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AU. Javert is no longer a policeman but works as the guard for a brothel.

Valjean. In this quiet moment, Javert allowed himself to consider the man he had spent so many years hunting. How strange yet somehow unsurprising that he should find the criminal now, when he could no longer arrest Valjean. Two years earlier, he would not have hesitated. Any pleas Valjean made for Cosette's welfare would have gone unheeded. Now, instead of being Valjean's captor, Javert needed the man's help to such an extent that he had been willing to risk his own safety to come to the barricade, to associate with these boys who would surely be shot as traitors, perhaps even to put his life in danger to try to keep this idiot Marius Pontmercy safe.

Lovely gritty, plot-heavy story.

CHRISSY24601: "Surrender."  
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When Javert faints in front of Monseur le Maire while asking to be dismissed for denouncing him, Madeleine takes Javert into his house and his care.

What? That man truly had no sense of justice! Javert would have told him so, but is head was swimming, making it hard to think straight or see straight. He couldn’t quite make out the mayor’s face anymore. “Monsieur, I…”

Suddenly his eyes roled back of their own volition and his head was weightless. As if in a dream he felt his knees buckle, and his body folded and collapsed like a puppet cut loose from its strings. In the distance someone cried out. He was about to fall into absolute darkness, when a sharp pain in the back of his head sent shooting stars exploding through his mind.

Love the characterisations in this story and the delicious hurt/comfort that forms the basis of it. Great first time story.

IDIOPATHICSMILE: "World Ain't Ready."  
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High School AU: Grantaire the disaffected stoner is pulled into a cause bigger than himself. Or: in which there are pretend boyfriends for great justice. (I couldn't do better than this author description of story.)

Grantaire rubs his eyes, yawning until his jaw cracks. He rests his head on the desk and pulls the knit cap over the top of his face. He’s spent the last couple of years honing the ability to sleep anywhere. If you play your cards right, detention is just a somewhat uncomfortable nap. 

Apparently, fate has other plans. Or, more likely, fate doesn’t give a shit. 

"Hey," says someone. A guy’s voice, not familiar. "Hey,” it repeats. 

It takes another few seconds to realize that the voice is addressing him, that the reason it sounds so loud is because the speaker is standing right next to Grantaire’s desk. He pulls himself upright, peeling up his cap to crack one eye open against the florescent light.

Almost from his peripheral vision, he registers blond curls, a noble profile, fierce eyes that are just—wow. Grantaire swallows and glances down at his hands, the motion almost involuntary, like looking away from the sun. There’s a smudge of green on his thumb. Weird, he can’t remember the last time he drew anything green.

I'm not generally a fan of High School AU's but I loved this story.I don't generally read anything but Valjean/Javert but this story made me love this pairing. It's a huge story full of character and story and gradual sweetness. Highly recommended. A terrific audio is also available for this story here:

[Podfic] World Ain't Ready by fulldaysdrive.