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ANDERS, BRENDA: "Vindication."
Daniel is nervous about attending a memorial service for one of  his old colleagues - so Jack is determined to accompany him.

"I was thinking," Jack said, abruptly changing the subject, "how would you like some company on your trip?"

Daniel looked up, puzzled. "Company? Who?"


"You?" Jackson blinked in surprise. "Jack, why would you want to go to a memorial service for someone you never even met? You won't know anyone there --"

"I'll know you."

"You'll be bored out of your skull. Do you know what a room full of archaeologists talk about when they get together?"

"The last grave they robbed?" O'Neill asked innocently.

I enjoy reading this story very much, despite the fanon Daniel (who everyone wants to protect).  It's short but fun.

ANDERS, BRENDA: "Infinite Possibilites."
Daniel is injured and separated from Jack while on a mission.  Caught by goa'uld, Jack saves him and takes him home – and things start to get a little weird from there.

Daniel woke to the oh-so-familiar smells and noises of the SGC infirmary. It was a gentle awakening; he was warm, knew instinctively he was safe, and the nausea and headache he'd been suffering the last time he was conscious was in the background now, simmering but not overwhelming. He blinked his eyes open, noting the dimmed lights and lack of the usual bustle and knew it was late at night. At least that meant he'd likely get some uninterrupted sleep. It wasn't like when Janet was on duty; usually he no sooner opened his eyes than she'd be darting out of her office and making a bee line for his bed with her nasty little penlight. At least he should be spared that for a few hours.

With that thought in mind he turned his head to burrow a little deeper into the thin Air Force issue pillow when he froze, his eyes widening in surprise. Jack was sitting at his bedside, head on his chest, fast asleep.

I love stories that deal with mirror universes so I liked this one a lot.   There is a bit of fanon in this story but I'm not a reader who objects to that sort of thing if the story is otherwise well-written - and this one is.

ANNA S: "Lost In Translation."
Sitting by a fire on an alien world, Jack watches Daniel making notes on an alien language and thinks about their secret sexual relationship.

I look at him sometimes, ask myself if it's worth it. Lying by omission to everyone I know. Acting one way in public, when I wrap my arms around him in private. Inviting him over to watch the game, in a casual voice, palsy, when I intend to neck with him on the couch. It's not as if I need this stress. I've got my share. I'm forty-four and still wearing combat boots to work. My job takes me, oh, ten million light years from home most days, and I usually come back having left something dead behind me. Snakes. Men. Why do they call them light years, anyway. The years feel heavy to me.

Now that's morbid.

Why be morbid, it's not like we're sitting on some dark planet in the backyard of nowhere, waiting for dawn so that we can trek through the woods to reach a possibly broken stargate without having venomous nocturnal spiders drop on our heads.

Oh wait. We are.

Holy crap, but I hate it here.

Wonderfully funny story from Jack's POV.    The Jack voice is one of the most authentic I've come across in fanfic: dry, cynical and totally hung up on Daniel <g>.

ANNA S: "Meetings."
Daniel is in love with Jack and wants him but Jack isn't interested in anything except friendship.  Daniel feels isolated and alone after Sh'are's death and starts going to a gay bar for lunch.  Eventually he starts to take men home with him for sex… 

He sat on his balcony and stared out at an ordinary Earth city and felt not entirely of his world. Pieces of him remained elsewhere. Bones of his bones, flesh of his flesh; and bits of his mind. He wasn't sure who he'd become during the last several years. He called himself a scientist, he acted as a soldier. He was a widower, he was…a seeker. The imperatives of each role pulled at him like the four winds and the center did not hold; there only remained a vague feeling that he should have done something different at each defining moment of his life. He'd moved from obsession to obsession; and now he searched for his wife's son, but his passion was guttering and his heart was no more than lukewarm.

Well told but it might be a tad too dark for some readers.  The language in this story is beautiful, and I love the quotations from the books Daniel is reading.

ANNA S: "No Man Is Born An Angler."
Stranded together on a planet for ten months, Jack struggles with Daniel's suggestion that they have sex and his own homophobia.

"I think we're a thing," Daniel said.

"We're not a thing."

"I'd be willing to admit it if you were."

"Oh, for crying out loud."

"Would it be that awful?"

"We're not a thing."

"Look around you, Jack." He leaned his scythe against his chest a moment and swept one arm out wide. "Who else do you see?"

I glared at him from under the brim of my cap. "You know that saying, if you were the last man on Earth?"

"Well, this isn't Earth either."

