Here are some of my favourite Hard Core Logo stories.
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ALLISON, KAT: "Moonlight Mile."
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While on the way to Edmonton, Joe ponders Billy's return and the price he's paid for the privilege.

But, see, that's what it's like with him. We can be in flat-as-a-fucking-parking-lot Saskatchewan, and even though I know that, at the same time I know we're up in the high country, way up above the clouds. Nobody else around, cause nobody else can breathe up here, they'd just turn blue and ugly and die if they tried. Even John, even Pipe, for all that "we're a gang" bullshit I put around, they don't belong up here.

Just like it is on stage, when we're playing, when we're so far into the music... I read somewhere once that if you get two sine waves that perfectly match each other up -- or maybe it was if they perfectly cancel each other out, fuck, I can't remember, who cares -- that when that happens, it goes silent. And sometimes that's just what happens up there, right in the middle of the noise there's that silence no one else can hear, when there's no sound and no air and it's -- perfect.

Let's see Jenifur try to give you that, eh, William?

Excellent characterisation of Joe done in first person POV.  Highly recommended.

ALLISON, KAT: "Xeriscape."
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Several years after the events of the HCL movie, Billy wants to see John in LA.

I used to be afraid of forgetting.  I didn't know how hard it would be not to remember.  Sometimes I look at this roomful of middle-management beef in their Dockers and their Tony Lama boots, sitting quiet and nodding along while we sleepwalk our way through "Jambalaya," and it's so hard not to remember, not to remember the fury John would've felt at the sight of them, hard not to think of what it would be like to be John again, to be up here with Joe and Billy and Pipe alongside me, screaming and spitting and raining down fiery brimstone on their heads, making their legs shake and their ears bleed, chasing them whimpering out into the night.

Sometimes I want it all back, so bad, all of it.  The dressing rooms that stink like beer and piss, the raw bleeding throat from three packs a day.  The kids ... the spikes, the leather, the metal, the tattoos, the razors, the boots, the rage.

This story is absolutely brilliant.  It's told from an unusual POV, that of John Oxenburger, and though I don't agree with Kat Allison's characterisation of Billy, I have to admit it's very plausible.  This is one of my favourite stories from amongst all my many fandoms and is very highly recommended.

AUKESTREL: "Last Point Of Entry."   [No link available.]
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Another story in which Joe ponders his relationship with Billy.

You know what I am? I'm that worm, that fucking ice worm from that goddamned X-Files episode. I'm twisted inside his spine so tight he'll have to cut himself to pull me out, cut deep and hard. And if he pulls me out, he'll die. He'll die, and I'll live on the memory of the blood and the adrenaline and the smell and the taste and the sense of him, until I die too, in a cold jar somewhere, alone, people looking at me, their faces all distorted by the curved glass. Be so fucking cool, freaky to see that.

This is a very well written story encapsulating Star Trek references and the X Files ice worm metaphors. What's not to love about that?

AUKESTREL: "Monochrome Delirious."   [No link available.]
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Billy and Joe share a woman but concentrate more on each other. Afterwards, Billy tries to confont Joe about what’s really going on.

I forget about the chick until I realise I've got my head resting on her thigh; Billy's turned around in the bed so his head is a few inches from mine and he's laying there now, eyes closed, breathing hard still. I look up; she's fucking sleeping, passed out, thank fucking God. Look back at Billy and he's looking at me.

"Freak," he whispers.

This starts out with a threesome but ends up rather sweeter than one expects in HCL stories. Nice.

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The physics of Hard Core Logo – an excellent metaphor for Billy and Joe.

Billy stands behind Joe, letting him bull his way through, letting him shine. Billy has his back. You want to get to Joe, you need to go through Billy. It makes Billy tired though. Sometimes he just wants to be one person rather than two people. Sometimes he gets sick of letting Joe overflow into his silent places, letting Joe fill him up. Sometimes he needs to empty out. So sometimes he leaves. But he always comes back.

