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ELYNROSS: "Laughing All The Way."
It's Christmas and Darien gets a present he wasn't expecting.

Darien managed to ignore the thumping for about ten minutes before pulling his head out from under his pillow to stare blankly at the clock. Nine a.m. wasn't that early, until you factored in the three o'clock collapse into bed following last night's departmental Christmas party.

Whatever the noise had been, it was gone. He flopped back into his pillow, blinking sleepily. From what he'd heard of government types, the whole thing should have been a huge flop, but there must be stories not intended for public consumption -- literally. He and Eberts'd had a hell of a drunken talk about where in the budget they might be hiding the expenses for booze and food -- not to mention the burro. He couldn't figure out why the party had had a Mexican theme, but he was betting on a package deal. He could also vaguely recall finding Eberts strangely fascinating, and that was disturbing.

It's Elynross so the writing is terrific.  I do have to say that this style of story, where a practical joke mentality reigns, isn't my favourite genre but this story is worth reading for one of the last paragraphs alone.  You should know it when you see it <g>.

FORTUNE, JULIE: "Fool Me Once."
When Clare and Hobbes are attacked it looks like Darien, caught up in Quicksilver madness, is responsible.

"You seem to know a lot about it," she said, and wished she hadn't. She still couldn't read him, couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Yeah." Nothing in the word, either, just a dry statement. "Part of the whole Bobby Hobbes experience. Listen, Keep, you don't want to ignore this thing. Ignoring him's making him even more nuts."

"So what do I do?" she asked. "Invite him for dinner?"

"Track him down and let me give him a little career counseling," Hobbes said. "Come to think of it, there's a job for Fawkes -- he's gonna go all quicksilver over this anyway. I think he's a little sweet on you."

"You will not tell Darien. You most certainly will not tell him now -- he needs rest, you know that as well as anyone." Besides which, the idea of Darien knowing she was vulnerable -- it was unsettling. Darien was enormously attractive most of the time, and hideously terrifying when in the grip of quicksilver madness. Good Darien would treat her like glass, wrap her in comfort, do heroic things to protect her. But dear God, when he changed, what ammunition that would give him.

This is a nice plotty gen story.

HALE, LUCY: "Hu Roi Va Trong." (Broken And Empty)
Bobby and Darien go undercover together to a school - but something is very wrong with Bobby.

Darien moved fast, a broad smile appearing, ready to correct that thought. He went through the door without knocking. "Bobby, I--"

"Who are you? Where's Fawkes?"

He stopped dead, almost stumbling over his feet. "What?"

"Where am I? Where's my partner, you asshole?"

Darien's grin faded. "Oh, no. Bobby, it's me. It's Darien."

"Yeah, right, thang khon! Cut di!" Bobby glared at him with fury building on his face. "What do you--" He cut off abruptly, a hand going up to his head, covering his ear. His face lost all color, and he opened his mouth in what was probably going to be a scream. The sound never emerged, though, and his eyes rolled up in his head before shutting, casting him into sudden unconsciousness.

Darien reacted fast, moving to the door and throwing it open. "Eberts! Get a doctor!"

I have to say I found the fist half of this story hard to get through and the writing generally does not do the story justice, but I'm a sucker for memory loss stories and I loved the second part which deals mostly with Darien angsting over Bobby's condition.

LEGION: "Closing The Distance."
Darien is in shock after the Sasquatch affair and Bobby tries to get him out of it. 

Too wired for sleep himself and sure that he was about to be blessed with another bout of his chronic insomnia, Hobbes didn’t have a problem with being the designated driver while they all got the hell out of dodge.  To his surprise, though, his partner wasn’t catching a few z’s of his own.  Fawkes was sitting slumped down in his seat, one foot on the dashboard, head on the glass of the window, and his expression was empty, as if his soul were a million miles away.

Not good, not good at all in Hobbes’ opinion, and he knew he had to get Fawkes talking, get him past the first shock of this latest chapter in the Invisible Man saga.  Not that he thought Darrien couldn’t handle it on his own; the man had some serious sand, hard as it had been to believe when they first met.  But, hey, he was Bobby Hobbes’ partner, and that came with a few perks, including wailing wall privileges.

Legion's stories are always worth a look and this one is a nicely done short story.

Bobby Hobbes/Darien Fawkes.
Darien and Bobby join the mile high club.

Bobby was…

Bobby was.

Bobby was in the bathroom.

Bobby was in the goddamned fucking bathroom.

They’d been trapped in this piece of crap junkbucket for more hours than Darien cared to think about, flinching at every inadvertent touch that couldn’t go further.


And the whole time the fucking bathroom had been back there.

Just sitting there.


Holy fucking shit.

This one is just pure sexual romp and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

RUOCCA, CHARLOTTE: "Seven Minutes In Heaven."
Bobby Hobbes/Darien Fawkes.
Darien is shot while throwing himself in front of Hobbes and an incoming bullet.  While he's recovering, Hobbes keeps turing up with take-out and one night he tells a story about  a game called "7 minutes in heaven" from his childhood.

Hobbes was yanking Darien towards him and Darien was pushing his partner back against the couch so they ended up in a position that was immediately agreeable. Darien’s brain couldn’t process the words on top of Bobby Hobbes so he didn’t think, didn’t try to. Hobbes was kissing him and he was kissing Hobbes and oh fucking God, what the fuck was he doing?

Absolutely fantastic story, I was sucked right in and believed this scenario implicitly. Really hot sex, too.

Bobby Hobbes/Darien Fawkes.
The gland has been giving Darien trouble and Claire tries to operate to releive the situation.

I turn around and walk outside.

Outside it's clear, warm, earlier than I'd thought. The sun's still up. This seems strangely inappropriate.

I get into the car that pulls up.

It's interesting focusing on purely manual things, the sound and feeling of the door as I yank it closed. The click of the seatbelt that I remember to belt. I pull the visor down because the sun hurts.

Alex doesn't say anything, and part of me thanks her for that.

When the car comes to a stop I realize that I'm just sitting there. I should be getting out, I know.

I stare at the glass, watching the light reflect.

Alex gets out. She moves around the side and opens my door.

"Thank you, Alex," I say, and in some ways it's strangely comforting that my vocabulary's been reduced to two words and the remembrance of names.

She lets me go. It must be hard for her. They probably told her to stay with me, make sure I didn't do anything crazy.

But some part of her understands.

This is another of my favourite bittersweet death stories.  Lovely and angsty - just the way I like 'em.