Very well done. Poignant, sweet and wonderful.

ANTRIM, BRENDA: "Loyalties."
CROSSOVER with The X-Files.
Daniel is kidnapped by the Consortium.

"Let me get this straight, Mulder. There’s a missing scientist from a black ops military operation dealing with aliens from another world trying to take over the earth? And Krycek wants you to rescue him?"

He smiled at her. She didn’t buy it. "I know you don’t trust him, Scully-"

"Surprise, surprise," she grumbled.

"-and neither do I-"

"Then why do you keep jumping when he calls?" she asked reasonably.

He couldn’t very well tell her the truth. She’d have him committed. Or at the very least, gelded.

This was one of the very first Stargate stories I read way back when I first started reading slash and I still re-read it occasionally - it'a  fun romp, although there is rather a lot of fanon which might bother some readers.

APOCRYPHA: "Acts Of Consequence."
Set during "Window of Opportunity", Jack takes advantage of the time loop to sound out how he feels about Daniel.

"I'm in a time loop. Living the same piece of time over and over."

"Really?" Daniel looked at him carefully. Jack couldn't believe how easily Daniel took to this. Jack knew how he'd react if Daniel came into his office one day and made the same announcement.

"Yeah. I can prove it. Do you remember yesterday how I came in here and annoyed you all afternoon so you couldn't get any work done?"

"Um, no, Jack. Yesterday was a very quiet day. I got a lot done." Daniel was being to look a little worried.

"Yeah, for you it was. But my yesterday was today. I hate this part." Jack tossed the pencil aside. "You told me a story. When you were 12 your foster parents had a dog named 'Spot.' It was a Dalmatian. It chewed up one of your journals and bit you when you tried to get the journal back. You had to get stitches. Remember telling me that?"

Daniel looked shocked. He hated that story and was certain he'd never told it to anyone at the SGC. "No, I don't remember. I'm sure I didn't tell you that."

"You said you'd say that. Did I mention I was in a time loop?"

I like this story very much, despite some minor technical faults.  There's a very sweet scene at the end as Jack seduces Daniel for the “first” time after the time loop ends that I love to re-read. 

BARRETT, LIN L: "Fifty-Minute Hour."
AU.  A psychologist and psychic accompanies the team to assess the state of Jack's mental health.

In the debrief O'Neill scowled at me and said at the top of his voice, "Why in the hell didn't you read their minds, Dover?"

At least he wasn't calling me "people" anymore.

"Sir, those whom I read spoke medieval French, a language I don't know, in a cultural subtext I could not penetrate, and so far I could tell they were not thinking of the Goa'uld."

And Jackson said, "Oh. They have another name for them."

So O'Neill switched the world-class scowl to him. "And you just sort of forgot to tell her that?"

Jackson spread his hands. "I've never been on a mission with a psychic before, Jack."

The O'Neill glower is quite an item. Watt-for-watt it matches the Hammond steel-eyeballs look. Jackson got it from both directions. He failed to spontaneously combust; I don't know why.

Made for an interesting debrief. I later read the mission reports; they were dull by comparison.

I'm not usually a big fan of either gen or humour as genres, and this story strikes out on  both counts, but for some reason I just liked this story.

CASSIEOPIA: "Scenes From A Life."  [Unnable to find link]
Jack and Daniel are stranded on a strange world in an abandoned village and have to survive as best they can while they wait for an increasingly remote rescue.

He closes his eyes, lets misery replace rage. "We're never going home." Whispers it.

Jack's grip on his wrists loosens, and then Jack releases him, helps him sit up. "Daniel, we don't know that." Cups his face between both hands and leans forward to rest his forehead against Daniel's. "We can't give up. We're going to stay alive, okay? Don't do this to yourself."

He feels his chin wobble, tries to turn away to keep from shaming himself.

Jack doesn't let go, though, just pulls him in and close and holds on to him. "Steady," Jack murmurs.  "We've gotten through worse, we'll get through this."

Will they? He shudders. They're already changed by this, by what happens in the night. He can't say no to Jack, and he both hates that and craves it. He can't blame it on Jack, although he'd like to, and he can't stop wanting Jack. He wraps both arms around Jack and holds on in return, wanting and needing and hating himself.

This story created quite a few heated discussions in Stargate fandom when it came out. A lot of readers found the characterisations OOC and objected to what they saw as non-consensual sex between Daniel and Jack.  I didn't see this story like that.  I like it very much and thought it was a fascinating view of an almost homophobic Daniel who has trouble coming to terms with his own sexuality.

