Here are some of my favourite RPS * stories.
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I have no problem reading RPS - to me it's just fantasy.
If you DO have a problem with it, don't read any of the stories on this page.
And definitely DON'T write to me to tell me that RPS is the work of the devil,
 or of the morally bankrupt.

I'm happy to supply a copy of any story that has no link supplied - by email on request.

These recs are sorted alphabetically by author name, then story title.

GYR FALKE & SALIX ARCTICA: "Brainstorm."   [No link]
46 kb
Paul seduces Callum and the two start a relationship.

A couple nights later Cal's packing up his bag in his trailer. They've just wrapped the eighth day of shooting and he's got a couple days off. He wonders what Hugh's doing; what Sarah's doing, if she'll be in town; and then, oddly, what Paul's doing. He hasn't heard Paul mention Martha and he knows the schedule is starting to snowball for Paul so he guesses there's probably not a whole lot of relaxation time on Paul's agenda.

There's the sharp sound of a knock on his door, followed immediately by Paul's voice and, two seconds later, Paul's head. "Cal! I caught you! Good. You have a few minutes?"

This is very sweet, told from CKR's first person POV, and a superior PWP.

GYR FALKE & SALIX ARCTICA: "Right Beside You."     [No link]
485 kb
PG and CKR are having a series of sexual encounters while making Due South.  Things are getting on top of a stressed Paul and Cal helps him cope.

It's a bad day. Really bad. No sleep at all the night beforeleaves Cal forgetting half his lines and miscuing on the ones he does remember. He'd stayed up all night, not even bothering totry to sleep, knowing it wouldn't come, not alone. He missed Paul. Spent hours vacillating between stunned amazement at how the weekend went, and feeling like he's just Really Fucked Up. He was putting way too much meaning into things. Little things. Like 'Do we have pots.' We. And like Paul letting him fuck him. That was probably just Paul's way of reassuring him. Though it was kind of above and beyond. . .

"Cut!" George yells.

"And cue the fucking dog," Paul says in a too-patient, too-even tone of voice.

Cal winces. Knows it's him, not the fucking dog, that's the problem.

This is one of my favourite slash stories, the story that turned me to the RPS side of the fence.  There's plenty of terrific characterisation, psychological development, sweet romance and hot sex -- what more could you ask for?  Highly recommended.

CALICO: "Sabotage."
102 kb
The guys are planning to wind Elijah up for his 21st virthday when Viggo arrives and things escalate.

"One," Orlando said, and patted Elijah on the head. Elijah looked up, startled.


Dom tugged Elijah's hair, "two," and Elijah spun round accusingly, slapping at the back of his own head.

"Get the hell off me!"

"Three," Viggo rumbled, catching Orlando's eye from the door, and ooh. This was new. Orlando waited expectantly, tried ignore the fizzy feeling at seeing Viggo after two weeks of... not seeing him. He looked good. He wasn't sure what he could be doing here - birthday stuff, sure, but that wasn't really due til tomorrow night - but as long as he didn't out them to Elijah, it'd be fine. Please, please, let Viggo know the rules.

Basically a fucking orgy <g>.  And HOT.   Plenty of nice schmoopy feeling, though, between Viggo and Orlando, if that floats your boat.

CALICO: "Subversion."
42 kb
This story is a companion piece to "Sabotage".  What happened between Billy and Dom while Orlando, Elijah and Viggo were so occupied?

"No?" Dom said, breath all warm.

"Straight, remember?" Billy said desperately, trying to twist his mouth away. Away. Yes.

"Straight," Dom said flatly, backing off a little. Billy felt a little sigh go through his body and decided it was relief.


Dom bit his lip apologetically. "Billy," he said cautiously, "straight men don't help gay men pin naked men to tables to facilitate kinky cocksucking." There was a pause, then Dom added, like Billy had asked him something, "and yeah, the two-on-one, that's kinky."

"I know," Billy said sharply.

When Calico is on the ball her prose is HOT , although occasionally her turn of phrase loses the momentum for me.

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