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AMIREAL: "Cleave."   
93 kb
Rodney finds that the Wraith have made all those with the Ancient gene allergic to him, just as he and John discover that they want to do more than just touch each other platonically.

"Carson knows!" Rodney blurted as soon as John stepped into the room.

John blinked and nodded. "Carson knows a lot of things. Care to elaborate?"

"He cornered me," Rodney complained. "He plied me with tea and was nice and understanding and he got me to spill." He took a deep breath. "And then he taunted me with--" He cut himself off for a second, frowning, and deciding not to go with his original words. "With things, and then threatened to take them away if I didn't tell him who I'd share these things with." He slumped in a chair. "The man is a monster."

Nicely done. Very funny. Very sexy.

AMIREAL: "Close Encounters."   
28 kb
Rodney and John are getting into their usual series of emergency situations but Rodney is reacting to them in a new way - he's getting an erection.  Rodney tries to blow it off as a crush but as time passes and he risks his life for John, and John for him, the two gradually realize what it all means. 

John watches Rodney's eyes slit open, pupils wide and dark and warm looking; he can feel the line of tension under where his hand lies on Rodney's arm, an entire body holding itself back, curling in on itself, holding up in possibly the most awkward position possible. "Relax," John says quietly, "really, flattering."

"There's flattering," Rodney mutters, "and then there's humping your best friend's leg when he's trying to help you not die."

John is oblivious and Rodney is embarassed - lovely characterisations which work well in his story.

AMIREAL: "Containment."   
22 kb
After Setita, Rodney is desperately in need of a freak-out but Atlantis and her usual round of emergencies won't give him the opportunity.

'Open now, damn you,' he whispers at the doors, the tightness in his chest threatening to bubble over and escape into loud, gasping sobs.

They open gently, the room filling only with a soft glow and a quiet hum. The city itself is whispering to him, closing the doors behind him just as his knees give out. The sting as he hits the ground is negligible compared to his inability to catch his breath and the hot sting of tears in his eyes.

His arms wrap around his torso, holding himself tightly as a short sound escapes his lips, he can't stop them anymore, his chest squeezes more of the sounds out of him and he doesn't know what they're supposed to be, how his lips are supposed to move to shape them and they're coming too fast and louder with each one until he's doubled over, on his knees hiccupping up and down. Rocking back and forth, his hands shake, fisted tightly, digging into his arms.

Nice little post-Setita resolution story.

AMIREAL: "Cornered."   
12 kb
After Setita, Rodney tries to avoid a furious Shepherd but can't manage it.

Sheppard pushed into Rodney's personal space, hard. "What the hell?" He gave Rodney a sharp jab on the shoulder. "This is so totally like you, McKay!"

Rodney narrowed his eyes and shoved back. "Like me? What's like me? Reasonable anger?" He pushed again, "Avoidance of confrontation?" Another push. It was less about hurting and more about annoying the crap out of Sheppard. "Wanting to avoid situations wherein my own personal grievances could get us all killed?" Rodney felt a satisfying charge when Sheppard flinched away from his flying spittle. "Oh yes," he said more calmly. "Just like me."

"Godamnit!" Sheppard's arm pulled back, fist clenching. His swing hit the wall beside Rodney's head with a muted thud.

Rodney instinctively flinched away from the violence, eyes wide with surprise. "Yes, I am totally the unreasonable one here."

Sheppard's hand remained braced on the wall beside Rodney's head. "Yes! You are!"

Another post-Setita story - I think I must like them! I like his one because it sticks up for Rodney and doesn't give in to the temptation to grab onto the "guilt him to death for his arrogance" bandwagon.

AMIREAL & EVERAGABY: "Everything Except Temptation."   
27 kb
John is drugged with an aphrodisiac by a native girl and Rodney stands guard for him outside the door all night.

"Rodney," Sheppard says, voice as tense as the line of his back, "just, please."

Rodney tries unsuccessfully to turn Sheppard around. After a moment of push and pull he sighs, hand leaving Sheppard's back to gesture.