FORTUNATO, DESTINA: "Farther From Earth Than Heaven."
Daniel goes to Abydos to say a final goodbye to Sha're's memory, a year after her death, and Jack goes with him. 

Night on Abydos was a vast, uninterrupted darkness. It was unnerving, and gave Jack a familiar sense of disconnection. He’d had that feeling many times while sliding into unconsciousness; it was an awareness of his own fragility, a brief panic in the absence of light.

He made his way across shifting sand with caution. The feel of it cascading beneath his feet reminded him of losses and old wounds. There were no enemies lurking in the shadows this time, but something just as sinister tugged at him and ran circles around him in the night.

This story is on my list of top 5 stories for any fandom and is simply brilliant.  Beautiful
language, skilled use of metaphor, and overall magnificent writing. What are you waiting for?  Go and read it!

GRRRL, THE: "Between The Shadow And The Soul."      
Daniel has to have his body painted by his team mates as part of a ceremony off-world.   Then Daniel has to spill his seed in front of the people in the ceremony and he can't get it up - so he turns to Jack for help.

Finally I escaped. To my quiet, dusty house. Only I couldn't really escape Daniel, because I could still feel his skin on my fingertips, still feel his hard, heavy dick in my hands. Hard because I was touching him. Me. Jack O'Neill. And I had panicked, completely and utterly panicked.

I thought about all the time we had spent together. Quiet little moments off-world, watching him scribble in his journal, sharing a tent, sleeping together under strange skies. Or moments right here in this house, eating chinese take out. Me watching the food fly from his chopsticks as he talked and waved his hands, excitedly describing some damn alien culture or artifact or whatever. I loved him. And I wanted him. Wanted him so badly that sometimes it made me crazy. My frustration would get the better of me and I would get snappish and cranky at him, but he was never driven away by it. I used to wonder why he put up with me.

But now, now that I had made him gasp and shiver, made him utter my name with such yearning, with such love—now I knew. I had discovered what I didn't ever need to know.

VERY nicely done.  I LOVE a take-charge, take no prisoners Daniel and a meek Jack who just goes with it.  Whee!  And Bottom!Jack <blissful sigh>

JEDI NIC: "That Which Binds."
Daniel and Jack are captured, tortured, and irrevocably linked together by an alien procedure that stops them moving more than six steps from the other.

They stumbled from the Stargate, their faces grey, their bodies shaking. Sam's joy quickly turned into horror as she took in the sight before her: the colonel and Daniel finally free, but at what cost? They were so thin they were almost emaciated, their ragged clothes hanging from their bodies. She watched as they leaned together for mutual support, barely able to stand, and realized that she wasn't doing much good from the back of the Gate room.

I'm  sucker for this sort of 'mental bond' story and this was one of the better ones I've read, despite a lot of torture and other typical fannon 'whomping'.

JUSTINE: "Policy Of Silence 1: Negotiations."
Everyone is beginning to notice the attention Jack is paying to Daniel - even Daniel. 

It was getting harder and harder to look at Daniel and not think about fellatio.

That was the word that came to him, too, polysyllabic and Latinate like Daniel himself. The right combination of kinky knowledge and clinical innocence. Daniel. Fellatio.

This is a fabulous story: intelligent, well-written and full of lovely intensity.

JUSTINE: "Policy Of Silence 2: Determination." 
Jack can't help himself - he goes to Daniel's apartment to have sex.

They looked at each other in the light from the reading lamp. One thing to acknowledge that Daniel was attractive; another to be so close. Daniel was hard, Jack noticed, and uncut, a small detail that caught Jack in an instant of surreal panic.

Daniel was a man, and Jack was a goddamn idiot.

"I thought you'd finished your, um. Risk assessment?" Daniel said, uncertain, his hand skimming over Jack's chest. "Was there something else?"

"I assessed," Jack said. "We're insane."

This is basically a PWP but it's well done.  The third part of this series was never written, and it looks as though it never will be now.

KAI: "Gone Fishin'."
Jack/OMC; Jack/Thor; Jack/Daniel implied.
Jack is relieved that work is finally over after saving the world yet again and he’s looking forward to going fishing - but Thor has a different plan.

The narrow dirt track between the trees was also familiar. He paused to fondly stroke the rough bark of a lightning-struck oak, tracing the initials he'd triumphantly carved one late summer evening, the night he'd lost his virginity -- the first time. Here and there, the waning sunlight flashed off a broken bottle or beer can. These woods were littered with the remains of a million secret adolescent trysts. Somebody scored a twelve-pack, somebody borrowed mom's station wagon, somebody rounded up the crew, and everybody hoped like hell to get lucky. Some few even did. Jack smiled, remembering.

