Here are some of my favourite Poirot stories. Well, the one that I've found anyway!
I couldn't resist making a page for it - an excuse to put up a few Poirot pictures.
Click on the author's name for the link to where the stories can be found on the net.

I've included a Miss Marple story I found as well.

Warning: Description of the stories may contain spoilers.

Stories marked with a        are highly recommended.

I've been reading and enjoying Agatha Christie's Poirot stories since I was a kid
and I've seen most of the recent TV episode/movies starring David Suchet.
I think he makes a fabulous Poirot - the best I've seen so far.
He has a twinkle in his eye and portrays a warmth that I've always thought Poirot had in him,
despite his fussy ways and his egomania <g>.

I'm happy to supply a copy of any story that has no link supplied - by email on request.

These recs are sorted 1. Poirot; 2. Miss Marple.


"The Real Captain Hastings."
Poirot has some bad  news for Captain Hastings.  Who is this strange young man from South America and what does his violent death have to do with Hastings?

No indeed, Miss Lemon, it is as you say," he replied, wandering off back into his sitting room in his very best and gentlest humour. It was always very rewarding to work with him when he was in such a mood, and it augured well for the rest of the week. Sometimes when Captain Hastings is away M. Poirot becomes rather withdrawn and morose, but it seemed as if this time the days would pass pleasantly and the working atmosphere would remain calm.

But things are never that straightforward in our business, and it was na´ve of me to think that they would be. It was only half an hour later that Chief Inspector Japp telephoned to enquire if M. Poirot was at home, and if so whether he could come round and see him, and that telephone call could fairly be said to have put the cat amongst the pigeons in the most disastrous way possible. From that moment on, none of us would ever be quite the same again; not M. Poirot, not Chief Inspector Japp, not myself, and least of all our poor dear friend Captain Hastings.

This story is, for me, the quintessential comfort food of slash.  I've been reading Agatha Christie since I was 10 and when I was sick,  there's nothing I loved more than to curl up in my misery and read one of her mysteries; there was something about them that was comforting to me, that gave me a sense of safety that I still treasure today.  This story gave me the slash equivalent of that and I was blissfully content through every word of this story.  I adored the portrayal of Hastings, Japp, Miss Lemon and Poirot - their affection for each other shone clearly through the text without any gooey sentimentality.  And I particularly adored the way Poirot looked after Hastings in his grief - that was just SO incredibly sweet I nearly melted.  This mightn't be everybody's cup of tea but I loved it.  I loved the romanticism, the affection between the four main characters,  the scenes where the penny finally dropped for Hastings, and I particularly loved the parts where Poirot and Hastings gently teased each other.  <blissed out sigh>

BRIGHTBEAR: "The Interview In The Waiting Room."   
Gen: Miss Marple Story.  
Miss Marple solves a crime while waiting in her doctor's waiting room.

"It's been my experience, Miss Marple," said Talbert. "That family men often have different priorities to other people."

"Oh, Inspector," said Miss Marple, looking grave. "That's so very, very true. One man's motive might sometimes be confusing but once you take into account the people they care about, it usually becomes much clearer."

"And you know this from your extensive experience?" asked Talbert, a little harsher than he'd intended.

Miss Marple just raised an eyebrow at him and took another sip of her tea.

This story is told from the point of view of an original character, Inspector Brian Talbert, as he discovers the joys of solving a crime with Mis Marple.



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