"I don't get it, you were fine at dinner when that space tramp--"

"Leela," Sheppard interrupts.

"Right, Leela. When she was practically feeding you dinner. I mean she even--" Rodney stops there, because the gears are turning, albeit slightly delayed. He remembers the way Leela slid up against Sheppard, remembers the too familiar slide of her hand across the back of his neck, as though it was her right to touch him that way, remembers the way she poured Sheppard's drink, not letting anyone else--


Rodney takes Sheppard by the shoulders, forcibly turning him around until he can see the blown-out pupils, the shallow breathing, the slight lack of focus.

"What the hell did she give you?"

I loved this story, especially Protective!Rodney.

AMIREAL: "Scenes From A Lesser War."
127 kb
John and Rodney have a fairly rough sexual relationship that occurs when either has escaped from injury or danger, but just as they decide they can't continue this way a new official policy of acceptance comes through from the military. 

They'd never done this, the slow touching, the careful movement. Always fast and rough, always running away before the rest of it caught up. Now, though, now they had time. John's other hand reached out, cupping Rodney's cheek, thumb brushing the flushed skin carefully.

Their lips brushed softly,then again. And again. This was freedom. Soft, careful kisses they could take their time with, enjoy and savor. Closed mouthed little flutters that filled John with heat, suffused him happily.

Rodney's hand once again came up to mirror John's, changing the angle, holding tightly, fiercely, a strange counterpoint to the unbelievably gentle kisses, each one intense and dizzying.

This story has a very interesting format that won't be to everybody's taste, as it bounces from past to present scenes as the story unfolds from the present to the past.  VERY nicely done, with humour and schmoop.

AMIREAL & SEPERIS: "Synchronicity."   
65 kb
John and Rodney are trapped on a planet that wants to eat them - and its trap is baited with sexual pleasure.

"Wait." Rodney says carefully. "You're really not bored?" Because John Sheppard gets bored the way a five year old gets bored sometimes.

John shrugs, again, very slowly. "Easy hike, good company, what's there to be bored about?"

"Hiking is hardly the height of scintillating--- wait," Rodney looks at John harder. "Good company, really?"

John smiles again, slow as warm honey, which is so not what he needs to be thinking about right now.  Damn all lit professors and required poetry courses anyway.

"Colonel," he says, and oh God, he's doing it too, drawled out vowels and low consonants, like something out of a Tennessee Williams play by way of the midwest.  "Sheppard.  Something is wrong."

John gives him an almost-curious look.  "Wrong?"

"In no universe, in no timeline, and in fact, no *hallucination* has anyone, ever, anywhere, considered me good company."  Forcing himself to a stop, Rodney waits as Sheppard comes to a slow, slow halt.

Did John's hips always move like that?

Wrong thought.  Wrong wrong wrong.

This is basically an aliens-made-them-do-it sex-fest, so enjoy!

ANATOLIA1: "Hush."
39 kb
Rodney has lost his voice and all his skill at language.  His friends help him as much as they can but verbal language sends him into catatonic shock. 

John is hot skin and a heavy weight in his arms. John anchors him to this world and refuses to let go. After the incident, after finally being released by Beckett, Rodney had shut himself in his quarters but a locked door and a foul mood have never been enough to chase John away. It can’t possibly last. Rodney knows this because he doesn’t lie to himself and he is far, far too crippled now to hold onto someone like John.

John doesn’t seem to understand.

John mouths silent words into Rodney’s skin, across his shoulder blade, along his stomach and into the soft skin of his inner thigh and if Rodney can’t hear what those words are he can imagine them…don’t give up…I need you…I love you…because John’s eyes tell him everything he needs to know. And Rodney is starting to believe them because John’s hands and mouth and teeth don’t lie.

It ends rather prematurely and without really resolving the story--at least to my total  satisfaction <g>-- but this story is very well written.

ASTOLAT/SHALOTT: "Time In A Bottle."
85 kb
John and Rodney's minds are stranded in stasis in a program while their bodies heal - does anybody else know where they are and will they ever be able to get out?

