Here are some of my favourite Hollyoak stories. The main pairing is John Paul/Craig.
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ATLANTICSLIDE: "Just Keep Breathing 01: Surviving"; "Just Keep Breathing 02: Breaking"; "Just Keep breathing 03: Living."  
John Paul/Craig.
Now living in Ireland, John Paul and Craig find that events in far off Hollyoaks are still capable of coming between them. These three stories explore JP and Craig's supposed "sunset ending".

He’s never been one for poetic words, but he tends to think of their relationship like the tide, ebbing and flowing, back and forth – or maybe it’s more like waves against the shore, being drawn in and pushed away, crashing and breaking against rocks.

It’s sort of stupid, though, so he’s never given voice to it.

They’re good, at first. Things are great. They wander the city and walk through the streets holding hands, watch the leaves fall in St. Stephen’s Green, eat chocolate at Butler’s, drink pints at the pubs near Trinity. Craig drags John Paul around like John Paul’s a tourist, takes him to the Guinness Storehouse and shows him the unimpressive Dublin Castle. They kick a ball around Pheonix Park and they dance at clubs – or John Paul dances, mostly, and Craig watches him with a smile.

It's hard to find good fanfic in the Hollyoaks fandom but this trilogy is a great exploration of this relationship, and covers the continuing problems they face once their relationship is exposed and they leave for Ireland.

AUSELYSIUM: "Hold It Against Your Bones."    [No Link]   
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John Paul/Craig.
The last person John Paul wants to see back in his life is Craig Dean.

They say coming home is easy. That home will always be there for you. Bull shit. Sometimes coming home is really fucking hard.

It’s hard when so many of the people who made home comforting, familiar and safe are gone. When the places you used to go to have changed to the point of being unrecognizable or are simply vanished. It’s hard when home doesn’t look or feel like your memories anymore, when it feels like something completely new.

Craig supposes that must be the risk you run when you grow up and move away. You leave home to fade away in your absence.

Even so, the feeling deep in his chest as he stands in front of the McQueen house, his face tucked down deep into his scarf against the cold, feels desperately familiar.

Nice story about what would happen if Craig came back after all the John Paul has been through.

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John Paul/Craig.
After the move to Dublin, John Paul and Craig are happy for a while but then they grow apart...

They carry on as housemates though, because they have a lease. It's hard work in the first place--to get from boyfriends back to friends. They have to renegotiate all this stuff. Things that were okay when they were together suddenly aren't so okay when they're just friends. Everything alters; even knowing how and when to touch each other is weird for a long time. Different expectations and all that. But they work on it because they're always meant to be in each other's lives, right? And they were friends before they were lovers and they're both stubborn bastards, so they work through the shit and they find a place that they're comfortable with. And they have their friends, like Jayme, Rowan and Jennifer, on hand to give them support and a shoulder or ear when they need one.

Life after the happy ever after ending and what that entails. I love this story, especially the ending. Funny, sweet, sad and all shades in between.

DAWNEH: "Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors." 
John Paul/Craig.
John Paul is given a second chance after living with the regret of losing both Craig and his family. He is transported back to the moment when Craig, driven mad by jealousy over Spike, leaves mid exam to track down his friend and kiss him...

The silence was absolute and the blackness was complete.

John Paul couldn't breathe or think or move. He felt suspended in time, frozen in an eternal moment that was unwilling to allow him the freedom to move on, as if time itself was still deciding whether it should grant him life or death.

Did he have his eyes closed? He wasn't certain. Did things such as eyes exist for him anymore? Did HE even exist anymore? Perhaps he was just the memory of a man, a final echo of a life badly lived and soon to be forgotten.

The conceit is a bit twee but I love the way this story evolves: the choices John Paul makes and the way things change from canon events.

GEMJAM: "All These Things That I Have."   
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John Paul/Craig.
AU. The canon relationship between Craig and John Paul never happened. Craig has heard about local student John Paul who stabbed his sister's abusive boyfriend and feels compelled to reach out to him.

That night, he couldn’t sleep. Images of John Paul in his cell kept playing through his brain. Only he wasn’t sure that they were images of John Paul at all. He’d seen grainy black and white pictures of him in the paper at the time of the trial, but now he was wondering how much of the boy in his mind’s eye was just his own creation.

He thought back to those days now, the days when he was forming plans to support John Paul through everything he was going through, and he checked his motives, trying to make sense of it all. Why did he want so desperately to reach out to John Paul? And why was he suddenly so afraid to do so?

Long plotty story and very interesting take on the relationship.

ORPHAN ACCOUNT: "Comfort Zone."   
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John Paul/Craig.
AU. John Paul and Craig go through with their plan to attend the soccer camp. And that changes everything.

The door opened and Hannah poked her head round. “Is he alright?”

It took him a moment to understand that the question had been addressed to him. “Not sure. He’s hurt his arm, but we don’t know if it’s broken. Your mum’s having a look.”

Hannah stared over at Craig for a moment then her gaze lighted on Rhys who was standing against the wall, sulking. “Sarah’s in a right state. What happened? Do you know?”

I love this - I think it's my favourite Hollyoaks story.