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ALEXANDRA: "Not A Very Silent Night."
Bodie and Doyle stake out a house on Christmas Eve.  Bored, the two talk via their R/T's about what they want for Christmas.

Bodie used his R/T again. "Oi. Agent 4 bloody 5."

"What?" Doyle said with irritation clear in his voice.

"What do you reckon Cowley is doing right now?"

There came a long pause. Then Doyle said, "Counting his blessings. One of which is, 'never having to fret over the sanity of my top team'."

"I'm not losing it," Bodie protested. "I'm just bored. Talk to me."

This is a very sweet, romantic "first time" story that I re-read often.

ANTRIM, BRENDA: "Full Circle.
Alan Cade/Ray Doyle.
Crossover with The Chief. 
Many years after Bodie's murder, Doyle still chases vengeance.  Seducing Cade as part of a cold-blooded plan to get his quarry, Doyle finds himself caring more than he cares to - but is that enough to stop his plan to kill?

Now or never. Cade was as ripe for the plucking as he was ever going to be, and if he hesitated now, second thoughts and sobriety would take his chance from him.

He stilled, willing the narrowed jade eyes opposite his to look up. It took some concentration, because Cade's attention was focused on the hollow of his throat, seemingly mesmerized by the pulse beating there. Eventually, his stillness penetrated the other man's preoccupation, and he glanced up. Doyle allowed the heat to show in his own eyes, and Cade stared, fascinated. Taking care not to lose that eye contact, Doyle leaned forward slowly, watching the other man's face flush, his eyes widen, pupils dilating. Yeah, he hadn't lost it.

This is a nicely done crossover with nice emotional intensity.

CRONE: "Pigs Might Fly."
Bodie and Doyle are on a stakeout job and their growing closeness is seen through everyday actions.

Bodie returned his attention to his driving, still smiling.  Ray seldom revealed such overt pleasure, and Bodie found himself inordinately happy.   The comfortable glow that suffused him extended to the world outside.  It seemed only fitting and proper that he should find a parking place precisely in front of Doyle's building.

This is a very sweet story.  Lovely and romantic with not even a drop of angst - my favourite kink.

DARCY, JACK REUBEN: "The Tangled Web."
Bodie/Alan Cade.
CROSSOVER with "The Chief".
This story opens 14 years after the events in The Professionals.  The Chief of Police in Eastland, Alan Cade, meets William Bodie, the new head of CI5. Bodie seduces Cade and then discovers his devastating secret.

He'd known all along it would be that way and in so many ways, his choices had led him to this point quite deliberately.

So why was he suddenly so unsettled? It wasn't as if nobody else had ever said similar things to him. Elena mentioned it from time to time, asking him if he was going to spend his entire life alone.

But then, he hadn't been to Africa before. He hadn't gone and seen the place with his own eyes, hadn't smelt the heady aroma of the African plain, heard the noises at night, been captured by the intruiging mystery of the place. He hadn't ever made the attempt to confront the truth before.

I really like this story.  I like the emotional intensity of the situation Bodie and Alan find themselves in and I love the way the story develops.  I like the way Bodie can't help seducing Alan but hates himself for it afterwards.  I especially like the way Bodie discovers Alan's secret, although his reaction is a little extreme, perhaps.  And I really love the ending, 'cause I'm a sucker for happy ever after.

DVS: "The Christmas Story."
A few days before Christmas, Bodie and Doyle use an old man's flat to stake out a house across the road.

He'd known, then, how much he wanted Ray, and worse than that, he'd understood that he wanted more than just his body and a few hours humping in the dark.

Keep him forever.

What a thing to want.

What a STUPID thing to want.

This is a nice, slow, sweet first time story - I love it.

ELEANOR B: "Voids."     [No Link.]
Frank Burnside/Ray Doyle.
CROSSOVER with "The Bill".
Burnside's past comes back to haunt him.

It was a week when the past crept into the present like a cat burglar, silent and unwelcome. Not unexpected, if Frank Burnside thought about it, but still leaving him wishing he'd been able to take out a little emotional insurance in the intervening years.