John was conscious of himself for a long time before he could open his eyes, his breathing noisy in his own ears, arms and legs weighted down so heavy he couldn't move them. He wasn't conscious enough to be scared, just a little irritable—why won't my goddamn arms move—and part of him just wanted to keep lying there, drifting.

It was getting brighter outside, he could see color through his eyelids, and he started to feel uneasy for no good reason. At some point without noticing it, he crossed the line into being awake, and he sat up in bed: not his own bed but something acres large, white and luxurious and high off the ground, facing the ocean through an open wall of French doors. Thin white drapes were hovering in the breeze; he smelled salt air, but none of the tang of metal or seaweed or fish, too clean, and the water was the wrong color, a tropical blue-green clear out to the horizon: this wasn't Atlantis.

He stared for a minute, blinking at the sun coming in. Rodney was lying in the bed next to him, flat on his back with his mouth open a little, dead to the world.

Shalott is a fabulous writer and does her usual stellar job with this story.  Her ability to create a virtual world for Rodney and John to inhabit is nothing less than amazing.  I LOVE this story with all its incredible rich detail and spot-on characterisation.  Nothing is rushed or forced and I thoroughly enjoyed this slow, sensous first-time story in this fascinating reality that John and Rodney create for themselves.

AUBURN: "But The Nigts Are Beter (OutHere)."   
After Atlantis was overtaken by the military and John,Teyla and Ronin are slated for experimental nasties, they all flee the city and finally take refuge on another world, Ljósver.

"This isn't what you wanted."

"I'd rather have what I've got."

"A lighthouse at the end of the world?"


John opened his eyes and lifted himself high enough to stare into Rodney's face, his arms straight and braced on either side of Rodney's chest. "Oh," he breathed wonderingly.

They could never have been together in Atlantis, nor shared these nights together, nor had this life; he hadn't even let himself know then and had never guessed Rodney had.

John bent and pressed his lips to Rodney's once more. Rodney's hands closed on the back of his arms, steadying him and drawing him down at the same time into another sweet-tasting kiss.

"Yes. Now go to sleep," Rodney told him between one and the next, breathless and fond and exasperated. "I don't want you steering us into a waterspout or over the edge of the world tomorrow."

"I've got a light to steer by, remember?"

Nice, gentle story with violent roots in the Atlantean past that are only briefly mentioned  in passing.

AUBURN: "Legion The Things I Would Give To Oblivion."   
  75 kb
The wraith invade Atlantis one last, fatal time.

He thought: shields.

Personal defense shields snapped in place around citizens and protected designates.

He thought: defense.

Artificial lightning ran through the corridors and balconies of the city, incinerating the invading Wraith.

The main shield went online, darts smashing against it in blooms of red-orange fire.

And then—


The Atlantis database downloaded into his brain.

He screamed.

He was the city.

The story stars from the end and then tells the story in a very much jumbled time sequence. I loved it but it's very melancholy in feel and isn't anyone's happy, feel-good story - so beware.

AUBURN: "Rosebud."
29 kb
Rodney left to spend two months in Antartica and while he was away, Atlantis and all he cared about there - especially his lover John - disappeared without a trace.  

Something that started so badly shouldn't have made Rodney so stupidly happy, but it did.  It made John happy too; he knew it did. They lived in a charmed space that no one else saw when they were in Atlantis. John was the key to something Rodney hadn't even known he needed until he had it; a mystery he could never fathom, but something he could have, if he just held on.

Very well done with a structure that goes back and forth in a very effective manner, mingling the past and the way the two started their affair, with his heartbreak afterwards.  Excellently done and heart-breakingly effective.

AUBURN: "Rosebud 02: Up Unto The Silence."
55 kb
Companion piece to Rosebud, detailing the Atlantis perspective and what happened - and John's heartbreak at the loss of his beloved Rodney.

