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ANDARIEL: "Shift In Perception."
Clark/Lana; Clark/Lex.
Clark learns the difference between reality and fantasy.

The kiss should have been perfect. It matched his dreams almost to the last detail, from how Lana felt in his arms to the sweet innocence imbuing the lips under his own. But his reaction to the seeming perfection of the moment was vastly different from what he'd expected. There was no rush of blood in his body, no desperate need to get as close as he could. He felt completely in control, nearly at ease, and that just made no sense at all.

He had to be in shock, a part of him not yet accepting that this wasn't a dream. Only explanation that made sense, so instead of backing away, Clark reached. Slid an arm down to Lana's waist, pulled her closer, just enough to make a difference for him but not enough to frighten her. She responded positively, her hands moving across his back and head tilting up to his in silent encouragement. This just confused Clark even further, because it didn't change anything. It wasn't that he had no reaction to the kiss, but it was instinct without drive; pleasure without passion.

And it wasn't enough. You know you're in trouble when fantasy so far outstrips reality.

I enjoyed this story very much.  the juxtaposition is perfect and it's simple and sweet and very satisfying.

Clark tells Lex he's ready for more sexually - and goads him until he gives it to him

Kneeling over his chest, Lex grips the back of Clark's head. The support isn't meant to reassure Clark so much as to make the angle a little easier on Lex as he fucks into Clark's mouth.

This is how Clark must have wanted it. He'd said, "Lex, come on, can't we do more?"

"All we ever do is make out," Clark'd said.

Granted. But Clark is a big inexperienced kid, and Lex had warned him. He'd told Clark that the way he did "more" would be too intense, and Clark had glowered and pushed up against him and said, "I'm ready; come on," and insisted they move from the couch to the bed, and so this is how Clark wants it.

This is pure, unadulterated HOT sex.

CHELLE: "Acts Of Faith."
Clark and Lex learn about trust.

But that didn't excuse all of the other times Clark had lied. Lex didn't understand it, how Clark could say they were friends and in the next breath make it clear that Lex wasn't good enough to confide in.

Rejection. Closing his eyes, Lex leaned against his desk. He'd been telling himself that he pushed Clark out of curiosity, that he was a scientist and Clark was a mystery. More recently, he'd told himself that he had to protect Clark from Lionel, and that it would be easier to protect him if he knew what Clark was hiding. But the truth was simpler than that, and uglier. Clark didn't think Lex worthy of his trust and Lex felt rejected.

Of course, Lex had gotten even. He'd rejected Clark in turn, and suddenly his motives for that were a whole lot murkier.

I love both the Lex and Clark characterisations in this, plus the way it deals with the trust issues between the guys.  Nicely done.

CHELLE: "Dangerous Things."
Clark tries to makes thing right with Lex.

Lex hadn't said a word, and Clark was willing to wait. He told himself it was patience, not cowardice. As accomplished as he was at lying, he still couldn't make himself believe it. Lex turned too fast onto a dirt road, not slowing until the increasing number of holes forced him to. There were cornfields on either side of them, and Clark knew where they going. Riley's field. Lex liked symbolism.

An abrupt turn and the car was plunged into silence when Lex turned off the radio along with the engine. Clark stared at the miles of corn in front of them. Lex wasn't going to say anything, wasn't going to make this easy on him.

This is an interesting first time story with lots of lovely touching thrown in.

ELYNROSS: "Undertow."
Clark delivers fruit to Lex's mansion - then stays on for a swim.

Clark looked at him. "Stop it."

"What?" Lex asked, but he didn't sound very interested.

"Stop acting as if you and your father are some sort of inseparable thing. You're not your father, Lex." Clark didn't know why it made him so angry when Lex sounded like this, when he...hid behind this mask Clark didn't know. He wasn't sure if it was self-mockery, or Lex laughing at him. He hated it when Lex made him feel like the rube he made jokes about. Throwing down his towel, he walked over and dived into the pool, ignoring Lex calling his name.

Elynross is always good value and this story is no exception.  Lex and Clark in a sauna and a swimming pool is just mindblowing enough just as an image, the story is the icing on the cake.

FIREROSE: "Angels And Demons."
136 kb
CROSSOVER with Angel.
Lex hires Angel Inviestigations to look into the disappearance of 3 women in Smallville - and Clark.

At the kitchen table, Clark and Cordelia were engaged in a quick-fire game of anecdote trumps, in between mouthfuls of apple pie.