The days and nights had seemed to stretch out forever then, an endless summer of youth, with infinite time for everything, to realize every possibility.

This is the start of a long, complex, beautifully written story that incorporates a glimpse into Jack's past, his relationship with Thor, and his hopes for a romantic relationship with Daniel.  Extremely well-written, the emotion is captured beautifully within the subtle writing of this story - it never goes over the top into melodrama, despite the subject matter.

KAI: "Long Fire."
In this sequel to "Gone Fishin' ", there is more about Jack's past with Matt, and the story incorporates both Thor's final mission and Daniel's ascension in "Meridian".

There is a word in your language now, a word that sprang into being one thousand years ago: langeldr, the long fire.

It evokes many things: the bright, jagged path that lightning travels; an endless spear of flame that sears through the blackness of space, that pierces your body from sole to crown, flowing ever onwards from an unknown, inexhaustible source towards an equally obscure conclusion. Langeldr is the memory of a bakki's touch or the cry of a child. It calls to mind the brilliant, full-body flash at the moment of inspiration. It is all those things and more, forever and beyond, spanning an immense distance in space as well as in time.

Langeldr, the cold fire of the stars; it is an immortality of sorts.

But at what price?

I'm always wary of sequels because they're often not as good as the original - but this is
as good, if not better, than "Gone Fishin' ".

KEIKO: "Buoyancy."     
Jack notices that Daniel has that "just laid" look and starts to speculate on what the woman is like and why Daniel hasn't told him about her.  And that leads inexorably to some soul-searching about his own sexuality for Jack.

Daniel kept typing with his long, nimble fingers, which in a couple hours' time would be dancing over some other guy's body.

' Daniel was getting laid. By another man. And it wasn't Jack.

The thought should have petrified him, should have shattered him. Instead it just slid into place with a perfect, understated finality.

Jack leaned against the doorjamb and slid his hands in his pockets and watched the back of Daniel's head. Well. Nothing more to say, really. It explained everything: his obsessive curiosity verging on stalker scariness, his flares of irrational and petty jealousy, his bottom-of-the-well moments of depression and loneliness.

Jack and Daniel gradually get together, especially on the beige and grey world of boring speeches <g>.  This is so well done! 

LADY OF SHALOTT: "Reveille."
Jack and Daniel wake up in bed together on a alien planet, with no memory of how they got to be there.

Daniel stared at him.

Jack stared back, raising his eyebrows, inviting Daniel to clue him in.

Daniel just kept staring, and it suddenly penetrated Jack's brain that Daniel was pretty close. In fact, Daniel was in the bed with him. And he wasn't wearing a shirt. Jack looked down at himself. Also no shirt. Cautiously, he lifted the covers and peeked.

He slapped the covers back down. "There's an explanation for this."

I would definitely recommend the Lady of Shalott's "Reveille" as a thoroughly enjoyable story.  She handles what could have been a cliché fanon situation - Jack and Daniel waking up in bed together - in an original and thoughtful manner.

LADY OF SHALOTT: "Objectives."
Teal'c has been taken prisoner on an alien world and two of the remaining SG-1 team have to have sex in front of an audience to free him without violence.  Earth really needs this alliance, so the three discuss who will be "doing it" for the good of the mission.  

"I'm not saying we should--" Daniel said, then stopped and hurriedly redirected. "It's just, in this culture there isn't a taboo--" Jack felt his eyes bulging, and Daniel stopped again, then said defensively, "Well, you wanted to know all the options!"

"Not an option!" Jack yelled. "No!"

"Hang on. But it was an option when it involved me?" Sam said, her eyes suddenly hard.


Again, the Lady of Shalott takes a very common fannish plotline and puts her own original spin on it.  I especially love Sam's outrage in this scene and Jack's reactions to it.


LANNAM, CORI: "Things He Remembers." 
Daniel has returned from the dead but it takes a long time for his memory to return.  He begins to suspect that he had a lover - but who could it be?

At first, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. A complete absence of form, sound and thought that he would have found distressing, if he had had enough sense of self to know that he should.

A while later, the nothingness gave way to discomfort. Cold engulfed him on all sides, the worst from beneath him as a damp chill radiated up from the hard ground and from each sharp protuberance that dug into the flesh he suddenly became aware of. He tried to open his eyes, but the light seared them shut again before he managed more than the tiniest crack. He curled into himself and waited for something to change.

