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Here are some of my favourite Batman stories from any genre: comic or film.
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CULLINAN, KYRA: "Girls Grow Quicker Than Books. [No Link]
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Lucy is growing older.

Years later, the smell of mothballs will make her feel like crying. A hot and prickly sensation blooming suddenly behind her eyes and aching in her chest, not exactly like sadness but subtle enough that even if she were to try, she couldn't name all the emotions tangled up inside her.

I don't often like short stories but this one is excellent. The language is to die for and there's a terrible sense o melancholy and loss that is heartbreaking.

KAYDEEFALLS: "Queen Of Narnia".  
47 kb
Once a queen of Narnia, always a queen of Narnia.

Once a queen of Narnia, always a queen of Narnia. Susan likes that. It makes her feel less like a fraud. She's seventeen and she sentenced a centaur to death yesterday, and if she weren't a queen, she might go mad. The silver circlet sits heavily on her head, trying to drag her down to the earth, but she is a queen and must hold her head high. Her neck aches with the weight.

This is who I am, she tells herself. This is who I always will be.

She smiles and allows Peter to lead her in a dance.

This is another melancholy story, this time about Susan. Not for those who like their fanfiction on the fluffy side.