'We had this guy who froze his dates into human popsicles---'

'I dated a senior who tried to sacrifice me to a giant snake---'

'I kissed a girl who could change shape---'

'My boyfriend made the swim team, he nearly turned fish---'

'Our coach immolated himself in the locker-room---'

'Our principal got eaten by wild dogs. Rumour had it they were ex-students---'

Their chatter tailed off as soon as they saw him -- Wesley felt like a headmaster checking up on library period.

This is mostly gen, although there are overtones of slashy goodness with Lex and Clark. This story mostly concentrates on Wes and Cordelia (Angel and Lorne stay in LA and  Gunn is unjured fairly early) and their interaction with Clark - and the investigation.  There's lots of funny dialogue between Clark and Cordelia and overall I found this story very entertaining.

FORTUNATO, DESTINA: "Prophet Of Eden."
116 kb
Future Lex time-travels back to stop himself from following the road to disaster, but can he change the future or is he doomed by his very nature to love, hurt, and eventually kill Clark?

"Clark." Lex got to his feet. "Look at me. Really look."

"Then come over into the light. I can't see you very--"

"You don't need the light. I know it, you know it. Look at me."

Clark's head shot up; that sounded like.... You don't need the light. A wave of sickening certainty washed through him.

Lex was the same, and yet not the same. His face seemed.... There were lines around his eyes, his neck. He looked-

"What's happened to you?" Clark whispered.

This is a wonderful story and I love the format as Destina gradually follows Lex back through time as he desperately tries to alter the desolation in his future.  I adore Destina's writing and she's an author I both admire for her skill and envy for her talent.

JENN: "Closer To Breathing."
Clark is upset by the deliberate insult levelled at Smallville by Lex’s ostentatious Christmas party. Lex follows him as he tries to leave and they end up drinking brandy in the locked cloak room.

"Shit. I can't believe two shots did this to you. Your father is going to put out a warrant for my arrest."

Clark tilted his head back, letting Lex's face swim into view. Huh. How did Lex get so close? Turning a little, his cheek brushed the fine material of someone's suit pants, and he was going to guess they were Lex's.

Hmm. Lex made a good pillow.

"I'm laying down, aren't I?" Had to be, or certainly he wouldn't be able to see the ceiling.

"Yes, you are. I'm currently imagining how to decorate the cell I'm doubtless going to be enjoying very soon."

This story is very good -  a very sweet story, that has a sequel: "You Know."

JENN: "Easy Tonight."
Lex is just about to leave for Metropolis when he finds Clark naked on his porch.

Lex shut his eyes. Hard. Opened them again.



Was on his rug.

"Clark--" This was Smallville. Normally, that was a damn good answer to any and all philosophical questions regarding strangeness. But this--this wasn't even in the same general realm of strangeness. It was like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets the Playboy Channel. The Winter Edition. And he'd never admit he was religious in watching both. "Clark--"

"Clothes, Lex." How skin that cold could still flush like *that* was beyond Lex's ability to coherently process, and he caught himself tracing the color down the exposed throat, chest, stomach--


Breathe, Lex. Just breathe.

This story haas wondefully funny dialogue, and hot sex. It's a lovely sweet first time story.

JENN: "Sleep While I Drive."
Clark returns home from school to find Lex waiting for him in his car.  Lex gives him the keys and tells him to drive – and they just keep on driving on a 5 day road trip.  What is up with Lex?

There are a lot of questions in his head--God, so many they crowd up the space inside this car. But--they aren't as important as they probably should be, might be another day, another time. Not with the edge off the heat and the night cool and smooth; not with the top down and the wind cutting into his hair and drying the sweat, the roads stretching far and wide going on forever. Like he could go anywhere, anywhere at all.

This is a lovely, slow, detailed development of  a sexual/romantic relationship between Clark and Lex.

JENN: "Somewhere I Have Never Travelled."
Clark has made a monumental decision - he can no longer be Superman but chooses to become merely human.  What will this mean for him, the world, and his complicated relationship with his enemy Lex Luthor?  And just what is Lex up to now?

The next spasm is completely unexpected, and Clark's body curls up, mouth opening on no air and no way to get it. Panic takes over--what do you do, he thinks, remember, you saved humans all the time. Save *yourself*. He'd wondered why they fought him sometimes.

Now he gets it. There's nothing like this, nothing in his experience, that comes close to this loss of control. Even Kryptonite was specific, and he knew when it was gone, he'd be fine. Not this time.

He has no idea *what* the fuck this is.