This story is rather nicely done - I especially like the scene where Daniel remembers his own death.

LEGION:"Betwixt And Between."
Lightning hits SG-1 as they go through the stargate and Teal'c, Daniel and Jack are caught together in a bubble of time that separates them from the rest of Stargate Command.

It was as if some one had created a life-size poster entitled, "Embarkation Room During Emergency SG Team Return."  A squad of marines had their weapons up and trained on top of the access ramp, some of them posed mid-step or mid-lift of rifle; Dr. Fraiser was halfway through the door with her team beside her, all of them with their mouths half-open, as if about to speak.  Through the glass of the Control Room, Daniel could see the technicians were frozen in place, clearly caught while going about their usual duties; Hammond was there, as well, stopped in the middle of a turn to address someone in the room.  Most disturbing of all was Sam, kneeling at the foot of the ramp, poised in the act of rising to her feet.

I wasn't particularly interested in the technical stuff  but there were several lovely scenes between Jack and Daniel in this story that keep me coming back to it.

LYON, JENNIFER: "This is Me" Series.
This is a series of 7 stories:
1) This is Me.
2) Coming Clear.
3) Coming Together.
4) Coming Home.
5) Who Are You?
6) Coming To Terms.
7) This Is Us.
It's the anniversary of Charlie's death and Jack is grieving.  Daniel helps him through it and this is the beginning of a the development of their friendship into a sexual relationship.

The General's voice buzzed at the edge of his senses. Colonel Jack O'Neill silently, motionlessly, shook himself. He tried to focus, to listen, to absorb the necessary information about the planet they would visit in half a day. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't concentrate.

He felt as though the world - the universe - should stop. Everything should slow down, squeak to a halt, hold still, be silent, be aware. As he was.

These are amongst the very first Stargate stories I ever read and I still have a fondness for them, despite the fact that the language is rather too sugary for me in places these days and the fanon is inches thick.  These stories still hit a kink for me: they're quite simple, very sweet, they involve somebody (in this case Sara and her father) finding out about the guys' relationship, and they have an uncomplicated happy ending - and sometimes I just want to read that sort of story.

LYON, JENNIFER: "The Price Of Knowlege."
AU.  What would have happene if Daniel and Jack hadn't made it out of the collapsing castle in "The Torment of Tantulus"?

The world rocks and bursts and spins. We are falling, falling, tumbling, cold water spraying our bodies, hard surfaces tearing at our clothes and skin. Daniel's hands close around me and cling. He doesn't say a word. His heart pounds against my own. We fall.

And hit.

Water - cold, powerful, wind-whipped torrents. We sink, then surface. We are tossed up and we fall down. Currents, strong icy fingers, try to pry us apart. I won't let go. Daniel's fingers dig into my arm, my shoulder, painfully. I sputter, trying desperately to gulp for air as we fly upwards on a wave. We hit the crest, then plummet back down. Deep into the icy, fiery, salty embrace of the sea.

And then the world goes black and empty.

This novel-length story is full of plot and has a lovely relationship between Daniel and Jack.  There is rather a lot of fanon and some bits are rather sweeter than I usually like but this story still holds a special place in my heart.  It also hits my "mind sharing" kink squarely on the head.

MARLEY, DOROTHY: "A Thousand Stars." 
152 kb
A mission to explore other worlds via the mirror device goes wrong when Jack attempts to go through and is thrown back out.

Before he could think to censor the gesture, Jack put his hand on Daniel's arm, squeezing briefly. "Hey," he said gruffly. "What are friends for, right?"

Daniel smiled. "Right." Then his own hand was there, sliding over Jack's where it still rested on his arm. It was a rare gesture, the kind of touch that Daniel almost never offered, and Jack felt something thrill softly through him, in places that it had no business going. But he didn't pull away. *Don't make an issue of it,* he told himself. *So long as neither of you actually says anything about it, it's okay.* And as long as they didn't say anything, he could sit here and feel the soft touch of Daniel's hand on his skin. They sat that way for a moment, then Daniel spoke.

"Jack, there's something I want to talk to you about. I guess this is as good a time as any."

Jack looked over at him, feeling the first knot of tension clench in his gut. "What's on your mind, Daniel?" he asked, as it were the most natural thing in the world, the two of them sitting here under the stars, hands linked over Daniel's arm.

