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SMITHSON, SUSAN: "Director's Orders."
The Director orders Vic to have sex with Mac, much to his complete and utter heterosexual horror and panic.

Victor Mansfield felt his palms itch, felt the physical premonitions of shock skittering over his skin. "You can't order me to have sex!" He wanted to bristle and argue and splutter, but further words drowned with a last bobbing gasp beneath a swell of panic.

The Director raised finely shaped eyebrows. "I can order you to do whatever I like, Victor," she stated mildly. "It's one of the many perks of my job."

I love this twist on the usual "pretend to be gay for work" scenario - in this one they're ordered to become lovers for real.  I love Vic's heterosexual panic and the portrayal of Mac as a gentle lover underneath the attitude - that's always the way I want to see him.  Altogether a very enjoyable romp.

SYLVIA: "Men At Some Time."
Vic is depressed over his broken engagement with Lianne and decides to change his image.

Vic turned back to face Steve. He couldn't remember ever having felt quite like this before in his life. His mind was a swirling whirlwind of emotions too muddled and confused to be sorted out, his body an echoing twist of vertigo and blood rushing in his ears. He felt light-headed and peculiar, but strangely focussed at the same time.

"Would you like to fuck me?" he asked Steve conversationally.

Sylvia is a wonderful writer; I just wish there was more of her fiction about for her devoted fans to read. She handles this time-honoured slash theme of the gay bar with aplomb and the sex is pretty damned hot.  And there's a sweet scene the morning afterward when the Driector  turns up which I enjoyed very much.

TE: "Music Series:
1) Music;                                           2) Over My Head;
3) So Clear;                                      4) Little Ones Who Stumble;
5) Somewhere in the Circle;           6) Dancing Madly."
Vic is listening to music when Mac comes over and disturbs his peace.  Mac tries to seduce him, they argue, and then Vic suggests that they should become friends first, before they try to have sex. 

Vic desperately wanted there to be someone here who'd laugh at the title of this beautiful song with him, and then listen when he explained why he loved it so much, and then tell him what he hadn't heard.

I like the first part of the first story, which describes Vic listening to music and his incredibly focused reaction to it - but thereafter I fail really to follow how they go from Vic irritated and fed-up with Mac to considering friendship and sex.  However, I enjoy the rest of the series, which is basically the two dealing with increasing sexual urges and trying to rein them in in order to stick to the "no sex" rule.  I especially like the final two stories which gete down to the sex <g>.



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