This is a melancholy story that deals with Burnside's past in CI5 and his relationship with Ray Doyle.  Nicely done.

EPS: "Action Of The Tiger."     [From CD.]
When Bodie suddenly realises he wants Doyle sexually, he panics.

"You seem surprisingly undisturbed, Doyle."

"Uh? Do I, sir?"

"Yes. Well, come on, man, out with it. What explanation did Bodie give *you* for wanting to split your unit?"

"Bodie isn't in an explaining mood at--" Doyle's head jerked up, eyes goggling.  "For wanting to  what?" He half-rose to his feet, glaring at Cowley. "What the fuckin' 'ell is goin' on 'ere?"

This is a very interesting story and I love the first half of it - the way the two get together - very much.  From there it turns into more of a "case" story and that's fine but I find the ending a little frustrating.  I still love the story but I'm not fond of stories where the two seem to misunderstand each other so thoroughly just because they can't open their mouths and be honest with each other - that makes me crazy!

FISHER, KITTY: "Chameleon's Dish."
Eight years after Doyle rejected Bodie's sexual advances and Bodie took off, the two meet up again - but what is Bodie's secret agenda?

The moment when he tensed his muscles to stand up, Bodie turned around and slowly smiled; against such persuasion sanity and judgement stood no hope and without further thought he cast them to the devil. With a fluttering in his stomach that could only be nerves, Doyle relaxed into the cushions.

Leaning against the bar, Bodie smiled as he paid for the drinks, the flicker of response had been more than he'd hoped for. So Doyle still felt something, but what? Love? Lust? Pain? Certainly guilt. Not that the precise identification mattered - all or any of it would serve his purpose.

This is quite an interesting story but a lot of fans might find Bodie's actions  unacceptable.  It's a tough story to read, in a lot of ways, but I find it worth while and thoroughly believable.

FISHER, KITTY: "In God's Country."
Bodie has a "road to Damascus" moment on a rainy afternoon at the end of a job as he watches a snarky and exhausted Doyle at the end of an operation.

The road to Damascus, as far as William Bodie was concerned, was in the car park at Finchley Central station. Hardly the most exotic location for your world view to be unceremoniously turned upside down but, after thirty years of fairly cynical existence, it hardly came as a surprise: St Paul might get sun, sand and Nubian dancing girls to ease his way onto the path of the righteous, but W.A.P Bodie got rain, tarmac and the acerbic tongue of Ray Doyle.

He leant against the Capri and shook his head. Who said life was fair?

I like the difficult Bodie in this story: he finds out he loves Doyle amd to prove it he makes a thorough pain in the arse of himself until Doyle wants nothing more than to thump him <g>.

GLASGOW, M. FAE:"Nor The Leopard His Spots."
Crossover with "Eastenders".
Ray Doyle is exhausted from the demands of too many opereations and now he's required to go undercover in London.   Unfortunately for his undercover role, almost immediately he meets someone he once knew very well - an old lover.

The sky was crawling over the roof-top when he awoke, all the light leached from the streets in that strange time between full dark when the streetlamps shone brightly and the greyness that swallowed all light up into a uniformity of dullness.  So he just lay on the bed for a little while, watching the way nothing in the room actually cast shadows in the feeble light, watching the blackness creep up the walls as the light from outside faded into night-time and the glow of lamps stayed up in the street away from his new bedsit.  He should be up and bathing, he knew, but it seemed pointless.  One more possible terrorist supplier, or just another entrepeneur in London's fastest expanding business.  Didn't seem to matter too much, not now.  Once, when first he'd started, he was going to be SuperCopper, Chief Constable Raymond Aloysius Doyle, the best and most incorruptible policeman on the face of this God's green earth, scourge of criminals and bent coppers alike.  But that was half a lifetime ago, and he was feeling every single one of those years in every joint in his body.

I adore M. Fae Glasgow's fiction She writes extremely well: her characterisations are always a joy and there is a realism about her stories that I like very much.  I'm not a big fan of Eastenders but this story is a contained universe within itself and tells you really everything you need to know.

GOODFELLOW, ROBIN: "Winds Of The Old Days."   [From CD.]
After 8 years away working in Belgium, Bodie returns to England for Cowley's funeral.

