Here are some of my favourite Eroica stories.
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BOLECH, COLETTE T: "Angle Of Descent." *
Klaus rejects. Eroica once too often and Eroica has had enough.

"Get out!"

Dorian stood perfectly still until the last echo of Klaus' words died away. He stared into the eyes of the man he loved for one long, electrified moment. A detached calm came over him and, in a perfectly polite voice he said, "Yes, Major, I believe I shall. Goodbye." He left without so much as a reproachful backward glance.

I like this story, not least because it appeals to me that there should come a time for Eroica when enough is enough. I like the way this forces Klaus to discover things about himself that he has long denied. This story is also unusual in Eroica fandom because the foppish OTT canon characterisation of Dorian is absent, and it's a more serious, hurting Dorian that is in evidence - and I find that quite refreshing.

BOLECH, COLETTE T: "Watching Me, Watching You." *
Klaus has been ordered to pose as Dorian's lover to bait a NATO trap, and he's livid.

Klaus automatically attempted a retort, stung by the narcissism in Dorian's assertion, but stopped short. So Dorian wanted a Justice that was clear-eyed rather than blind. Who would consider the circumstances surrounding the act, not the blind act itself. What was wrong with that? Klaus's world of certainties spun away. Was that how Dorian managed his extraordinary life? Always poised on the edge, ever flexible, ever changeable, open-eyed to all variations, while Klaus's own blind certainties were transmuting in his grasp from truth to lies and back again. Perhaps Dorian was not totally amoral, merely observant of a morality less unyielding than Klaus's. The thought was disturbing, and standing on the pavement, looking up at the statue high overhead, he felt a sense of vertigo as though he were on some fearsome edge ready to fall, and something was constantly tapping at him, pushing at his sense of balance and control.

This is an intelligently written story on a familiar slash theme; this sort of thing has been done before but rarely as well.

GOODFELLOW, ROBIN: "Extenuating Circumstances." *
Eroica is injured in a car accident while Klaus is driving.

Klaus frowned again as he looked at Dorian. He shook his head, immediately sorry he did so. "It figures. You must lead a charmed life, Eroica. Here I am with a head ready to split open, and you emerge from it unscathed. Well, come on -- we'd better try and find our way back to civilization." He levered himself to his feet, casting a disgusted eye over his soaked and muddy uniform.

"I can't," Dorian whispered. His voice was pitched so low, Klaus almost missed it.

"What do you mean you can't? Don't tell me this took too much out of you." Just like Eroica to plead fatigue when the going got tough, he thought disgustedly.

"I can't move," Dorian answered, a little stronger this time. Still, he couldn't stop the catch in his voice. "It hurts too much -- it hurts to move at all."

This is a very sweet story. It explores the gradual change in Klaus attitude to Eroica during a couple of days spent in Paris and I love this sort of hurt/comfort, with its stress on the comfort.

KADORIENNE: "Hell And High Water."
This is the sequel to "Rose Vines And Wire Ropes". Klaus goes after a Neo Nazi gang to redeem himself and tries to prevent Dorian from helping him.

Once more Klaus shoved the intruding memories out of his mind. Christ! Was he ever going to be able to concentrate on a mission again? He had been right to hold out against that maddening thief for so many years. It was a good thing said thief was no doubt fed up with him for good.

That thought created a sudden empty ache inside Klaus like nothing he had felt before. Even scanning the plant for bombs could not cast it away.

This is mostly  an action story but it has some lovely personal moments in it as well - and the ending is very sweet. I think Kadorienne is one of the best author's writing in Eroica fandom at the moment and I'd recommend all her stories.

KADORIENNE: "The Iron Mask."
Klaus has lost his memory.

He slowly sat up. The movement made his head hurt, but he could do it. Once he was fully upright, there was a moment of dizziness, but that passed. He put a hand to the lump forming on the back of his head and flinched at his own light touch.

"Get him something cold," the man behind the desk muttered, and one of the others left, to return a minute later with a soda can, cold from a refrigerator somewhere. He took it without comment and put it to the back of his head with relief.

"I have been looking forward to meeting you, Major Eberbach," the man behind the desk said coolly.

That was when the Major realized that he had no idea what was going on.

He propped one elbow on his knee and put his face in his hand for a minute, buying time.

It did no good. The blow to his head had knocked everything out of it. He didnít remember who he was, or who these men were, or what they were doing there.

I have a kink for loss of memory stories but it's so rare that I find one that I like.  This is one I like very much.  I especially love the interaction between an amnesiac Klaus and a very confused Dorian - it's wonderfully sweet.

KADORIENNE: "Iron Pokers Into True Love-Knots."
Klaus has held out against Eroica for years but suddenly he realises he's in love with him.

I love him.

Unable to think beyond that revelation, able only to gape at it, Klaus slowly shook out Dorian's jacket and wrapped it around him, too dazed to be surprised at his own protectiveness. If Dorian had awakened at that moment, Klaus probably would have tossed caution to the wind and kissed him and let nature take its course.

Extremely sweet piece that slowly reveals Klaus' thoughts as he succumbs to loving Eroica.  Beautifully written, along with a quotation from Donne - my favourite poet - which would be enough by itself to get my attention <g>.

KADORIENNE: "Rose Vines And Wire Ropes."
Klaus is in disgrace: he has been fired from NATO and has fled to Alaska to hide.  Then, to his horror,  Eroica arrives at his hotel.

"Go away," Klaus grunted.

"Lovely to see you again as well, Major."

Klaus' fist slammed into the table. "Don't call me that!"

Dorian actually looked contrite. "Oh, Klaus. I'm sorry. That was dreadfully tactless of me."

"Make it up to me. Go away."

"Like everyone else did? I think not. I never run with the herd."

I like the premise of this story and the way it explores Klaus' reaction to his disgrace.

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