They were so careful sometimes it hurt, because John knew all the care was for him. It was his career, his place in Atlantis, that they were guarding, keeping their secret. Rodney wouldn't be taken back to Earth in disgrace if they were discovered. He tried to tell Rodney how much he cared, how much he understood Rodney was giving up to be with him; he tried to tell, but the words dried up and spun away from him like autumn leaves. He could only touch Rodney's face, press his palms flat over Rodney's chest, taste him, swallow, lay his head on Rodney's stomach, rubbing his cheek against the soft skin over his navel. All he had were broken sounds and his body, to tell Rodney that everything, everything John was, belonged to him.

You don't want to read this because it rips your heart out and stomps on it, but you can't help it because the writing's so damned good.

CHELLE: "A Better Fate."
151 kb
In the aftermath of a stressful mission, John takes Rodney to visit his parents in New York.

John's eyes narrowed and Rodney waited for a response. Instead of speaking, John rose slowly from his seat and turned his back on his father before walking away.

Rodney stared after him for a heartbeat and then turned to look at Malcolm. "Who the hell do you think you are?" he demanded. Malcolm opened his mouth to answer, but Rodney didn't give him the opportunity. "Bombing villages, is that what you think he does?"

"It's what the military does."

"It's not what John does. You don't know anything about what he does, the risks he's taken, the lives he's saved, or what he'll do to protect the people he's responsible for. You don't know anything about his courage, or his loyalty, or what it's cost him." Rodney knew too well what it had cost, and he found himself running out of steam, unable to maintain his anger when all he could see in his mind's eye was John being braver than anyone should ever have to be. He stood. "Quite frankly, Mr. Sheppard, you don't know a goddamned thing."

The dialogue here is very natural and believable, the characterisations subtle and excellently done, their slow slide into a sexual expression of their already obvious love and affection for each other is wonderful.  I LOVED this story very much.
Note: There's reference to torture in this story but it's not graphic so wimps like me can relax.

GRRRL, THE: "A Little Bit Crazy."
46 kb
Back on earth, John is lost and freaking out a little after a particularly hazardous mission on Atlantis.  He ends up at Rodney's place and the two go to the movies, have ice-cream and got to a coffee shop together - and John finds himself unexpectedly grounded again.

A door opens. "You look like hell."

"Nice to see you too, Rodney."

"You've been gone for days. Did you tell Elizabeth you're back in town? She was wondering when you'd return."


A beat passes. "Do you plan on telling her?"

Sometimes being with Rodney is like having a Band-Aid yanked off.

The title says it all: John is a little bit crazy and finds sanity with Rodney. 

JENN: "Something More."
81 kb
John left for two weeks leave and never came back -- and 3 years later Rodney finally tracks him down and confronts him for some answers. 

He's only a few feet away when he stops, and the speeches are gone. John cocks his head, then pulls off the sunglasses, and it's like the last time they spoke, the first, or anywhere in between. No one does ironic distance like John Sheppard.

"Rodney." John pushes off the granite, bare feet balancing easily on treacherous sand, starting toward the path leading up to the house, still expecting Rodney to follow wherever he led. A lot has changed, Rodney thinks, a little resentfully, a little lightheaded with the shock of seeing, but not that.

"That's all I get?" He's sweaty and hot and tired, too many hours in a plane to cross two countries since the last time he slept, customs, *questions* he couldn't answer at the SGC and Elizabeth's hopeful eyes when he walked through the gate. It's like it's hitting him all at once, here and now, with the peace of the surf in his ears, sand in his boots, and this annoying man walking away like they're practically strangers when they're anything but.

John turns on a heel, walking backwards, and that smile, Christ, it's been too long. Rodney hadn't known he'd been in withdrawal, starving for that look, soaking it in like a flower in the sun. It's a shock to still be that vulnerable. "Yeah."

This is typical of Jenn's prose: it's very well written, the reader has to gradually decipher what is going on with the characters, and there is a tension between the two men that is palpable.  VERY nicely done.  There is an epilogue to this story that was written separately that describes John's return to Atlantis. 

RAGEPRUFROCK: "He's Having Her Baby."
95 kb
Humour.  Rodney gets the weird idea into his head that Shepperd is having a baby - and won't believe John when he keeps telling him he's not.

