Here are someof my favourite Sports Night stories.
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BRUNSON, EMILY: "Dancing On Glass."
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Casey gets sick and he and Dan find out how much they love each other.

Danny didn't smile back. "I'm not a kid and I'm not your mom," he replied in an
even quieter voice. "I'm your partner. And you're kinda scaring me here."

"Scaring you?"

"Yeah. So go to the doctor, okay? Just go."

Their eyes locked, and for a brief instant Casey saw the truth of it. Reluctantly, but clearly. No joking, no banter. There was real pain in those familiar dark eyes. Pain that made him feel simultaneously  alarmed, and vaguely guilty, and somehow far more tired than he had been a minute before.

He nodded slowly. "Okay, I'll go," he murmured. "Stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?" Danny's gaze didn't waver.

"Like -- that."

Okay." Danny blinked, and the odd, somehow terrible stare was gone.

Excellent, slow, realistic portrayal of angst and love.

COOK, LANNING: "Being An Anchor."
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Casey hasn't been to work for 2 days.  Dan phones to check on him and realises that something is very wrong indeed.

Dan couldn’t really believe it for a moment. He sat there listening to the clunk and the clicks and the hisses you get when someone hangs up on you as if Casey were still speaking, speaking in some new language that Dan didn’t understand. And then the dial tone hit, and Dan found himself staring out the window at the building across the street with the phone to his ear and his jaw on the carpet. Casey had never hung up on him. Not in ten years of friendship, not in the worst telephone screaming matches they’d ever had. Never.

This story is excellent.


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