies. There were only two pieces of furniture: a low table and an enormous four-poster bed. Adam let go of Alex' hand and stepped forward, there was the sound of a match being scratchily lit and then sudden, warm light as the candles in the elaborate candelaber on the table flared into life.

Adam turned around, and they looked at each other thoughtfully. At least, Alex felt thoughtful. He was alone in a huge empty house with this man, this stranger... this oh so perfect stranger who looked like a grad student, kissed like an angel and moved like an assassin. He'd be a fool not to be afraid. He wasn't afraid. Alex grinned, and Adam raised an eyebrow. "I don't even feel cautious," he said and walked up to Adam, touching his fingertips to the other man's cheek, stroking his face, the line of his jaw, his throat. "If you're going to kill me, don't do it till afterwards. I want you."

This is the best type of PWP - a one night stand that reveals so much about the characters and their story. Lovely.

ZORROROJO: "One Day Out West."
937 kb
Chris/Vin; Jack/Daniel pre-slash (implied).
The Magnificent Seven are kidnapped in the middle of a deadly gunfight by a rogue Asgard to be held in stasis as a living "work of art" - and are rescued over 100 years later and returned to Earth.  The Stargate team have the unenviable job of breakig the news to the guys and trying to find a new place for them in the modern world.

The last group was a group of three and they were behind the better cover of some boulders, but they were firing at a position behind them. The men looked trapped and were probably making a last stand.

Dr. Daniel Jackson moved closer to the forcefield, closer to the group of four trying to find cover for their exposed bodies. All but one.

One man, dressed in black from head to toe, brandishing six shooters, wearing a silver rig and spurs on his boots, this man used his body to shield a man on the ground.

The one on the ground was a ghastly grey color - a color human skin only took on when there wasn't much blood left in the body. His eyes were open, staring into the eyes of the man shielding him, their arms clasped at the forearm.

A bullet, frozen in the air, was two feet from completing it's course - ominously pointing straight at the man in black's head.

This story is HUGE but fascinating.  I really enjoyed the way the author dealt with the cultural shock encountered by both the cowboys and the Stargate crew.  The emphasis is definitely on the Magnificent Seven side of the crossover, especially Chris and Vin, with Jack and Daniel the only Stargate characters to get any sort of real role in the story.  The story is told from mostly frm Chris' pov, a Chris that idolises Vin to the exclusion of everything else and this focus is reflected in the concerns of the story -- so if you're not into Vin, you might find this idealisation of him a little tough.  However, this story is a wonderful read: intelligent, interesting, and thought-provoking.

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