This story contains one of my absolute favourite first time sex scenes as Jack and Daniel both admit their feelings for one another.  It is slow, sweet, and beautiful – but in the cold light of morning things aren't quite that simple any more.

MARLEY, DOROTHY: "One Bare Hour."
59 kb
Sha're has been seen and Daniel has one night left before they follow her co-ordinates through the gate to try and find her.  And he starts thinking about what he'll do when he finds her – and finally admits that the one thing he doesn't want to miss is his last chance to make love to Jack. 

He had to stop, start over, and even then his voice sounded rough, a little unsteady with the flood of sudden desire. "I want this to happen. But I want us to stay friends, too."

"Hey. We'll be friends. Trust me. It'll take more than this to change that." Jack smiled briefly. "Promise."

Daniel knew it for a lie, and he knew that Jack knew it, too. But he didn't care. He wanted this so badly, more than he ever remembered wanting anything in his life. He shouldn't. He knew he shouldn't. There was no way he wouldn't be hurt by this, no way that he wouldn't hurt Jack by what they were about to do.

But he was going to do it anyway.

This story is full of sweet emotion and sexual intensity.  And lovely angst.  What more could you ask?

48 kb
Jack is visiting family at Christmas but he's still lonely.  He gets picked up in a bar by a cop called Kowalski and they have sex. 

Their mouths met before Jack was even aware of having made the decision, his lips parting for the frantic thrust of Kowalski's tongue even as he reached to hold him, pulling their bodies together with a jarring rush of pure, fierce desire. Kowalski's arms wrapped around Jack's waist like cables of steel, fingers digging into the small of his back.

Then, it was over, and they were staring at each other in the flickering light of the television, the crowd on the screen still yelling and cheering over the goal. Kowalski looked a tad stunned, like a boxer who'd taken one too many hits to the head, and Jack wasn't sure his own expression was any better. Kowalski swallowed, his throat bobbing as he found his voice at last.

"Honest, I was only bringing you up here to watch the game," he said, and his lips curved up in a smile.

"Screw the game," Jack said hoarsely, and found his mouth again.

This is basically a PWP crossover but it's well done.  There are even a few old fannish favourites - the similarity between the two guys exposed in a cosy post-coital talk about their lives, for examle, but they are handled so smoothly that they hardly raise a blip of disbelief as they go by.  And the sex was not only hot but was natural and realistic in context.

Sam Beckett jumps into the body of Sam Carter.  His mission is to help Jack O'Neill, but the solution to Jack's troubles is a little more complicated that he bargained for.

Sam had kept a careful eye on the surrounding terrain, trying to pick out landmarks, seeing if he could identify any of the local plants and trees. But as they walked on, he failed to see anything at all that was familiar. About then, he realized that there was something else subtly wrong. It took him another ten minutes or so to pin it down, but when he did it made him stop in his tracks, his blood suddenly freezing in his veins.

The sun hadn't risen.

This story isn't the best crossover I've ever read but it's an entertaining read.

MARTHA: "Lovely."    
It's Christmas  Eve and Blair rescues a guy who's being attacked in Ranier carpark - but exactly who are these attackers and why is Daniel Jackson on the run, even from his friends?

"A little after one, I think," he answered automatically, his attention still focused on Sandburg's stray. He smelled like Sandburg's soap and Sandburg's organic Guatemalan coffee, too. Jim even thought he could smell the painkillers on the sleeper's breath. Drugged insensible, in all probability, and Jim wasn't sure if that made matters more or less complicated.

"Really? Wow, merry Christmas. I guess you already know Daniel's here."

"Let me guess. He just didn't have anywhere else to go."

"Actually he's renting a room downtown, but he was afraid those thugs who tracked him to campus might know where he was living, too. It wasn't safe for him to go back tonight. He asked me to drop him off at a hotel, but --"

Jim sighed. "But obviously that was out of the question."

Blair looked at him like he was an idiot. "Well, yeah. His right hand is messed up pretty bad, and he doesn't know anybody else in town."

"No, and I'm sure he's been making a special effort not to get to know anyone, either." Jim unfolded the print-out he'd brought with him from the station and dropped it in Blair's lap. "Sandburg, the feds are looking for him. Daniel Jackson is a fugitive."

This story is wonderful: a fascinating, plot-heavy story in which the characterisations are realistic and the action kept me on the edge of my seat.  The relationships between Jack and Daniel, and Jim and Blair are very close but never quite fall over the line into slash.  I thoroughly recommend this as an intelligent, well-written, absorbing read.

