Here are some of my favourite Magnificent Seven stories.
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For those who are new to this fandom, there are two main strands:
1. Fiction  set in the original canon universe of the cowboy past.
2. Fiction set ini the present time that has the guys working for the ATF as governemnt agents.
The latter is clearly marked on this site as 'ATF universe'.

Warning: Description of the stories may contain spoilers.

Stories marked with a     are highly recommended.

I'm happy to supply a copy of any story that has no link supplied by email on request.
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ANNIE: "Kissing Him."
Vin/JD; Vin/Chris.
ATF Universe. Vin and Chris are just tentatively beginning a relationship that involves more than friendship when, one drunken night, Vin and JD kiss.  Has Vin ruined everything?

Vin's hair smelled a bit bitter from the cigarette smoke from the bar...and yet smelled clean, too, like he'd stepped straight from his shower....

And then suddenly that brought on the image of Vin standing there, naked as the day he was born, his fingers massaging into his own long, silky mane of hair and then....

Jesus, and then out of nowhere, JD found his own hands entwined deeply into Vin's hair, twirling it around his fingers, and he pulled that exquisite face toward him--Vin really was one good-looking man, pretty almost, beautiful--and he smiled as those pale, full lips descended down to his and oh, God, he wanted to feel that hair brush against his face....

Who was kissing who here?

A pair of hands gently, though firmly, framed his face and the softest of lips descended onto his.

Oh Jesus, Vin's lips.

Oh, Jesus...he was kissing Vin!

I like Annie's writing very much: it's intelligent and full of character and kept me reading to see what happened next.  I like the intensity of feeling in this story and I like the way the character's react to "the kiss", even JD's rather homophobic response, which I found pretty realistic.

DELPHI: "Something."
Vin contemplates the exact nature of his relationship with Ezra.

The town-folk don't know him, not in the way that Chris used to and Ezra's starting to. That he used to be one of the "Magnificent Seven" is always good for a free drink with those young men who arrived somewhere between the facts and stories. For some reason, a group of drinking men are more likely to expect a tall tale of gunfights from him than from Ezra. Ez don't talk much about those days, which always amazes Chris. But Vin thinks he gets it. Those days are fading fast, and it cheapens them to their dime-store novels to cart 'em out for a bunch of family men who'll never understand.

This is a nice little slice of life snippet set in the future sometime, when Four Corners has grown into a busy town and only Vin, Chris and Ezra remain of the original 'Magnificent Seven'.  There's a pleasing sense of realism in this story -- no overblown romanticism here, just an interesting  look at one possible future.

HILL, CHARLOTTE: "No Love For Solitude."   No link
Buck/JD; Buck/Chris (implied).
Buck is accosted by his old lover Chris, and accused of corrupting his new lover, JD.

"You came here to tell me not to take some comfort with that boy. You came here to tell me my business when you washed your hands of it and me a long time ago." He deflated suddenly, tired of the fighting, tired beyond his years. "I missed that friendship, Chris. Then you roused me out of a warm bed and brought me in for that Injun thing." He laughed, the sound soft and fragile to his ears. "I'll tell ya, pard, I'm grateful you're doin' better. I'm glad for you, that the past is enough the past that you c'n maybe start livin' again, a little. But Chris..." the feel of water on his cheeks startled him and he ducked his head, swiping at the tears. "Don't begrudge me some comfort."

This is a lovely story and a very well done character study.  This is not a happy story, but I don't believe it's a sad one either.  Extremely well done.

KILLASHANDRA: "The Street."   No Link
An unknown member of the Magnificent Seven watches the town and ponders what life has become.  Then he sees Vin and Chris walking along the street together.

It has always been a temporary thing, and he knows that. They've known from the start, of course -- all save young Mr. Dunne, perhaps, who is still young enough to believe that Indian Summer will never end. But the rest have always known that the day would come when the town would outgrow the seven of them, when they'd be replaced by real lawmen, with real badges, and all the trappings of a civilized municipality.

This story is very short but very evocative.

ZORROROJO: "One Day Out West."
CROSSOVER with Stargate.  The Magnificent Seven are kidnapped in the middle of a deadly gunfight by a rogue Asgard to be held in stasis as a living "work of art" - and are rescued over 100 years later and returned to Earth.  The Stargate team have the unenviable job of breakig the news to the guys and trying to find a new place for them in the modern world.

The last group was a group of three and they were behind the better cover of some boulders, but they were firing at a position behind them. The men looked trapped and were probably making a last stand.

Dr. Daniel Jackson moved closer to the forcefield, closer to the group of four trying to find cover for their exposed bodies. All but one.

One man, dressed in black from head to toe, brandishing six shooters, wearing a silver rig and spurs on his boots, this man used his body to shield a man on the ground.

The one on the ground was a ghastly grey color - a color human skin only took on when there wasn't much blood left in the body. His eyes were open, staring into the eyes of the man shielding him, their arms clasped at the forearm.

A bullet, frozen in the air, was two feet from completing it's course - ominously pointing straight at the man in black's head.

This story is HUGE but fascinating.  I really enjoyed the way the author dealt with the cultural shock encountered by both the cowboys and the Stargate crew.  The emphasis is definitely on the Magnificent Seven side of the crossover, especially Chris and Vin, with Jack and Daniel the only Stargate characters to get any sort of real role in the story.  The story is told from mostly frm Chris' pov, a Chris that idolises Vin to the exclusion of everything else and this focus is reflected in the concerns of the story -- so if you're not into Vin, you might find this idealisation of him a little tough.  However, this story is a wonderful read: intelligent, interesting, and thought-provoking.


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