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L A W   &   O R D E R


Here are someof my favourite stories from Law & Order. 
There's not a lot of Law & Order slash out there that I've found.
What there is is predominantly Mike Logan/Jack McCoy or Logan/Ben Stone.
I'm very partial to Ben Stone - I LOVE his voice, especially his accent.

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Warning: Description of the stories may contain spoilers.
Stories marked with a   are highly recommended.

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These recs are sorted alphabetically by author name, then story title.

KIRIN, KEIKO: "Lapse 01: Lapse of Judgement."
Jack McCoy/Mike Logan.
Jack gives into his darker urges and visits a gay bar, and then runs into the last person he espects--or wants--to see there.

The place was smaller inside than it looked, dark, crowded. The press of male bodies in suits, the din of voices and laughter. Jack pushed his way to the bar and ordered a vodka on the rocks, his eye lingering on an immaculately dressed yuppie with his arm around a spiky-haired club kid with a bad bleach job. Styles changed. It had been a long time since he'd cruised, a long time since he'd come to places like this and sat in the dark, surveying the forbidden flesh, seldom indulging in anything more than window-shopping, for fear of discovery. Aware that hiding in the dark was part of a clandestine, self-hating society he despised, yet still getting a rush from the secrecy.

McCoy POV.   This is an interesting story in which Logan and McCoy butt heads - as well as other parts of their anatomy <g> -  but still end up essentially estranged.  Nicely done first part of this trilogy.

KIRIN, KEIKO: "Lapse 02: Payback."
Jack McCoy/Mike Logan.
In this part of the trilogy both guys play power games with each other.  The sex is as good as ever, but they still can't talk to each other civilly in the morning.

It seemed like months -- years -- ago but in actuality it had only been a couple of weeks since their run-in. Or their head-on collision, as Jack thought of it. He'd never expected to find Logan in a gay bar, never expected to pick him up, never expected to be fucked by him, never expected to like it so much. And never expected Logan to resent being judged by his tomcat reputation.

Of course, there were other reasons why Jack avoided thinking about the whole sordid event. Foremost of these was fear -- of himself. The man who cruised West Village dives and cajoled hostile colleagues into having sex with him just didn't fit in with his self-image. In the past he had preferred anonymity; with Logan he'd taken a huge risk. It frightened him to think what else he might do.

I love Keiko's writing: her characters are very much in character, her situations are realistic and her writing is, as always, terrific.  However, if you're only into unequivical happy endings, these stories mightn't be for you.

KIRIN, KEIKO: "Lapse 03: And Say Goodbye."
Jack McCoy/Mike Logan.
McCoy and Logan don't even like each other, so why can't they seem to stay away from one another?  Logan finds McCoy on his doorstep yet again, but despite their attempts to talk abou their situation, passion again take over.

McCoy was the worst of a bad breed. All that mattered to him was winning and losing. And in pursuit of the win, Logan wondered if Jack had any boundaries, any lines he would not cross.

All of which made their bizarre encounters all the more mystifying. What had begun as a monumental bluff on Logan's part (and McCoy's too, he guessed) had only mutated until he could no longer remember just what, exactly, the point had been. More troubling, he was actually getting to like McCoy. A lot. And he hated that.

This story is from Logan's POV and it brings the trilogy to a conclusion of sorts, although their relationship still has a long way to go, IMO.   I do wish there was more to this series but I love Keiko Kirin's writing style, especially the way her characters never degenerate into the infantilised stereotypes typical of so many slash stories.

LYON, JENNIFER: "Cost Of Living."
Mike Logan/Ben Stone.
Ben and Mike have a drink together and are involved in a bar shooting.

Mike froze, stared up at the crazy-eyed boy standing over him. Words formed and choked off in his throat as he fought for the right phrasing. But any attempt to 'cool off' this drug-addled kid was thwarted by another strike of that boot. It struck Mike in the gut and he doubled over in blazing agony. When he came up for air, he found himself staring down the black muzzle of the handgun, and his lungs froze. His heart skipped a beat. His eyes squeezed shut and the faint memory of a long-forgotten prayer echoed in his mind. He accepted the fact of his own death, and silently waited for the blow.

I like this story very much, despite a tendency to go OTT with the purple phrasing in some parts.   It's got plot, character, hot sex, and my favourite "we shouldn't but we can't help ourselves" kink.

MARLEY, DOROTHY: "At First Sight."  Part 1a:  1b;  2;  3.
Mike Logan/Ben Stone.
Mike Logan is a beat cop and looks like he might be one all his life, like his father before him.  He meets Ben stone and the two become lovers.

The anger surged through his veins, cold as ice, and Mike heard the chill in his tone. "Sure. So I expect you'll be asking me to look over your shoulder while you do your summation, right?"

That hit home. Stone reached up and removed his glasses slowly, folding them carefully before tucking them in his outer breast pocket. He regarded Mike with renewed interest, and for a second, Mike could swear that a corner of his mouth quirked up, as if he were amused but determined to hide it. Beside them, Spinelli was making sputtering noises, nearly on the verge of apoplexy, but both men ignored him. It was as if the entire world had narrowed down to the space between them, everything else blotted out, insignificant.

Stone looked him up and down. "If I thought it would help get a conviction, sir, I'd do a tango with you in drag."

This 3 part lengthy story is full of case stories and absolutely well done.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially watching the relationship deepen between the two characters.

Ben Stone/Fox Mulder.
CROSSOVER with The X-Files.
Ben and Logan have split up and a devastated Ben is consoled by Mulder.

Not Mike. Ben closed his eyes, his hands faltering, then stopping. He stayed a moment, his hands circling Mulder's waist, then he stepped back, shaking his head. "Mulder," he said, and bit it off, hearing the break in his voice. "I'm sorry, Mulder. I--"

Mulder's arms were around him in a heartbeat, pulling him close, drawing Ben's head to his shoulder. It was an embrace meant for comfort, not passion, and Ben took it for what it was, gratefully.

"It's okay," Mulder was saying softly, his hands slowly rubbing his back. "It's all right."

No, it's not, Ben wanted to say. It's very far from being all right. But he said nothing, simply closed his eyes and let Mulder hold him.

This is one of those crossovers that obviously originate from a desire to put two much loved characters together but there's nothing wrong with that, since the characterisation is well done and the author has bothered to provide a realistic motivation.