PEPE: "Crossing Bridges." 
After Daniel's "death" in the episode "Fire and Water", Jack realises he's in love with Daniel and lusts after him, a shock as Jack has only ever wanted women before.   

"What happened?"

"The water was running," Daniel admitted, trying not to remember the feeling that had swamped him only moments before. "I..."

"Had a flashback?" Jack asked softly. He knew how that felt. They'd ALL had flashbacks. Jack during Daniel's memorial service party. Sam at Daniel's old apartment. Even Teal'c had experienced flashbacks. Jack wasn't at all surprised Daniel was suffering them too. He'd had to live through far more than the rest of them. He was the one who'd been trapped underwater.

"Yeah." Running water. Bubbles. God. Daniel didn't want to remember the feeling of thinking he would never see home or his friends ever again. Nem hadn't hurt him, but Daniel would be lying if he said he hadn't been afraid. He had been. "I cut myself. Fucking stupid."

"Not stupid at all," Jack assured him gently, and took the razor out of Daniel's shaking fingers. "You want some help?"

Some readers won't like the Britishisms in this story, and the characterisation owes more to fanon steretypes than to canon, but I still liked this story a lot. Basically, for me, this was a very hot story, funny in places and with a nice, if not strictly canonical, Jack characterisation.  Occasionally the fanon threw me out of the story but overall it's still very entertaining and sweet.  HOT sex, too, which is always plus.

QUERCUS: "A Diplomacy Of Trees."     
SG-1 explores a world of trees.

He thought he felt a faint tingling as his hand brushed the crenellated bark of the oak. The bark was dusty, crumbling, and deeply textured. He stood for a few seconds with his hand against it, and then moved closer and rested his forehead against the trunk of the tree.

He thought -- although he knew it was impossible -- that he felt the presence of the others right through the bark. Knew that Jack was reminded of his childhood, that Sam was puzzled, and Teal'c respectful.

This was not his world, he thought. His world was covered in golden sand, that sifted through the cloth-hung doorways and drifted in corners. Soft to his toes, warm even in the cold night, gritty and annoying and so very beautiful. A moving living world of sand, where as a child he'd played and as an adult he'd married and loved.

Thiss is a lovely serene story.  I loved the way all your senses are evoked by the narrative and the way the team reacts.  Lovely.

QUERCUS: "Esprit de Corps."
Daniel learns about the subtle art of team building from Jack.

"J.J. thinks I should be here more. She wants a stronger presence. Says the other members of the department need more guidance."

"What do you think?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe. They do all right." He realized he sounded a little defensive. "They do fine. I'm not off-world all the time."

"When you are here, on base, what do you do?" He looked blankly at Jack, who added, "You know. Have meetings? Review their work? Stuff like that?"

"Well. Not really. I mean, they're all grown-ups. They don't need their hands held." Jack rolled his head back, looking at him oddly. Daniel was reminded of a skittish horse. "What. What?"

This is a lovely story and I love this competent and intelligent Jack.

QUERCUS: "Grave Yields Back Her Robberies, The."
SG-1 gates to a snowbound worl called Snor that is protected by Thor and follows Viking customs - and Daniel meets and old friend.

He finally sat at the end of the pier, legs dangling over the water, and closed his eyes. He loved the smell and sound of the sea. This was a good place, he thought again. He could live here.

He thought about that for a while. Living here. He might not even have to retire, just get reassigned to the archaeological dig. Work with Daniel. Live with Daniel, in Delfin's old home.

Love Daniel. He could love Daniel here and no one would care or even think twice about it. They'd be safe, here. He wondered if Daniel could love him here, too.

This is a lovely long sweet story.  As usual, quercus builds a detailed, unique world and creates a swathe of original characters that it's a joy to meet.

QUERCUS: "Only Love Survives."    
Jack/Daniel; Teal'c/Sam.
SG-1 were trying to negotiate a treaty with a world when they were locked in together in a large, comfortable room.  They are fed regularly and treated well but are not allowed to leave – and they dream endlessly. 

I ran down the stairs and into the streets, where the people were screaming and weeping. "Jack!" I bellowed, racing toward our quarters. I tripped over goods left in the street, caroming off others racing past me. The vibration filled the world; I couldn't hear anything but the throb of the monstrous ships. In the distance I could see the silver gleam of the stargate disappear in a white-hot explosion and then suddenly Jack had me.

