Here are some of my favourite Roswell stories.
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Warning: Description of the stories may contain spoilers.

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LIVIA: "Gambler, The."
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While in Las Vegas, Kyle gambles with money, then takes a chance and kisses Alex.

"You hate Vegas, don't you?"

I opened my eyes to see Kyle, leaning against the trellis, his drink held casually in one hand. His jacket fell away from his chest, revealing the slim lines of his body. I looked away, out into the gardens. God, I was in so much trouble.

I always like Livia's work and it's wonderful to read a story that slashes Kyle and Alex - especially Alex, since he's one of my favourite characters.  This is a sweet story that fits into canon effortlessly.

LIVIA: "Too Well."
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Alex is dead and Kyle is grieving.  His father comes to comfort him and finds out that Kyle and Alex were lovers.

We sat for a while, keeping company in silence. Finally I spoke. "I didn't realize you and Alex were such good friends."

"We weren't friends," he said, his voice wrung-out, and looked up at me. It wasn't his words or tone that made the realization dawn in my mind, but the fear, the pleading in his eyes. I had never seen that look in my son's eyes before, not when he was looking at me, and I stared back, shocked wordless. 

This story hits my bittersweet kink full on - I love it.