Here are some of my favourite   M*A*S*H*  stories.
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Warning: Description of the stories may contain spoilers.
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FINN,ARDUINNA: "Three Day Pass."
Hawkeye/Trapper John.
Frank has gone on a three day pass and Trapper and Hawkeye mean to make the most of it.



"You still cold?"

"That's a stupid question, Trap."

"I know. I mean, I was just thinking -- it's stupid for us to be in two bunks. Sitting next to each other would be a heck of a lot warmer."

Hawkeye thought about that for a minute. "You're right. Move over."

This is a very sweet story that doesn't lose sight of reality for one moment.  I love Hawkeye to bits and I was thrilled to find a slash story set in the M*A*S*H* universe.

CULLINAN, KYRA: "So Much For The Afterglow."
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Hawkeye is home in Crabapple Cove but the war's noises have come home with him, destroying the silence and polluting his home town forever.

The silence is going to kill him.

It's doing it slowly, ringing in his ears, pressing cotton-thick against them, and the harder he tries to ignore it, the more oppressive it becomes. He lies in bed at night and can feel it stretching out around him, all that audible emptiness. Hears, in the silence, the beat of choppers in the distance, the midnight crackle of the PA system starting to life.

This author writes superb gen stories.  They're usually quite melancholy - but they are also powerfull, intelligent and evocative..