He looked across the gathered crowd and saw the real reason he'd come back.  The hair had more silver now - especially at the temples.  He wore it shorter, as befitted his new status. In the rain, the curls coiled tightly to his head.  His head was bowed and his face held sorrow and desolation.  Deep lines crossed his brow.  The collar of his coat was turned up against the weather.

Suddenly aware of a shift in the crowd, he looked up and his and Bodie's eyes met.  For a brief moment, the despair in those eyes lifted and he gave a half smile.  Then the desolation returned and he bowed his head again.

I'm a sucker for this sort of long detailed story where the sexual attraction between the two guys is settled without a whole heap of artificial angst and stupid misunderstandings.  I love the gentle way Bodie and Doyle get together and I love the whole atmosphere of CI5 that is generated here.

HESTIA: "Deck The Halls."    [From CD.]
On Christmas Eve, Doyle returns unexpectedly from a job to find Bodie drunk and passed out in his own flat.

What the hell - ?

No tree. No tinsel. No cards, even, apart from the one he'd given him, propped in lonely splendour on the mantelpiece. He recognised it from across the room - a cartoon he'd drawn, Bodie at his most louring in black leather, holding up Santa's sleigh with an Uzi demanding presents with menaces. Apart from that, there was no sign at all of seasonal cheer.

Ray was rooted to the spot for a moment. Then he noticed the almost-empty Scotch bottle on the table by the sofa with the single glass tipped on its side and strode over to it, cursing. Bodie never drank alone. Not like this, anyway. What the fuck was going on?

This is a very sweet Christmas story in which Doyle finally realises how much he means to Bodie, and how much Bodie means to him - and makes it his business to give Bodie the best Christmas he can on short notice.  Lovely story. Highly recommended.

HESTIA: "Flowers For Bodie."   [From CD.]
Doyle remembers his life with Bodie through the flowers that evoke important milestones: pink carnations, white roses and lilies.

Doyle came out of the florist's and grinned ruefully at the bouquet in his hands. Pink and white. He could imagine what Bodie would say: *Bloody hell, mate, you gone soft in your old age?* Cost a fortune too. The pretty blonde assistant had smiled knowingly at him and he'd had to repress the  impulse to say who they were for. No use spoiling her illusions.

Briskly, he set off for his appointment. Lot to do today. But the warmth of the soft summer day soon slowed his pace. He felt the sun on his face and his mind went back to that June ten years ago when he and Bodie first... he grinned again, lecherously. Thought you knew it all, didn't you? he mocked himself. And you hadn't a clue.  Looking down at the flowers, he ran his fingers across their delicacy with reminiscent fondness. How soft the petals were; specially the carnations. He'd had to have those. Pink carnations...

I love the way the meaning of evey flower Doyle has chosen for their anniversary reflects some wonderful memory of the two of them together.  This is a beautiful story and I highly recommend it to anybody.

HG: "Jigsaw."   [From CD.]
Part 1:  Bodie and Doyle are in a sexual relationship but Doyle is more serious than Bodie, who refuses to accept it's about anything but sex. 
Part 2: A year later and Doyle, recovering from being shot, is approached by Cowley to return to CI5 and look for a mole.  He accepts and approaches a rage-filled Bodie - who has left CI5 - for help.

"You were shot approximately three months after learning Bodie had resigned as I recall."

His hard-won calm breached, Doyle glared at his tormentor.  He didn't have to take this kind of interference from anyone.  Not now.  But probing the subject he had forbidden himself was irresistible.

"About that long," he agreed, emotion flattened out of his voice.  By then he had stopped believing Bodie would reappear from wherever Cowley had sent him and had known almost to the last dragging minute how long it had been since he had seen his partner.  *Pining like an abandoned dog.  How bloody sentimental.  Not my style at all.  Or Bodie's.  Obviously.*  And the pain was back, fresh as the day when he had learned the truth.

This is an extremely long, emotionally complicated story and I love it.  I must admit that I like the second part much better than the first.  I don't much like this rage-filled Bodie but I can believe in him - just - given the cirumstances.  And I absolutely adore the ending, which is how I'd like to see them ending up.