Now, Joe, Joe, he doesn't have silence, he doesn't have that still place. His skin is too small for what's boiling inside -- it all comes spilling out his mouth. And he runs and spins around, but in the end he's just in orbit around Billy. Let's play dwarf star and gas giant, Billy. You be the cold white-burning sun and I'll be the enormous, brilliant planet that can't get away. Does that sound fun?

Another metaphor story - I'm sensing a trend in my HCL recs <g>. Highly recommended.

DARGELOS: "Blue Eyes."
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CROSSOVER with Oz.  Billy comes looking for a lawyer and recognises Toby as a fellow "lifer": someone still obsessed with a dead lover.

"I knew the minute I saw you," Billy told him. "You’re still doing hard time just like me. I’m good at picking out the lifers; I can spot one across a crowded room now," he said, stubbing the cigarette out in the big marble ash tray on Toby’s desk. "When Joe died I thought that was it, that was the end of the sentence. I was wrong. He just moved me into solitary. What about you? Who was it?"

Toby looked up into those strange blue eyes and wondered why he would even consider saying what he was going to say. "I met him in prison."

"He was your lover?"

"Not right away. First he broke my arms and legs."

Extremely well done, as all Dargelos' fiction is, although a tad depressing as well.  Definitely not for those who only want happy ever after.

FORTUNATO, DESTINA: "Stranger Than Fiction."
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Bruce sees Billy for one last interview after Joe’s suicide.

Persuasive bastard. That's what Billy called me, just before he agreed to sit down with me one last time. I knew then that I'd never be able to use what he told me, what he shared with me. But I didn't know I'd be putting the whole goddamn documentary on the shelf and never taking it down again.

I love Destina Fortunato's work with a passion.  It's intelligent and full of nuance and complicated psychology.  Highly recommended. In fact, just go and read everything she's ever written.

709 kb
Billy Talent/Brian Hudson.
CROSSOVER with Tales Of The City.
Brian Hawkins (played by Paul Gross from Due South fame), a 50 year old lawyer, meets Billy Talent (played by Callum Keith Rennie, ditto), a 35 year olf guitar player.  The pair are immediately attracted to each other but their relationship is complicated by the fact that Billy is Brian's client, he has emotional problems, and by his current attempt to gain access to his newly discovered 5 year old daughter.

And oh Christ. . . Brian tastes like scotch, and more, so much more, and he's so damned gentle, and the kiss is so damned deep. Billy hears himself fucking whimper into Brian's mouth, hands clutching convulsively at Brian's shoulders for stability, and Brian provides the anchor he needs as his arms go around Billy, strong and sure. The kiss goes on for a long time; slow, thorough, until there's no hint of alcohol in Brian's mouth, just the taste of his desire, far more intoxicating. He's achingly aware of the press of hard cock against his thigh, of the rapid movement of the chest against his own. He wants. He wants . . . more. But just as he admits that to himself, Brian finally lets him go and steps back. They stare at each other, shaken, shaking, aching.

Brian swallows hard, clears his throat. "Jesus."

"Yeah," Billy agrees, runs a trembling hand through his hair.

This is probably my favourite slash story in any fandom so far and I can't recommend it highly enough.  It has emotional intensity, psychological insight, great characterisation and some realistic original characters. It's written in the present tense - the first person POV alternates between Billy and Brian - which may bother some people, but I've never had a problem with any tense as long as the writing is good, and this is very good. Very highly recommended.

ZENANDNANCY: "Sometimes I Do."
Joe is beaten up and Billy looks after him.

The last part just feels like a punch in the gut, because he's so open, so hungry, letting me hear how bad he needs me tonight, that me and him together is everything for him. I know it's all he's got. Sometimes that makes me mad, but tonight it just makes me soft, makes me wanna take his head in my lap and rock into his mouth all night, until I've spilled out all the comfort I have to give him and we're both satisfied enough to sleep. It's these raw, crystal pure moments, when he lets me see it all, that I know how much he's got invested in us, how much damage I could do if I ever decided to leave. I'd be crazy to leave. I need him just as much as he needs me. I just know how to get it from other people, too, and he doesn't. He only wants it from me. I'm the only one that gets behind his walls.

This story is a rarity in HCL in that it is more sweet than not.