And after that became routine, so did Rodney harassing John into going to Carson for checkups.  Carson had to excuse himself for a solid five minutes after John had explained tiredly what was going on, and John could hear the laughing all the way through the very thick door of the infirmary storage area.  When Carson had come back wiping away his tears, John had shot him a withering glare and said, "Look can you just tell Rodney that he's out of his mind?  I mean, come on, Doc.  I'm a guy.  It doesn't work like that."

Carson had been deadpan as he said, "Well, honestly, Major, we don't know.  Pegasus is an all new galaxy and there's an ocean of undiscovered medical and health--"

"Okay, fine, be like that," John had snapped, and started to storm out of the infirmary when Rodney blindsided him and demanded a urine sample so Carson could check his glucose and protein.

"Okay, fine, be like that," John had snapped, and started to storm out of the infirmary when Rodney blindsided him and demanded a urine sample so Carson could check his glucose and protein.

"You know what?  Give me the sonogram," John snapped later that week.  "It'll prove I'm not pregnant."

Rodney was hovering worriedly in the doorway, doing his concerned father act, which was seriously beginning to creep John out.  If he got stopped midway through his workout or guilt-tripped into taking folic acid any more he was going to have to trick-wire Rodney's door to blow up every time he tried to open it and that was more beginning bombmaking than he'd had to do in a long time.

Carson bit his lip so hard John thought he was going to bleed.  "I'm sorry," he said, strangled.  "I promised Rodney.  You know.  You'll thank me on the big day--for the surprise."

I'm not usually a fan of humour as a genre but this story (and its sequel below) are absolutely hilarious.  This one is just for fun.

RAGEPRUFROCK: "He's Having His Baby."
125 kb
Humour.  Sequel to "He's Having Her Baby."  John has been suckered by an alien probe and is now having a baby for real--and its Rodney's baby--but now Rodney won't believe that he's pregnant. 

A few days after that, John pardons himself from a meeting where Elizabeth explains to Major Lorne why he has to go back to Freak Sex Temple planet to ask them how to un-knock-up John because that is just more embarrassment than John is willing to work through in this lifetime.

Lorne is sympathetic and apologetic when he returns.

"They say it's a great honor," he says pitifully.

"I'm feeling really honored," John mutters, remembering having his head in the toilet this morning.  "So honored."

"If it makes you feel any better, they say the baby will be human," Lorne adds.

"We should burn down their planet," John suggests.

This sequel is, if anything, even better and funnier than "He's having Her Baby".   All of Atlantis goes gaga about John's pregnancy and I almost ruptured something I laughed so hard.

RHEANNA: "The Hard Prayer."   
213 kb
Post-apocalyptic world in which disease (the creep) has wiped out all but a handful of human beings from the face of the earth. John Shepherd has stalled in Ohio in a motel room, where he talks to skeletons and is quietly going mad when he meets Rodney McKay, who is travelling to Colorado from Maine. The two are full of neuroses caused by over a year of solitude since the world ended and gradually gain each other’s trust as they travel together.

There are more snick-snick noises and, gradually, John starts to feel cool air on the back of his neck and around his ears for the first time in months. And then this new/old sensation is joined by another, as McKay's hand brushes across the nape of John's neck. A moment later the broad pads of his fingertips press briefly against John's temple, demonstrating the way he wants John to incline his head. Each touch is fleeting and feather-light, but cumulatively they distil into something so intense, so necessary, that John suddenly cannot believe how he survived this long without it -- how he didn't just curl up and die, as if from thirst or hunger, months and months ago. He draws in a sharp breath and shuts his eyes, but that only makes it worse, because now there is nothing to concentrate on except each unpredictable, devastating contact. He can't decide if this is like water in the desert, or like drowning.

I love post-apocalyptic stories and his one is terrific: full of detail of the daily struggle to deal with the isolation and the devastation. Most of all what I loved was the poem quoted at the beginning which gives the tone and theme of the story itself:

After a long time of solitude, after many steps taken
away from one's kind, toward these other kingdoms,
the hard prayer inside one's own singing
is to come back, if one can, to one's own,
a world almost lost, in the exile that deepens,
when one has lived a long time alone.