HG: "Strange Days Indeed."    [From CD.]
Bodie and Doyle are kidnapped by an old enemy of Bodie's and violence ensues.

"You've been a pain in the arse for weeks, broodier than an egg-bound hen.  Silent suffering's never been your style you like everyone else to suffer with you.  Well that's great, but I've had all of it I'm prepared to take and I'm fed up with makin' apologies for you to anyone stupid enough to have wanted to speak to you in the first place.

"If it's something I've done that's pissed you off, tell me. If it's the job, tell me.  Persecution complex...fine, tell me about it.  I don't give a fuck what the problem is so long as you talk about it.  I'm tired of pussyfootin' round your miserable carcass and I've had enough of you snappin' my head off every moment of every bloody day."

This story has one of my favourite scenes in Professionals fandom when Bodie finally admits his feelings to Doyle - I love Doyle's reaction very much.  Other than that, like many of HG's stories, this one is an amalgamationof a whole lot of things - there's a "case" story, CI5 interaction with Cowley, hurt/comfort on a grand scale when Bodie is raped by thugs, grand misunderstandings and a beautiful reunion scene when they get together.  What more could you ask for?

HG: "Surfers Tension."     [From CD.]
Recovering from an injury, Doyle goes with Bodie to the seaside for a holiday and recuperation.

His eyes crinkled against the strength of the sun, the air warm and gentle against his face, Doyle was suddenly suffused with a rare, transitory joy.  And it hadn't taken much to bring him to this state of grace - basking in the warmth of the spring sunshine, aching a little from the simple pleasure of physical exertion for the sheer joy of it rather than the usual grim necessity of being fit enough to stay alive.  But that was only a part of it:  the smallest part, he admitted readily.  Mostly it was due to being with Bodie, watching that world-weary disdain dissolve as Bodie took his first, short-lived ride on the surf.

Nice, loving, first time story.  I adore the slow, easy way the two guys get together - it's incredibly sweet and un-angsty. 

HG: "Emerging From The Smoke."       [From CD.]
01/03/04 Bodie/Doyle.
(Sequel to "Leap In The Dark" by Chris Powers.)
Bodie has been injured in a car accident and, while he is still under the affect of drugs, his confused psyche sees Doyle as an enemy and betrayer and he tries to strangle his partner.

The crazy, tender melting Bodie could inspire in him when he was least expecting it no longer disconcerted Doyle. He had long since accepted that where Bodie was concerned he had few defenses against the uncharacteristic marshmallow softness that sat so oddly in his otherwise detached persona.  Sometimes the ache to risk losing the effortless rapport he and Bodie shared and blurt out the truth was almost irresistible. But how did you explain that Ray Doyle, well-known lover of ladies and all round stud had fallen in love with his partner? Prepared to launch into speech he would catch that ironical gaze and his nerve would fail him

Maybe one day, he thought, resigned to his own ineptitude.

I'm not sure I buy the psychological reactions of either Bodie or Doyle - but then, I'm not sure they wouldn't react that way either .  Either way, it's a very interesting take based on an extreme situation - and I enjoyed the story thoroughly.

JM: "In Hot Water - An Idyll."   [From CD.]
Cowley sends Bodie and Doyle over to America on a simple "errand boy" job .  Dr Elizabeth Dawson lends them her house by the beach as they wait for an envelope to be ready to take back to Cowley.

Were they going to share improvised sleeping arrangements all the time they were here, wondered Doyle, eyes already closing.  Not that he minded. Good to have Bodie next to him.  He seemed to be thinking that a lot lately.  Know where he is like this, he told himself, know he's not out somewhere taking crazy chances all by himself.

This was better, Bodie thought drowsily.  The most comfortable he'd been in days.  Room to lie down and stretch out.  Feel Ray close to him. Can keep track of him when he's this close, he thought with a little murmur of satisfaction.  Know he's not bouncing about somewhere getting into god knows what.

Can't help touching him, packed in so close, thought Doyle with a contented sigh.

Tucked up together like children put down for their naps, thought Bodie, smiling sleepily.

They slept.