This is a fabulously original story that explores what happens to Clark Kent in this brave new personal world he has created for himself. The complicated plot is a joy as it unravels to the reader one step at a time, always surprising - at least for me!  The characterisations of Lex, Lois Lane, Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Dr Cassius are all excellent.  I think one of the things I like most about this story is the way the author doesn't feel the need to explain eveything that happens - she trusts her audience to be able to read between the lines.  A very intelligent, powerfully absorbing read - with hot sex as well.

JENN: "Three Impossible Things."
Clark is dropped by Chloe while Lex is in the middle of what looks like a very serious relationship with Lena - and Clark finally decides what he really wants from Lex.

"You've graduated. That is a lot to think about." And Clark waits for Lex to begin his recruitment speech, but that doesn't happen. "Technically, you can't deny me the right to give you a graduation present."

"Huh?" But Lex is staring off into the oncoming traffic with a perfectly innocent expression. "Lex---"

"And graduations are usually reserved for extravagant gifts."

"What are you thinking?" Thinking, nothing. Lex did something, and Clark's torn between curiosity and anticipation.

"Depends on if you say you'll accept it." There's a little curve to the corner of Lex's mouth, like he's sure Clark will accept. And he'd be right.

"All right, what did you do? Small island?"

Lex makes a noise that's torn between a cough and a laugh. "Yes. The Caymans. You like them? I can exchange for the Philippines, but it might take time if you're into Hawaii. God, you're strange."

This story is excellent. It's a nice, long, detailed exploration of the dangers of seducing your best friend.

JENN: "You Know."
Sequel to "Closer To Breathing." The monring after the night before, Clark faces Lex again - but Lex is in denial.

There was something just very, very odd about waking up to the rather calm realization you'd had your first sexual experience in a closet.

During a party.

With your parents in the next room.

And, to top off the level of decadence, with a guy.

While drinking.

It was like an entire season of Dawson's Creek trapped in one very odd hour of real time -- except, you know, no annoyance of Dawson. God. Clark rolled over on his back, pulling the old quilt closer to his chest and pondering the situation.

I love the wonderfully snarky Clark in this story, the one who keeps Lex on the hop throughout - and the story is sweet and funny.

JENN: "The Wasteland."
Lex takes over Luthercorp, his father shoots himself - and Clark rescues Lex from a downward emotional spiral that almost results in Lex's death.

"You weren't shot. That's--God, Lex. I--" The words taper off into silence, and Lex waits for Clark to draw away. Because the emergency's over, and there's a lot of things that made Clark walk away and even more that kept him at that very safe, comfortable distance. Lex would like to say he regrets it, but he really doesn't.

It's a hell of a lot easier not to give a shit.

This is not a nice, comfortable story but then, you didn' expect a fluffy little love story with that title, did you?  This one reflects the rage, complexity and difficulty in their relationship.  In this reality Clark walked away from his friendship with Lex 3 years ago when Lex betrayed his trust - but both still love each other.  Gradually they get to a place where they can try to get over their respective father's influences.  Like all Jenn's stories, this is an excellent story, full of intricate characterisatiion and angst.

JOYFULGIRL42: "Things We Cannot Change.";
                             "It Ties."; and
                             "Best Intentions."
42 kb; 102kb;
Clark/Lex; Methos/Duncan MacLeod.
In the first story of this trilogy, "Things We Cannot Change", Lex finds out something about himself that changes everything. Clark finds out that Lex is gay - and that changes things, too.   In the sequels, the Kents find out about Lex and Clark, and Duncan and Methos finally get their act together.

"You know, you don't have to bring home every stray you find on the street, MacLeod." Adam chuckled, walking over to the refrigerator to deposit his beer.

Duncan looked annoyed. "What would you have me do? Just leave him out there to get killed?"

Lex had become fed up with the conversation almost immediately. "No, what you should do is bring him home, let him shower, feed him and then talk about him like he isn't in the room without explaining what the fuck is going on."

This is an interesting premise and I enjoyed watching my favourite Smallville couple get together in this first time story. There are some really nice moments in these stories: sometimes a phrase or section that will make me laugh, sometimes a schmoopy bit that will hit home, and sometimes a hot sex scene.  Unfortunately, you have to dig a bit to get to these nuggets as the writing generally is not spectacular.  There are some really basic writing flaws--telling not showing, clunky exposition in places, getting two hot characters to have sex just cos they look cute together and really having to twist the situation to make it happen, IMO, etc etc-- which any halfway decent beta could iron out in a second if given the chance.  However, despite this caveat, this is an enjoyable romp through both universes if you can leave your critical filter at the door, relax and go with the flow.

Lex is injured in a car accident, and there's a snowstorm raging.