When One Has Lived a Long Time Alone
Galway Kinnell

SPERANZA: "Amnesiac."   
29 kb
John loses his memory during a mission but doesn’t tell anyone. He assumes he and Rodney are lovers and follows him to his room and kisses him.  Really well done.

When he lifts his head, there's dirt and twigs and a splintered tree, and his hands are all scratched up and oh, hey, a gun, so he quick-rolls into a sitting position and does a fast-sweep of the area, except these aren't the right kind of trees, so this isn't Nicaragua anymore. Still, he's wearing some sort of fatigues, so he's somewhere all right, probably doing the same old, same old, and he's sure it will all come back to him any second now.

Speranza has a very particular and identifiable voice when she writes - which was why it was a secret for like 5 minutes when she tried to write under a new pseud even in a new fandom back in the day - but it's a brilliant, funny voice that I adore and this story is no exception. And I love amnesia stories - they're one of my kinks.

SPERANZA: "Benched."   
76 kb
McKay is tortured by captors while Shepherd waits impotently in the cell. And then Rodney gets the team out and through the gate, kissing John before he shoves him though and remaining behind.

Rodney yelled, "Go! Everybody just go!" and they all ran toward it. Teyla and Ronon disappeared in two plops of blue light, and John was close to passing through himself when Rodney grabbed him violently by the arm.

"What—?" John said, whirling around, but Rodney tugged at his shirt with both hands, pulling him close and kissing him wet and sloppy. John felt fear, and a stab of arousal, as Rodney's hot, clumsy hands clutched his face, then slid up to caress his hair. Rodney's tongue in his mouth was shockingly, staggeringly intimate.

When Rodney pulled his mouth away, his eyes were wild, his hands sticky as they slid down John's neck to grip his shoulders. "I've learned so much from you," Rodney said, tugging him forward for another quick, hard kiss, and before John could get his head together to say, "Huh?" or "What?" or "Wait!" Rodney's hands were tightening on his shoulders and he was grunting and pushing John hard, shoving him backwards. John plunged back through the gate, landing hard on his ass in the Atlantis gateroom and staring up at the event horizon in horror as it abruptly winked out of existence.

This story has it all: capture, torture, heroics, Angsty!John and lots of trademark Speranza humour.

SPERANZA: "Five Lies John Told (And Then A Whole Lotta Truth)."   
26 kb
Rodney has an allergic reaction. He asks John if he loves him - but John can only prevaricate and tell him he loves him as he loves all the team.  

"You did fine," all the doctors kept telling him. "You did good. Nobody could have done better in that situation," they said, except Rodney was in a coma with a hole in his neck.

"Whatever reaction he had isn't responding to the normal course of antihistamines," and yeah, thanks, he'd figured that much out, "so it's not a straightforward anaphylaxis: more like a poisoning. We'll know more when we identify the triggering toxin; in the meantime, we're giving him fluids and vasopressure drugs as well as intravenous corticosteroids, and we've intubated his trachea. Nice incision, by the way."

They all said this, all the doctors, with a kind of wink that said, "Welcome to our medical fraternity,"--as if he could give a shit, as if that hadn't been the worst fifteen seconds of his life, screwing up his courage to cut into Rodney's throat, feeling the rough ridge of cartilage with his thumb and then digging the knife point in. And the blood, oh God. It was like murdering him--like killing Sumner but worse, because it was up close, because he was using his hands, because there was blood everywhere. Because it was Rodney lying there: blue and unconscious.

I love this story of John gradually realising the extent of his feelings for Rodney and giving way to them like an avalanche. Lovely.

SPERANZA: "The Group-W Bench."   
39 kb
Rodney and John meet before Atlantis, when Rodney is on his way to Siberia.

But to his surprise, Sheppard did answer. "Tomsk, yeah," he said, fidgeting and scrubbing at his unruly thatch of hair. "I know it. They—make plutonium, right?"