This is a lovely, slow, sweet story in which Bodie and Doyle spend several weeks over Christmas resting, relaxing and growing ever closer to each other - especially in the heated pool and the hot tub!  Very nicely done.

LEWTAN, MEG: "An Affair To Remember."      [From CD.]
AU.  An 18 year old artist, Ray Doyle meets 25 year old ex-merc Bodie on a boat on the way from Africa to England.  They start a sexual affair that lasts until they dock.  Both have fallen in love but are afraid to admit it.  They agree to meet in 5 years time on April 1st in the National Gallery.

It had been quite an affair; one for him to remember, he admitted inwardly, but that did not mean it was worth restarting.  It was not worth his job or his future.  It was part of his yesterdays and he should leave it there, buried with all the rest of the times he wanted to forget.  He had told himself that a thousand times but it hadn't made any difference.  Perhaps reality would convince him. Doyle would not be there and he would finally be free to go on with his life, convinced by the man's absence that he was truly a blithering idiot.  Sentimentality was a trap, love made a man vulnerable and obsession was the most dangerous emotion of all.  Today should finally destroy his fixation with Doyle.

This interesting version of the famous movie storyline is wonderfully done - and it's a lot of fun.

LEWTAN, MEG: "Heir Apparent."     [From CD.]
Sequel to "An Affair To Remember".
AU. Bodie and Doyle face many difficulties as they try to live together with their very different lifestyles.

"It's not the end of the world, mate."

"That's easy for you to say," Bodie sneered.  "You're not the one who's half crippled."

"And neither are you," Murphy lashed back.  "Stop whining.  You've got three times as much as the next ten blokes in line and it's about time you started counting your bloody blessings instead of wallowing in self-pity.  So cut out the misery act and tell me why you didn't say anything to Ray."

I like this sequel almost as much as the original.

MAILANDER, JANE: "Land Bridge."
Land Bridge Series Story 1.  Bodie has been killed in a shoot-out and Murphy is assigned to look after a devastated Doyle - he's the only one apart from Cowley who knows that Doyle has lost not only his friend and partner, but his lover.

And in a tiny cold-blooded moment that always happened at such events, Murphy again felt gratitude that Cowley had never partnered him with anyone. No partner to share things with, to joke with and work with -- and no partner to lose, the losing of whom was like the loss of your right arm, your breath, and your savor. Lone Wolf Murphy, the other agents joked; but Murphy stood apart, safe and aloof, when the others howled. 'An island never cries...'

Excellent metaphor of the land-bridge is explored with fine writing in this story from Murphy's POV.  This series is my absolute favourite Professionals fanfiction.

MAILANDER, JANE: "Migration."
Land Bridge Series Story 2.  Murphy and Doyle are now partners and the former lone wolf has now begun to care about someone else - but Ray Doyle is angry at everyone in his grief.

"Want to live like me, do you?" Murphy said. "Away from everyone, not giving a damn if people live or die? Eh? Well, you can't live that way and still be like me, Ray, because I stopped living that way eight months ago."

Ray's shoulders went still. He did not look up or turn around.

This is probably the hardest of the 5 stories to read in that it deals with a grief-stricken Doyle and Murphy's attempts to reach him in the months following Bodie's death.

MAILANDER, JANE: "Settlement."
Land Bridge Series Story 3.  Murphy and Doyle become lovers 8 months after Bodie's death.

That had been last night.

The last night?

The tea's steam wafted into Murphy's face, condensing at the corners of his tightly-shut eyes.

Would he be weeping into a solitary pillow tonight? Of course he wouldn't; Murphy didn't cry. But there would be no one to hold him and whisper to him, no one to stroke his hair and kiss him, no one to reassure him that Ray had known Murphy had loved him. No one to assure him that Ray had loved him at all.

Their positions are reversed - and Murphy now faces the long wait at the hospital to see if his partner will survive.  This story is more hopeful, though, as Doyle works his way through his grief over Bodie and claws his way back to life with Murphy's help.

MAILANDER, JANE: "Exploration."
Land Bridge Series Story 4.  Murphy and Doyle go rock-climbing in the US.

They'd been *told* to "shut the fuck up."