He wished he knew how much time had passed. The clock on the dash had died with the lights. There was a watch on his trapped wrist and he entertained himself for a few seconds by trying to twist in such a way that he could see its glow-in-the-dark hands. He got a dull, throbbing ache and maybe a millimeter of give before giving up and letting himself drift. When he woke up again it was colder and lonelier and undoubtedly later, and he still didn't know what time it was.

It was okay, though. It was -- fitting. The cold outside and the cold within were curiously in tune. Was he freezing the world, or was the world freezing him? Too close to call. Wouldn't matter much to the storm, either way.

This story is excellent.  I love the sweetness of this story and I love Meredith Lynne's use of language, as always. This is the author who dragged me kicking and screaming into Smallville fandom, before I even got a chance to see an episode.

RUBY: "Promise"; "Promise 02: Not Yet."     
Clark can rely on Lex to keep any promises he makes to him.  When he graduates and moves to Metropolis, Clark becomes more inextricably involved with Lex's life, both personal and business.

Clark hadn't been worried that his friend wouldn't show up. Lex had promised he'd be there to see him graduate and that was all Clark needed to hear.

I like this story despite its flaws.  There's a lot of telling not showing, the punctuation is hit and miss at times, and the grammar could use a competent beta -- but there is still much to enjoy here.  The sex is quite hot, there's plenty of plot to keep the reader's interest and  Lex and Clark's first time is sweetly told without glossing over the difficulties they face.

SLEEPS WITH COYOTES: "Delayed Reaction."        
Lex and Clark kiss for the first time but they are continually interrupted by people and bizarre events when they try to get together.

'I think Lex just threatened to kill his dad...and now they're bonding over it.  I am never going to understand those two...'

Watching Lex and Lionel trade verbal attacks over the breakfast table, he was a little amazed by the unfamiliarly amiable tone of it all.  The two Luthors were smiling at each other, and Clark was finally starting to realize why that particular expression on Lex rarely ever meant what you thought it did--but they almost seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Like a particularly cutthroat game of chess played for high stakes or two generals maneuvering for high ground, taking an odd sort of pride in their opponent's skill.  As incredible as it was to see Lex open up to him, all those defenses dropping without a second thought, it was weirdly right to see Lex just bloom under the fierce and unpredictable regard of his father, to watch them circle and snarl at each other like two well-fed tigers who weren't in it for the hunt, but the sheer satisfaction of the fight.

Sleeps with Coyotes (also known as Ladonna King) is a great writer and this story is funny, sexy and quirky - and I love it.

SUZ: "Faking It"   
Clark has to turn down a girl and he pretends he's gay - then needs a date to convince her at her birthday party.  He asks Lex - and things spiral out of control. 

"Look, Clark, you know I care about you, but it's no one else's fault but your own. And I know that with you being, you know, you," he paused deliberately, "you've had to lie a lot, but did you really have to tell her you were gay?"

"I didn't want to hurt her feelings," he mumbled, feeling and sounding feeble. What'd happened to that alien who'd been sent to conquer Earth?

Quite obviously, he hadn't been sent to conquer women. There was a difference. A big one.

"So you figured lying to her was better?" Pete chuckled. "Wouldn't wanna be you, man."

Clark didn't want to be Clark either. Especially in three days time. "So, Pete..." Clark cleared this throat.


He blinked. "I didn't even say anything."

"I know that tone, my friend. I will not pretend to be your boyfriend."

I love this story, especially Clark and Lex having sex against a wall at a party!

SUZ: "Husk Off."    
Clark invites Lex to visit his parents in Smallville and to come with his to the local festival.  This is an AU where Lex's father has been dead for 10 years and Lex and Clark only met when Clark came to Metropolis to attend college.

Clark had a deep and abiding love for Lex's Ferrari. Not any of his other dozen or so cars, just the Ferrari. When Lex asked him why it was that car in particular, Clark had breathed heavily and said,

"It's red, Lex."

Lex had thought a mental 'of course' at the time. Clark's deep and abiding love for the Ferrari was only topped by his love for primary colours.

When Friday evening rolled around and they were placing their belongings in the trunk, Clark did what he always did - he abandoned Lex, leaving him with the menial labour, as his hands ran over all the edges of the very red, very shiny Ferrari.

Clark oooed and aahed - entirely for show, Lex decided - and eventually finished his route at the other side of the trunk.

Sighing happily, Clark beamed. "I love touching this thing. It's almost as good as being inside it."

Lex was jealous of his own fucking car.

This story is wonderful.; I like this confident Clark and Lex's internal reactions to all things Smallville are very amusing.  This story avoids overt sentinmentality but is still sweet and romantic. Highly recommended.


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