"They're taking the land," I shouted at him, but he couldn't hear me. Around us the bombs fell, and I could feel the heat and smell the destruction. We held onto each other, staring into each other's eyes, and in his brown eyes I saw reflected the fiery maelstrom swelling around us. Soot and ashes settled on us and the air became hotter, harder to breathe. I hugged him tighter and reached up to kiss him.

He kissed me back, passionately, and I knew then that he'd wanted what I had all along, and that now, as we were dying, only now could we admit it, to ourselves and to each other. I kissed him as the heat swelled, and sweat poured off our bodies and the air throbbed like a broken heart, and I wept at the loss of everything I loved, and he wept with me....

 Kiss now. Love now. Because the end is coming, and we are, in important ways, already dead.

This is a very interesting, although complicated, story and the writing, as can be seen from the excerpt above, is fabulous.  The dreams they dream in their captivity are legion and go to strange places - but there is meaning and purpose in the end which makes sense of their ordeal and, despite the melancholy, there is a sweetness to this story that captures me every time I re-read it.

QUERCUS: "Stones In Rain."    
SG-1 find themselves in a wonderful world of forests and trees, but then a surreal element enters the picture when they follow what appears to be a natural avenue of grass between the woods and see evidence of a struggle.  When they investigate, they get separated from each other - is what they see real or not?

This had already happened to a few SG teams. Teammates had gotten separated, one or two members had gotten lost. A couple times, Search and Rescue missions had had to be mounted. One man had never been found, despite a massive search for him. Jack hoped he was living a good life with a pretty wife on the planet where they'd left him, but realized he was most likely dead. Fell into a ravine and broke his neck was the most common belief. But they'd never know; there was no way to know.

And maybe Carter and Teal'c were lost now. Gone. Just gone. Missing in Action, and while on Jack's watch. It was unthinkable, unbearable.

Or he and Daniel might be the lost ones. They might be found; they might not be. They might spend the rest of their lives on this planet, eventually giving up their search for the stargate and settling down, building a home. Hoping for the Tollan or Tok'ra or Asgard to find them, but no longer expecting rescue. Imagining Carter and Teal'c had made it safely back and had spent the rest of their lives hunting for Daniel and him.

This is a very sweet story with Quercus' usual mysterious elements.

QUERCUS: "Storms."
An old lover of Daniel's is dying - and Jack helps him through it.

Years later and light years away, Daniel still remembered that evening, the thunder growing louder until it shook the window he pressed his forehead against, how he'd cried until his head hurt and he thought he'd throw up, and how he'd spent the night, alone, shivering as if ill with flu, looking into a future empty of Ben.

But I had to, he told himself then, and he tells himself still, and he's right. He had to. He couldn't stay with Ben. He had far too much growing up left to do to settle down with anyone, and his blood longed to travel the world. He would've been miserable, and he would've made Ben miserable. Yet he mourned the loss of the most important relationship in his life, and he mourns it still.

This is a lovely long, sweet, slow development of a first time Jack/Daniel relationship.

ZORROROJO: "One Day Out West."
CROSSOVER with The Magnificent Seven.  The Magnificent Seven are kidnapped in the middle of a deadly gunfight by a rogue Asgard to be held in stasis as a living "work of art" - and are rescued over 100 years later and returned to Earth.  The Stargate team have the unenviable job of breakig the news to the guys and trying to find a new place for them in the modern world.

The last group was a group of three and they were behind the better cover of some boulders, but they were firing at a position behind them. The men looked trapped and were probably making a last stand.

Dr. Daniel Jackson moved closer to the forcefield, closer to the group of four trying to find cover for their exposed bodies. All but one.

One man, dressed in black from head to toe, brandishing six shooters, wearing a silver rig and spurs on his boots, this man used his body to shield a man on the ground.

The one on the ground was a ghastly grey color - a color human skin only took on when there wasn't much blood left in the body. His eyes were open, staring into the eyes of the man shielding him, their arms clasped at the forearm.

A bullet, frozen in the air, was two feet from completing it's course - ominously pointing straight at the man in black's head.

This story is HUGE but fascinating.  I really enjoyed the way the author dealt with the cultural shock encountered by both the cowboys and the Stargate crew.  The emphasis is definitely on the Magnificent Seven side of the crossover, especially Chris and Vin, with Jack and Daniel the only Stargate characters to get any sort of real role in the story.  The story is told from mostly frm Chris' pov, a Chris that idolises Vin to the exclusion of everything else and this focus is reflected in the concerns of the story -- so if you're not into Vin, you might find this idealisation of him a little tough.  However, this story is a wonderful read: intelligent, interesting, and thought-provoking.


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