So Ray and Murphy lay in perfect silence together, and watched the two raccoons neatly and methodically clean out "Waylon's" unattended food box and ice chest over the space of an hour. Every laugh was muffled in their arms or against each other. The activity was augmented with whispered comments to each other on the possibility of awarding OBEs to foreign animals.

"God, I wish Bodie coulda seen this," Ray giggled as one of the raccoons emerged dragging an entire package of bacon by one plastic corner.

"Who d'you think sent 'em?" Murph whispered back, and they nearly ruptured themselves suppressing that laugh.

This is a wonderful story.  Doyle and Murphy are lovers and Murphy introduces Doyle to the pleasures of rock-climbing.

MAILANDER, JANE: "Commemoration."
Land Bridge Series Story 5 (Final).  Both Murphy and Doyle commemorate the anniversary of Bodie's death.

This politely poisonous game had once been Murphy's whole life, bringing with it the cool-blooded satisfaction of being able to outthink opponents and let them think they'd outthought Murphy. A game for cool heads and cold blood.

But now something hot burned beneath Murphy's heart that had stirred it into a warmth and life it had never known. Wryly, he thought that the source of that heat was eminently skilled at lighting fires in cold people.

This is a wonderful conclusion to the Land-Bridge series - I love  the whole thing absolutely and can't recommend them highly enough.

MERIDIAN: "Comfort."
Bodie/Tim Bayliss.
CROSSOVER with "Homicide: Life On The Street".
Bodie is alone in a bar in Baltimore at Christmas and he can't stop thinking about his old partner, Ray Doyle.

For a second, he leaned into the touch. Then stepping back to take Bodie's hand again, he led the other man down the hall to his bedroom, his nerves simmering with anticipation and a little fear.

Taking a stranger to bed was always a chancy proposition, but it wasn't going to stop him. With loneliness pressing him hard the last few weeks, he had to have a least a few moments of respite, or the tension would drive him quietly insane. He'd chosen to work at the bar tonight because he'd hoped it would keep him busy and his mind away from other things.

Now, he was leading a stranger to his bed in hopes of finding some comfort in the dark. Not really expecting much, he would be grateful for half of that.

You could describe this as PWP because its basically a one-night stand between the two guys but it's a sweet one.  It has its faults - there's the usual emphasis on the "beauty" of the two men, supposedly from the viewpoint of one man or the other, which often jars me - but I'm a sucker for this sort of melancholy unrequited love story.

CROSSOVER with "The Chief".
Bodie returns from Baltimore determined to get Doyle back in his life - even if he's now Alan Cade.

Alan stepped out of his arms completely. "You just waltz in here and expect me to fall into your arms? After eight years? Even you aren't that stupid."

This is the sequel to "Comfort". Despite the story's faults - I really hate it when one of the guys is refered to as "slender" and there is rather to much authorial explication for my taste - I like this story and keep coming back to it.  I think I must have a kink for stories where one of the guys doesn't think he wants the other one but just can't help himself <g>

PFL: "Awakenings."
Bodie and Doyle are in a car accident.

He forced his eyes to open.  Bodie was leaning over him, his face white, blood--blood running from a gash in his forehead, sliding down his face.  Blood...

"Bodie."  Why was his voice so weak?  "You're hurt--"  He tried to move, struggling to shift so that he could see more clearly--and the pain crashed into him, dragged at him like an anchor, pulling him  down, down down...

From a distance he heard:   "Doyle.  Ray!  Stay with--" and then nothing.

I love PFL's stories - they're all fabulous, with spot-on characterisation and great writing.

POWERS, CHRIS: "Of Tethered Goats And Tigers."   [From CD.]
Cowley and Doyle pretend to be lovers to catch a notorious Russian spy - but Bodie is kept out of the loop. When Bodie discovers who Doyle's scret lover is, his reaction takes Doyle completely by surprise.

"Curiosity," said Doyle, "killed the cat. You intrude enough into my private life as it is."

"Who, me? Never!"

"Screwing my girl doesn't count, I suppose?"