"Yes. Plutonium, uranium, the whole atomic cocktail; a physicist's dream. So it won't be so bad. It's not the gulag or anything. There's an IT industry, universities, even a couple of restaurants. Not to mention," Rodney added, letting his head roll forward, "a truly first-rate international puppet theatre," and for the first time, Sheppard laughed. It was a nice laugh: a little breathy, a little snorty, but nice.

"Oh, so tell the whole story," Sheppard said earnestly. "It was the puppets, right?"

"Yes, yes, all right, you've found me out. I'm a sucker for puppets. I'm a dirty puppet-loving freak. "

The sex is really hot in this story.

SPERANZA: "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead."   
79 kb
Rodney, John and Elixabeth are on Earth and staying in a hotel while decisions are made about their future. John is afraid he won’t be allowed to return to Atlantis.

Rodney says, "Hi, Sarah," and Sarah grins and cocks one hip and says, "Hey there, Rodney. Come on in," and for a moment, Rodney has déjà vu, because he could swear that Sarah's coming on to him a little, just like in his fabricated reality scenario, except then of course she says, "Who's your friend?" and right, yes: earth is still on its axis, never mind. "This is," Rodney begins, but then he stops, because there's Kepler, all four feet firmly planted and glaring defiantly at him from in front of the sofa, and Rodney knows that look, it's: you are such an asshole, you said you'd be home hours ago . Vaguely, he hears John say, "Hi, I'm John," and Sarah saying, in that weird, flirtatious voice, "Hi." Rodney rolls his eyes.

"Okay, look, I'm sorry," he tells Kepler, "but you're a cat, and I'm committed to having you fed on a regular basis, but I'm not letting my life revolve around you," but Kepler isn't buying this, not at all. "You've got a nice place here, you like Sarah and Percy," Percy was Sarah's cat, "—so you're fine," Rodney says, jerking a hand out toward him, "in fact, you're fat, so don't start with me. I come all this way to see you and what do I get? Cat attitude," and this line of reasoning seems to work, or maybe Kepler's just nostalgic for Rodney's crankiness, because all of a sudden he's coming over, and rising up on his back legs and pawing at Rodney's pants, and Rodney sighs and bends to lift his fat ass off the floor. "C'mere, you stupid—" Rodney grumbles, though this really isn't fair: Kepler's the smartest cat he knows, and more intelligent than many people he's worked with. And Kepler's warm and heavy and doing that weird thing he does sometimes where he tries to nurse at Rodney's left earlobe, and Rodney twists his head away and says, "Stop it, you crazy—" but he can't help but hug the cat tight.

There's lots of lovely stuff in this: Rodney at the symphony, John at the football, Rodney's cat (quoted above) and sorting out John's job in Atlantis. Sweet story.

ZEELEE: "Senses Reeled."
24 kb
Another aliens made them have sex story - very nicely done!

The bees have stopped chasing them, anyway, and are now hovering above their heads, buzzing softly.

“Oh, wonderful.” Out of the corner of his eye, John can see Rodney wincing and sitting up. “Now you’ve gone and done it, I’ve injured my back far too much to continue running-“

“I don’t think we have to run anymore.” Interrupting Rodney is strangely satisfying. “I think they were—herding us.”

“Yes, of course, of course,” Rodney says distractedly, his eyes now on the large, neon-yellow and pink flowery plants behind him. “They must have a symbiotic relationship with these man-eating venus flytraps, bringing them their prey-“

“Don’t touch-“ John says, but it’s too late, and Rodney now has a faceful of bright pink pollen.

“Rodney!” John’s already at his side, and Rodney is coughing and spluttering.

"More wonderfulness,” he gasps out. “Have I mentioned that I have debilitating hay fever?”

John isn’t paying attention; he’s too busy dodging his own blast of pink pollen. He almost succeeds, and only half his face gets covered in the awful stuff. He coughs, hacking up pink mist.

“Major,” Rodney says, and John looks up at that, because he’s *never* heard Rodney’s voice tremble like that, not even when they were all facing certain death.

Rodney is shaking, and John can see his pupils dilated all the way. “Major, there’s something wrong with me.”

This is a wonderfully entertaining traditional little story which I enjoyed very much.