"I seem to remember you and Anna getting extremely carried away on our last double-date. Would have taken tyre-levers and hydraulic jacks to separate you." Bodie countered, effectively side-tracked. And with any luck, Doyle reflected, he would not realize he'd been diverted for a while. However, show Bodie a mystery and then withhold information, and he would move heaven and earth to get to the bottom of it. It was, Doyle acknowledged, one of the traits that made him a good CI5 operative, and if played correctly, would suit Cowley's purpose to a T.

There's great emotional and sexual intensity expressed in this story - I love it.

STONE, LAINIE: "Brass In Pocket."   [From CD.]
Doyle goes undercover as a gay man for an operation and not only does it cuase problems between him and his partner, but old emotional wounds are opened up for Doyle as well.

Doyle barely saw the lock as he turned the tumbler. Barely saw the  stairs as he climbed them. Saw nothing at all when he went into the bedroom, suddenly drowning in a pain so enveloping he had no defence for it. His very thoughts were incoherent for a time as he felt every part of his carefully structured existence shatter into jagged, tearing pieces.

His body adapted, finally, and the agony receded enough to be bearable. That was bad, because he could think again. He didn't want that. He was aware of the sound first, a gasping whimper, a mortally wounded animal sound. He shut his mouth, and the sound stopped. He felt cramp next, and realized the hardness against his back, side and bottom came from the corner of the room, where he sat wedged hard against the wall. His forearms were clutched desperately around his waist, and bruised his stomach. He unwound, forced himself to stand, and staggered to the bed. He collapsed on it and sobbed again, that angry, obscene sound he'd heard before. He couldn't stop it, and he rocked on the bed, moaning because it hurt so bad, so bad. Bodie  loved men, loved beautiful men. Picked them up and put them down, looking for perfection with his beauty, and Ray had never, never been beautiful. Ray had nothing, only his body, that he flaunted and used because nothing else got him what he wanted, but he wanted Bodie, and Bodie had never responded to his partner's desperate posing. Now, he knew why. Bodie loved beauty, and Ray Doyle was not, had never been, could never be, beautiful.

This is an interesting story.  I can't say that I really think this Doyle fits my view of canonical Doyle - the author is rather too inclined to enthuse about Doyle's beauty - but he's very interesting to read about.  Those who enjoy FuckedUp!Doyle, or even RentBoy!Doyle, will like this one and even though I'm not usually a fan of either of these characterisations, I did enjoy this story for the actual plot it contains, as well as the interesting take on our guys' relationship.

STONE, LAINIE: "Days Of Futures."   [From CD.]
Cowley calls Bodie and Doyle into his office separately to ask them about their new sexual relationship.

Bodie was wearing his bland face, the one that told the observant that he was waiting to see what developed. George Cowley smiled to himself knowing that the younger man was undoubtably searching his conscious for some misdeed. So far as he, Cowley, knew there was only one thing that might cause Bodie to be wary of him, the one thing he was about to bring up.

"Sit down." Cowley said, mildly. The deep blue eyes regarding him narrowed with suspicion and Cowley let a little of his smile show. "I want to talk to you about Doyle."

This is one of the older Professionals stories, a classic story that I enjoy re-reading every time.  Well-characterised Cowly, Bodie and Doyle and the sex is nice, too!

STONE, LAINIE: "Five And A Half Months."   [From CD.]
Bodie resigns unexpectedly and disappears back into the jungles of Africa.  A furious Doyle gets a window of 6 months from Cowley in which to find him.

George added,"That's six months without pay, Doyle." 

Of course.

His strings got me hooked up with an old commander of Bodie's on my way to a bush war in Zimbabwe.  I learned first hand how much truth there'd been in Bodie's ugly little stories.  Quite a bit, actually.  It took me a couple of weeks to get used to an organic jungle, but it ended up being more uncomfortable than anything else.  The other men...well, I've met nicer child molesters.  I killed one in that stupid game they get so much out of and after that they kept their hands off. It got out that I was on a manhunt and was maybe a little mad and they left me alone, watching me from the corners of their eyes.

I followed rumors, moving with the wars until I'd heard Bodie'd been killed a little ways North.  I shut my eyes and thought about it.  No.  Something in me would have died if Bodie's gone.  He wasn't dead, not yet.  I kept looking.

I love this one, especially for the humorous way it deals with some fannish cliches, such as The Game.  And I rather enjoy a take-charge Doyle.

ROSE, PAM: "Forget That I Remember, And Dream That I Forget."
Bodie is hit by a car while pretending to be a mercenary called Odell and suffers from amnesia.  Believing he is the mercenary, he travels to Africa, and Doyle is forced to follow him to try and find a way to approach this new Bodie, a Bodie who doesn't remember who he is.

Doyle looked him straight in the eye, and there was no change of expression, no flicker of recognition. Doyle had known Bodie in all conditions, under all types of cover, but there had always been something -- some spark, some acknowledgment of the game they were playing. There was nothing to read there now but good humor and natural friendliness.

In spite of himself, he couldn't help it. "Bodie?" it was a hoarse whisper.

Love this story - the only good amnesia story I've ever read. Highly recommended.


ANONYMOUS 1: "The Dark Side Of Eden."
Doyle' stream of conscousness about his relationship with Bodie.

It's rainin'...the tender rain of an early spring morning, makin' the flowers grow and the birds twitter as it washes away the sombre grey of winter...can't cleanse me heart of its deep blue hue though...thought paradise was havin' him near...and it is...'s nobody like my Bodie...and he's mine--heart, soul, body and mind...hoped to keep him safe by lovin' him...but that's the problem...the dark side of Eden...had nothing I cared about 'specially when it was just me

The constant use of elipses does get to me, even though I understand it's meant to represent Doyle's scattered state of mind as well as his stream of consciousness in this story. Another death story to add to my collection, although this one is not as good as some.

WARD, ELLIS: "The Return."
Bodie is dead and Doyle is working as a construction worker when Cowley calls in on him unexpectedly after work one night.

Doyle sat by the window, gazing down into the street. There were children playing a ruthless game of kick-can. Their squeals of laughter and outrage had drawn him from his chores in the kitchen, a welcome diversion to the unrewarding process of scraping his broiling pan preparatory to fixing cod for dinner. A long time had passed since the pan had been used, and in the interim it had only been wiped clean prior to packing for the latest move. Sight of it had driven a spoke of reminiscent agony into Doyle out of all proportion to the expenditure of energy needed to set it to rights.

The last time he had used it, Bodie had been here with him. The last time he had used it, Bodie had still been alive.

I really love this story - I think it's because I like the emotional intensity that comes from Doyle's reactions to Bodie's death and subsequent events.

YARDLEY, O: "Journeys End."
Doyle has injured both arms while Bodie is away on assignment but he cancels his trip home to stay with family and goes back to his own flat, determined to manage by himself.  Unfortunately, he finds it a little more difficult than he thought to manage even the simplest tasks - until Bodie comes to the rescue.

Doyle tried to say something but having no idea what he wanted to say, nothing came out save for a kind of strangled half-sob expressive of his relief that Bodie was here at last.

"Hey!" Bodie said again, this time with the soft affection that only Bodie could give to such an ordinary utterance, "what's up, eh?" and he was pulled close into a comforting, rib-creaking, tender hug with Bodie's voice murmuring soothing nonsense ticklishly into his ear while his hands roamed with gentle, reassuring pats over his shoulders and back.

"You're really in a state, aren't you," Bodie marvelled.  "I don't know, mate, I can't take my eye off you for five minutes without you're in trouble, can I!"

I love the way this story works out - lots of lovely comfort, which is my favourite kind of story.

YARDLEY, O: "Party Spirit" Series.
I love this series.  There are 26 stories which follow the episodes of The Professionals rather closely and show the burgeoning sexual relationship of Bodie and Doyle as they go from platonic partners to occasional fuck buddies to a close and loving serious relationship.  I love the way this is done and it remains one of my favourite Professionals stories.  Perhaps it's because it's one of the first things I read in this fandom that the Party Spirit series holds such a special place in my heart.  For an in-depth look at the individual stories, follow the "Series" link above.
[Only the first 2 stories are up at the circuit Archive link provided, the rest are on the CD.]



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